Xmas Plans...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Clubber Lang, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    whats everyone got planned for xmas?

    i'll get home about 5am, up for about 9, gotta visit a few people and have dinner at the in laws, then im gonna get off my feckin tits! White christmas, and i think, maybe some mdma to feel the xmas love lol
  2. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    Drink n snort me head off all xmas period
  3. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    good man. Im gonna be loved up on the sofa with a jaw like Stan off American Dad lol
  4. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    At me birds ma’s 23-26th so prob go gym as there’s one open there.

    Save myself for NYE and take enough drugs to put me off them for another few weeks/months.