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    Fairly new to UGM but an old face (forgive me!) in forum terms. Won't go into too much detail but Steve has accomplished grip related success at very high levels so great to have him onboard. I'm sure he will be happy to talk about it all.

    I shall start

    1) What was your key motivation to take up grip related training? 

    2) What competitions have you won, what titles do you currently hold?

    2) When did you realise your grip was considerably stronger than most others?

    3) What are your short and long term lifting goals both in life and the gym?

    4) Mark Westaby can crush apples with his hand, can you do better?

    5) What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever bought?

    Cheers pal!
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  2. Mobster

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    1. Once I tried grippers the challenge and later cos I was half decent at it

    2. The British 4x, the Europeans 2x, Britain's Most Powerful hands 1x ( thus far a one off) and a couple of others I've forgotten I'm sure.

    3. That'd be right around closing the Ironmind 3. At that pointy I think there was only 30 official closes in the world. On one lift I like, the two hand pinch, I've been No 3 of all time in the world for 3 plus years. I thought I'd be knocked down a spot or two but nope... still No 3 after 3 years.

    4. Lord knows - I eat my food ha ha

    5. Probably the place I live in. Dirt cheap but huge!! Pain in the ass just to hoover lol.
  3. mattyb009

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    Pink Or Brown?
  4. andyboro

    andyboro Fat

    how does training change to accommodate improving grip strength? 
  5. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Do you use any grip related aids when training? Chalk, hooks, straps etc

    Do you own a powerball? lol
  6. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Outside of the grip comps etc have you used this strength in any day to day stuff?

    Charity events or likewise basically showboating your skills to the public
  7. Sprite Goblin

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    Can you detail the specific targeted grip training you have done in the past / still currently do, and what you believe has been the most effective method in getting results.

    If you were to attack Turkey from behind, would Greece help?
  8. Mobster

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  9. Mobster

    Mobster Senior Member

    Yes. The NEC/Bodypower three times on the trot with, London Excel /Seni the same (once), various charity events in Gloucester.
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  10. Mobster

    Mobster Senior Member

    For most it's not much of an adaption in that it's a mere five to 20 minutes at the end of a session. For me I merely need to ensure certain lifts are done before (deadlift or pulling movements for example) or have a specific session.
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    Would Greece fuck ha ha. The little I know about that is they wouldn't.

    For what I do now see my online log here and on other sites. What works for me seems to be a very high percentage of my one rep max (90-95%) for multiple singles. I seem to do ok on the events specific training. That probably means I've few weak points in grip. 
  12. Mobster

    Mobster Senior Member

    I used to have 40+ grippers but it's probably 20 or so now. I also have a bunch of other stuff - one hand lift bar, 2 types of vertical bar, a rolling thunder and, of course, a Millennium dumbbell.
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  13. J_J

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    Are you any good at arm wrestling? Ever considered any of those competitions?
  14. Irish Beast

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    Mobster accepts your challenge, just off the phone to him
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  15. Mobster

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    With anyone but an actual arm wrestler yeah ha ha. At Excel, back when I was last there, I helped wrist wrestle the athletes (so no pinning to the table just flexing the wrist). Great fun and good workout. But I'm 50 and the actual pinning would do my rotator cuffs no good at all.