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Discussion in 'Member Interviews' started by Irish Beast, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Thanks to the Love Machine for agreeing to be interviewed this week. You all know the rules by now but just in case

    Been around for a while has this one and a jolly nice chap in person as well,  :smile:

    1) What made you start weight training?

    2) Whats your proudest life

    3) What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever bought?

    4) Favourite holiday destination if money were no object?

    5) Are you re;ly a love machine or is that a cover up for your limp weener

    6) On a scale of 1-10 how embarrassed where you to be stood beside Eddie eating a whole sweaty chicken with his bare hands in the beer garden at the UGM meet

  2. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    Cheers for the offer!

    Started training strangely enough after reading about steroids! At about 14 I had severe gyno in my right peck and dr's wouldn't do anything about it for a year or two so did my own research about hormones etc and that led me to muscletalk ped section. Started training after I had it removed at 16 and loved packing the weight on. I started training at 18 properly weighing about 7 and half stone, with a much better diet and using weight gainers - completely changed how I looked in 6 months. Was hooked!

    I take it that's proudest life moment?

    That's a real difficult one. Guess it was working my way up to where I am now and doing alright for myself job wise, with good prospects I guess? Really had to fight to progress so sticking up for myself and keeping at it I guess I'm pretty proud of

    Weirdest thing? Recently would be a pack of tights and a xs stewie tshirt. Got a weird look there! Can't think of anything crazy weird lol

    Favourite destination? I really like looking round places on holiday rather than just sitting in the sun so somewhere with good markets and culture. Places like Maldives etc don't really tickle me so money isn't really an issue - like the look of santorini at the moment

    Lol at love machine. I can be. Depends on what I've had to drink or when I last had it. Have been known to go for hours, and also very few minutes lol!

    Was honoured to be stood with the lads of ugm (bar being the shortest smallest git there!) so not really. Pretty sure I ate about 4 toblerones while I was there so I'm not one to talk! Ha! Was really funny tho. 7.
  3. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Brown or red sauce?

    Crispy bacon or bacon with knicker elastic attached?

    How many wife beater tops do you own?

    If you could go back in time and change one decision / action you have done what would it be and how would changing that affect your current situation in life?

    Favourite type of steak / how cooked?

    What's been the contents of a scooby snack sandwich you have eaten previously?
  4. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    Brown sauce - although depends on what. But normally it's brown anyway

    Definitely crispy. Have to cut off fat that's chewy, can't stand it. Ruins a sandwich/meal for me. One of my hates in life.

    Wife beaters? Jeez, around 15? Can't say all of them fit anymore but probably got that many kicking around lol

    If it was to be anything I think go back and have a word with myself about my work ethic when it came to uni and told myself to get my head down and stick it out. Really regret not taking a proper go at it but enjoyed myself too much and chased the wrong type of women.

    In truth i think I left at the right time - I was on a sinking ship up there. Would be a teacher by now tho. Still really would love to go back to teach but the tutition fees are too high

    Quite the fan of rump steak, cooked medium. Although I guess that depends on who cooks it and where! Do like a good steak on the BBQ in summer tho

    2 potato waffles, 4 bacon, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, mayo.

    Used the waffles in place of bread.

    Going all out - I'd chuck some bread sauce in there for good measure!
  5. tomlet1

    tomlet1 Elite Member

    Fave body part to train?

    Worst to train?

    How many fingers am I holding up?

    Favourite take away?
  6. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    Shoulders. Used to be my least favourite part but I decided to train them twice a week when I moved gym as they were lagging and they soon started growing and had some really good shape to them. Lots of volume and drop sets to really hammer them

    Always get siatica when I train legs so I don't - haven't trained them consistently in years as it results in me having days off work - so my legs look pathetic.

    4 on one hand, 2 on the other, backwards.

    Favourite takeaway - there's a local place near me that does garlic chilli Achari curry. Wowzer is that good.

    Also do a honey/chilli chicken tikka thing.

    Boiled rice and pashwari naan.

  7. tomlet1

    tomlet1 Elite Member

    Yeah agree shoulders can take alot of volume and grow well from it!

    Pashwari is that the one with nuts? Always have a keema naan myself!
  8. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    Like sweet with almond.

    Really shouldn't as allergic to wheat but still!
  9. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    WTF is bread sauce?
  10. Incognito

    Incognito Resident wookie

    A bread based sauce mick ;0)
  11. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    It's amazing. Sell it in all the supermarkets - it's a packet sauce too if you don't fancy making from scratch

    Goes lovely with a bit of roast meat
  12. AlriteGeezer

    AlriteGeezer Elite Member

    1" on your guns? Down below? Or 2" on your height?
  13. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    Can't say I'd be arsed with any of em.

    Arms - if I started training again 4 x a week I'd get an inch back in no time

    Down below - probably this one lol

    Height - accepted I'm a short arse long ago! Plus my trousers won't fit.....
  14. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Sounds rank lads.
  15. Scrappy

    Scrappy Spit and Sawdust Quizmaster

    Rather have big arms or calves?

    Do you prefer legs, bums or breasts

    Ever been caught spanking

    You see yourself training as hard in 15v years
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