What Are Your Thoughts On Brexit?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Arterial Dan, Jun 11, 2019.

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    What are your thoughts on Brexit?

    I think it will be an economic disaster.
    But it's a disaster that HAS to happen.
    Because the country has become so polarised.
    Sometimes, you must take a step backward, so that you may continue to move forward.

    Many of the English people I've spoken to, don't really know very much about the European Union. And don't know specifically why leaving would be a good idea.

    The strongest sense that I have gotten, is that it is a volatile reaction, rather than a considered action. And the reasons for that reaction are not always clear - but generally, it seems to be a reaction to issues which leaving the European Union will not actually solve.

    It's almost like people are too scared to have the real discussion they want to have.
    And those discussions will have to happen post-Brexit anyway.
    Therefore, even post Brexit, I expect there will be more upheaval.

    Nigel Farage is considered anti-EU, but doesn't speak to many of the issues that English people are deeply concerned with.
    And while Tommy Robinson seems to have struck a chord with many people, he is clearly not considered respectable enough.

    Right wing nationalists are on the rise in Europe and the US, and I think the UK may have one of the sharpest swings yet - not because people have become pro-fascist, but because I expect Labour and the Tories will continue to be punished, and the vacuum will continue to expand. Depending on how long that vacuum continues to expand, the requisite 'moral character' of the person who is capable of filling it may also slide - similar to Trump.
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  2. Rentaghost

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    Pretty much covered my thoughts on this in the other thread.

    It’s a shit show but it’s a necessary shit show as it’s the only way the vast majority of morons can be made to see how fucking stupid they are.

    On both sides the Brexit fence.

    It’s also greatly demonstrated how little power the ruling class actually have, it’s all about our perception of their power rather than any tangible grasp. Much like it was with the Bolsheviks.
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  3. RAD

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    All I know is since this Brexit thing my sales on statics has increased ....happy days

    I am like the Illuminati profiting from chaos
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  4. dirtyvest

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    Who's buying them, Brits or everyone else?
  5. RAD

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    It's mostly the Brits mate although we have just sold to a American couple and German woman

    You see we can organise a temporary residency over here for people so they are getting in before Brexit so at least they can move here permanently later on without to much hassle

    The Mayor of the village loves us as the residents go to the village cafes,shops and restaurants so he's well happy and helps us out a lot with the residency applications.

    Everyone's a winner lol
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  6. Clubber Lang

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    the UK is one the strongest European countries so we'll be fine. They said we'd go straight into recession after the Ref, but we now have the lowest unemployment rate in decades. We also have a better outlook like Germany?? France is bankrupt, Spain is screwed, Italy is in the shit too. You cant try and make everyone equal like the EU wants, this isnt the USSR! They'll always be the strong and the weak, thats life. Same with countries.

    The EU is just a group of fat cat companies that price fix as we're not allowed to buy products from outside the EU. If we're outside the EU and can trade with the rest of the world you can buy the same products cheaper....thats what scares Brussels! The head of the NHS that buys medicines went on record saying they can save billions from buying meds from outside the EU, cheap pharma machines and meds from the US, India etc.

    i voted Leave because i want my country back. Whats the point in voting for Government when they have to go cup in hand to Brussels?! Our land, our laws, our Government.
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  7. Slight of hand

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    Fuck where do I start

    I've gone head first into the culture war, infantry Division, flanking the regressive left.

    Constantly falling out with Tac on FB ;)
  8. Clubber Lang

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    wait till Boris takes over lol

    i hope he gets to be PM, gonna make the news interesting again pmsl