Whats The Protein Of Choice These Days?

Discussion in 'Supplement Discussion' started by Irish Beast, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Time has come to stock up!

    Use quite a bit of Hurl these days whic I quite like but for pure protein I normally use MP bus wonder if there re any new kids on the block or decent offers? I normally just go for price but could be persuaded otherwise
  2. Wal

    Wal Elite Member

    To be honest I don't shop around like I used to, settled on bulk powders their delivery and products have always been spot on and that's more important to me than saving 50p.
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  3. Highland

    Highland Senior Member

    GoNutrition for me, had some good offers emailed to me. Good service all round imo.
  4. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

    Love how autocorrect replaces huel with hurl. I use that with an extra scoop or two of whey (mutant blend). Usually go for affordable supplements own brand whey or protein works if I'm online shopping.
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  5. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    hahaha, dhould change that but its rather amusing!

    Is there an ultra low carb protein on the market that doesnt cost the earth. Just trying to cut them out in any way possible to shuft blubber¬!
  6. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

    Discount Supplements do a 'diet whey', I remember it being a good price when I got it but unsure whether it was on offer mate.
    Also got some USN lean-8 multiphase lying around (need to check the use by dates on some of mine, been lying around for a couple of years lol), but again, I think that was an offer someone posted on here.

    Generally I'd have just gone for a standard whey with low carbs from DS, decided to get back into training and a decent diet again now after a few years of none committal so will just go with what I've pretty much always gone with.
  7. spearman

    spearman Elite Member

    Still just use MP whey iso choc brownie flavour & milk protein.

    Never had any probs with MP
  8. The Red Meat Kid

    The Red Meat Kid Elite Member

    Protein dynamix

    £10 per 1kg

    Flavours Are good. Red velvet, cinnabun, New York cheesecake etc
  9. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Yep, Turkey Breast Mince.

    I would cut the whey out altogether, but especially if you're trying to lean out.
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  10. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Yeah just on waking and after workout that I really have any.
  11. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    I'd go for BCAA in that case mate.

    And drink the BCAA while you workout, not after.
  12. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    As as well or as a repladecemnt @Arterial Dan ?

    One hsve them in tablet form and they are enrmous. Very tough to swallow!
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  13. AlriteGeezer

    AlriteGeezer Elite Member

    I use MP powdered bcaa, raspberry flavour it's nice too
  14. AlriteGeezer

    AlriteGeezer Elite Member

    Been using MP exclusively for last 18 months.. Always been good

    Just picked up 5kg of whey for £40
  15. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

    Lol I've got those bcaa horse tablets, you've got to swallow about 8 at a time aswell and they are formed like diamonds so really hard to crush.
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