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Discussion in 'Member Interviews' started by Irish Beast, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Thanks to Hilly for agreeing to be interviewed this week. You all know the rules by now but just in case

    Been around for a while has this one and given some great advice during this tenure

    1) What's you best gym lift to date?

    2) Strangest thing you have ever eaten?

    3) What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever bought?

    4) Favourite holiday destination if money were no object?

    5) Geordie, Mackem or Smoggie?

  2. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    hmm this will be interesting.. back later with some decent questions.

    had me laughing at 5 IB
  3. Kratos

    Kratos Elite Member

    I once got slapped off a Mackem for calling her a Geordie, how the fcuk can you tell the difference if you're not local??

    Also wtfs a smoggie?
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  4. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Thats like the ultimate insult that could ever be bestowed on you.

    I'll let Hilly explain what a smoggie is as he's a one so is Pagan.
  5. Kratos

    Kratos Elite Member

    I know mate she explained it to me like this.....

    Liverpool is close to manchester, to us you sound very similar so im how would you like it if I called you a manc....

    I then understood but still don't know what a smoggie is :-(
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  6. Kratos

    Kratos Elite Member

    Or did you mean the ultimate insult was me being slapped by a Geordie bird ;-)
  7. hilly

    hilly BANNED

    A pleasure for sure mate.

    1 - deadlift 250kg at 14 stone 6 weeks out from a show

    2 - my dad told me it was a sheeps eye ball in a naughty restaurant in Singapore

    3 - hhhmmm a denim hooded shirt. I mean WTF

    4 - dubai

    5- id come under smoggie lol

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  8. hilly

    hilly BANNED

    Smoggie is from middlesbrough as it as a cloud of glowing smog over it lol

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  9. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    whats the best place youve been on holiday?

    favoruite compound?

    last meal on earth?

    proudest moment of your life?

    current job satisfaction (1 to 10)?

    favourite body part to train?

    current weight?

    favourite designer make?

    favourite night out not inc where you live?
  10. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    A denim hooded shirt. FFS!!

    I'm debating whether to give you warning points for bringing shame onto the board!
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  11. hilly

    hilly BANNED


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  12. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    nice answers hilly, get down to lpool asap then
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  13. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    seeing as no one else has botherd yet

    plans after you compete?

    lowest cals you have dieted on for say longer than a 2 week period?

    ultimate celeb fantasy woman?

    money no object what car you buy?

    goin away this summer?

    fav physique dont have to be a bb?

    will you be getting any help from a 'guru' in prep?
  14. hilly

    hilly BANNED

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  15. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Favourite cut of steak and how do you have it cooked?

    Why do you start training?

    Best piece of advice you have been given in life so far?

    Glass half empty or half full and why?

    Do you speak anyother languages?
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