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Discussion in 'Member Interviews' started by Irish Beast, Nov 6, 2013.

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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Thanks to itsdave for agreeing being interviewed week's victim, He has been around a long time and a useful poster that I personally don't know much about

    Rules are below

    I'll start

    1) An interesting fact about yourself

    2) Training aspirations both short and long term

    3) Dream holiday if money were no object?

    4) What celeb would you like to punch in the face the most?

    5) Favourite boyband, both past and present?
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  2. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    what got you into bodybuilding?

    worst and best bodpart?

    favourite exercise?

    favourite cheat meal?

    how many times would you say you have drank in last 12 months?

    do you enjoy being single?

    do you like football? what team?
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  3. chrissy_boy

    chrissy_boy Senior Member

    favourite food?

    favourite ped ?

    what job would you do if you could choose anything?

    is there anything you wouldn't do for 1million pounds?
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  4. Homercles

    Homercles Moderator Staff Member

    Favourite film?

    Favourite AC/DC song?

    Is capitalism sustainable?

    Jail sex, giver or receiver?


    Second favourite UGM poster? (see what I did there?)
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  5. itsdave

    itsdave Elite Member

    Wrecked tired now I'll answer these tomorrow :) thanks for all the questions!
  6. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Minimum standard of bird you would fuck.... Photos required to demonstrate this standard with a rating out of 10.

    Best cycle to date?

    Blondes or brunettes?

    Favourite Ice cream?

    Favourite alcoholic drink?

    Do you think you could survive a Ugm meet? Who do you reckon would die first and who be first to get nicked?

    Who do you reckon you'd get on with best from Ugm?

    Who don't you think you'd get on with?

    And finally.. Favourite hangover food?
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  7. xHamster

    xHamster Guest

    Shower or bath

    Who you love best Mum or Dad

    Bum a Chicken or kick a hedgehog bare foot?

    Coronation street or Eastenders

    Muller corner or standard pot of yoghurt.
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  8. itsdave

    itsdave Elite Member

    Morning allllllll :)

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  9. Homercles

    Homercles Moderator Staff Member

    Some great answers there bud.

    More questions for Dave needed!
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  10. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Nice one dave lad!
  11. itsdave

    itsdave Elite Member

    Lets make this victim of the week a bit more exciting.. Your request for pics of a girl, and even pics of me haha.

    Here's a girl that's fairly good friends with. I'd consider her an 8 maybe a 8.5.. Probably not to everyone's taste, but I like her as she's short and cute. I'd wife her if she wasn't a spa with lads.


    left here:


    cause i reckon a good few people are curious as to what i actually look like.. there's two pics of me and her:



    and eh.. here's some pics of myself for reference + a modelling pic recently taken, was completely impromptu didn't dry out or carb up for it, don't think my body looks that decent at all in it if i'm honest but it's an alright b&w modelly pic for me anyway.




    That's off season so no fatty jokes. Meant to be a bit softer

    (i'll be removing this post as soon as this week is over)
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  12. itsdave

    itsdave Elite Member

    Current leanness as well cause I feel fat enough above:

  13. itsdave

    itsdave Elite Member

    Lets make it more fun, I'll ask you what you think of a girl. This girl is cream of the crop here where I live, most lads would know her/be after her.

    Right here:




    What do you think of her? I'd give her a 9.. Just has a classy/decent/cute look going on.
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  14. hilly

    hilly BANNED

    Id give her a 7

    Other 1 above id give n 8.


    Do you get your eye brows done?

    Do you like girls to play with your ass?

    Have you got your brown wings

    How old were u when u lost your V

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  15. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    What do you put in your hair?

    All out bulk or slow and steady gains?

    Favourite savoury food?

    Biggest regret?

    Best advice ever received?
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