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Discussion in 'Member Interviews' started by Irish Beast, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Thanks  to SOH for agreeing to be interviewed this week. You all know the rules by now but just in case

    He's a delicate wee lad so go easy on him! haha

    So then

    1) Your looking in good nick at the moment. What do you plan next?

    2) Whats your day job and do you enjoy it?

    3) Worst injury every sustained

    4) Favourite drunken story

    5) Proudest moment(s) in your life


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  2. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    where did your user name come from?

    inch on penis or inch on arms?

    favourite cycle?

    cuttent traning split?

    favourite cheat meal?

    worst thing about your gym?
  3. The Red Meat Kid

    The Red Meat Kid Elite Member

    Views on religion? 
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  4. chrissy_boy

    chrissy_boy Senior Member

    raith rovers v hearts . who do you support?

    favourite food?

    favourite ped?

    is fife a kingdom?

    favourite animal?

    mike tyson v a.gorilla who wins?
  5. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

    Thanks for considering me for this chief - I'm trying to keep that look but failing, work and other shit is making it hard for me to be consistant, i'm gettin a little pot belly right now, probably put on about 9lbs since i took that pic a few weeks back, and its all shite. Starting a diet today to try to get back on track. My plan is to stay off a while too, back on around March time. I like having an atheletic look, not to hench bbder type for me :)

    work as a Business Develpment Manager for a large medical diagnostics company, basically a national job that involves presenting cost effeciences to the NHS med managers.

    Had a bad car crash the same day Princess Diana had hers - lost all my top teeth, shattered knee, 3 back ops later, nose reconstruction and upper right cheek, 4 broken ribs, 4 broken metatarsals....was a tad sore...

    Pissing all over my then girlfriends face whilst completely bladdered - thought i was at the toilet.

    It's an obvious one but the kids for sure......then spending the day with MUFC at Carrington in 2003, then invited as Fergies VIP guest to CL game against Rangers at old trafford, getting pissed with sam allerdyce, george best, Fergie and Martin Edwards was pretty cool....then having breakfast with Bobby Charlton the next was fairly special too....but it's what he did that was special. My grandad was a UTD fan all his life, he lived in West Ashton Street near the ground, he used to cycle every kids we sat waiting on him coming home on the outside stairs...he always bought us sweets if UTD won. One day on the way back from a game against Bolton he was knocked of his bike, when they were investigating him at Hope hospital they found he actuially had fairly advanced lung cancer, he died 7 weeks later and never made another UTD game. I told Bobby Charlton this story....he asked my Grans name, went away for about 10 minutes, came back with an envelope marked "for Edith" (my gran) and told me not to open gran in 2003 was living with my mum after having a stroke, still had all her faculties and was a smart cookie.....i gave her the letter, she burst into tears....never seen an old woman cry before, it was a bit heartbreaking. He basicall thanked my grandad in the letter for all his support and told her everyhting i had told him really touched him, it was great of him to do that - my Gran sat for days with a smile on her face :)

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  6. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

    The theiving cnuts
  7. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

    Well documented.

    Can only sum it up like this really - Religion is a man made disease of the mind. It poisons everything. It's ok to look up and wonder at the stars and ask the question why? science is doing this all the time...
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  8. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

    Tyson - he's a radge
  9. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

    Choc fudge

    Blueberry yum

    Hmm not a car fan the big top of the range Land Rovers though
  10. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

    Aye the little fella hasn't been keeping too well lately, no amount of benzos can knock me to sleep right now

  11. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Favourite alcoholic drink?

    If you could fight anyone from history who would it be and why?

    What's your favourite lift?

    If you could go back in time and change one thing you've done in your life, what would it be and why?

    Kelly Brooke or Katy perry?
  12. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

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  13. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

    Missed one sorry

    If i could back in time??

    I'd go back and tell my Mum not to go on that date with my Dad, it would mean i wouldn't exist but then perhaps all our collective torture wouldn't have happened.
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  14. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Favourite type of pizza?

    5 mins of your life that you value as your most precious upto now ?

    What's the biggest asset someone can have as a quality? And why?

    Ie loyalty, honestly etc

    Ill be back with more later
  15. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

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