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  1. stewedw

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    Hi guys, who uses it, what dose and timing, and on your experience what's the benefits?

    After recently reading lyle mcdonald's stubborn fat loss ebook I thought I'd do some research starting with users etc cheers.
  2. New Hybrid

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    Be careful with interactions with this.
    I wasn't. Turns out it doesn't mix at all well with mirtazipine. I thought I was overdosing.
  3. Wildone

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    I find 10mg in the morning fine to handle.
    When I start taking 10mg in a couple of times per day I start getting sides from it and it's honestly one of the worst things I've taken for side effects
  4. s man

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    I'm the opposite to the above as I have a huge tolerance to every bloody stim. Can run clen at 160, t3 150+ and Yohimbine at 25mg in the am on an empty stomach with caffeine and get zero sides from any of them. Obviously not running all that at once mind!

    That said I did feel it helped with lower back and lower stomach fat quite a lot but at the same time those areas have rebounded back on big time after cutting while everything else stays fairly lean looking.
  5. stewedw

    stewedw Senior Member

    Thanks for the replies so far guys, Im not on any or prescription meds to worry about, so just wondered at a low to moderate dose if it was as helpful with fatloss as it appears to get applauded for. I might do more digging and try on a small dose.

    What were the negative sides that you guys experienced?
  6. Rentaghost

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    Any time i tried to use it alingside any worthwhile intensity Cardio it made me sick as fuck.

    Granted it was wrestling so it's hard graft.

    Walking on a treadmill might be different. Never had a problem jogging on it.

    Can't say I noticed any dramatic effect though. Wouldn't bother again.
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  7. Arterial Dan

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    Can give this a shot:

    I don't bother with tyrosine, altho it might be in my BCAA drink

    I just go with 20mg Yohimbe, and take 20mcg Clen after fasted cardio. Works for me.
  8. stewedw

    stewedw Senior Member

    Yeah Dan, that was what I was referring too. Having used dnp I know it works well, but for others that don't want to use I wondered it his approach works. I lost circa 35lbs in ten weeks following a ckd years ago, most of it based on lyle's work.

    Its more of me investigating if this works as he theory is sound, with or without the yohimbine
  9. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    That's very individual specific imo.

    Some people have strong tendons, are naturally strong
    Others can bang in gear for eternity and never become strong

    Some have no problem accessing brown fat or whatever,
    others will struggle to access it, even with T3, Yohimbe, the works

    It's really down to your individual constitution (& response).

    Given that you've been reading the stubborn fat loss book - I'd assume you'd fall into the latter category - where Yohimbe will make a significant difference
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  10. stewedw

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    Cheers Dan. Yeah I did Dave Palumbo ckd and was caliper tested at 10.8% bodyfat at the end, but lower back and love handles were the only place I had fat. Upper inner thighs had veins, it was weird. Anyway I mught have gotten rid of the extra fat by continuing the diet for a few more weeks but chose to bulk. This time round I'd like to get rid of it all so the page you quote from the book got me interested.

    Thanks for the reply guys.
  11. Clubber Lang

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    my missus coach has got her starting a cycle this sunday with Yombine in it.

    hes got her taking;
    12.5mcg T3
    20mcg Clen
    10mg Var
    15mg Yohimbine....all everyday.

    hear Yohimbine targets stubborn fat cells? Also hear you get a bit of a buzz from it?
  12. The Red Meat Kid

    The Red Meat Kid Elite Member

    No buzz for me just crippling anxiety lol and slight sweats
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