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Discussion in 'Member Interviews' started by Irish Beast, May 25, 2014.

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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Thanks to member Guerilla9 agreeing to be interviewed this week. He's been very active recently and is a very knowledgeable chap so heres your chance to harass him :)

    You all know the rules by now but just in case. 

    1) What was your key motivation to take up weights?

    2) What are your short and long term lifting goals both in life and the gym?

    3) Stupidest thing you've done when drunk

    4) Strangest thing you have ever eaten?

    5) What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever bought?

    6. Do you think you could knock a Gorilla out with a single blow?
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  2. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    Thanks IB.

    1) Key motivation to take up weights was to stop being a fat cnut! However I found I diet like dieting so took of strength sports instead.

    2) Short term goal is to lean up a bit and work on getting fit again. picked up a couple of injuries in the last few months that are being a pain to sort. Im not thinking long term at the moment. Ive got several options on where to turn, In my heart id like to get back to a point where im a competitive strongman again but that might not be possible.

    3) Stupidest thing ive done when drunk? Drove. not proud, felt like a dick. Never happened again. Ive sen what happens when people do it and been effected by it. cant even remember why I did it.

    4) I'm cautious about what goes in my mouth. but probably dried crickets. tasteless really, bit papery.

    5) A house I cant afford. A wreck of an old car I spent several grand 'charving it' on then sold for what was essentially scrap money. 19's, kits, loads of customs stuff. Never finished it.

    6) not a chance! im a lover not a fighter. Love Gorillas mind, Their sheer size and power is mind blowing. plus they get to sit around all day with a harem of females eating and looking awesome! who doesn't want that?!

    Mate of mine recons that until I knockout a cow im all show and no go.
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  3. StevieB

    StevieB Senior Member

    Hello mate.

    1. If you could only do one lift what would it be and why

    2. What would be the one possession you would grab in the event of an emergency

    3. If you found yourself marooned on an island would you prefer it to be with Ray Mears, Bear grills or other?

    4. Reasoning behind answer to question 3

    5. I see you have had crickets so if insects were your only source of protein would you have issues with this.

    love the knock a gorilla out question, and good luck with the quest to knock out a cow lol
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  4. AlriteGeezer

    AlriteGeezer Elite Member

    Favourite cutting meal?

    Favoutite bulking meal?

    Cheat meal?

    What is your poison.. eg drugs,drink,woman,gambling etc?

    Current occupation?

    Best gym advice you been given?

    ^^life advice?

  5. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    My favorite lift has always been deadlift, but I think if I had to do one only it would be clean and press. Massive amounts of variations and weights can be used to enable any sort of progression, whether than using them for strength gain, muscle building Etc

    Other than my daughter, a picture a neighbour painted if my grandfather. Means a lot to me.

    Ray Mears. Guys been and done it an despite bear having some amazing skills and story's, I recon ray has him.

    I wouldn't enjoy it like I do proper meat, but I'd live.
  6. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    Meals are one and the same, I just tend to reduce portions. But chilli con carny is the top boy.

    Cheat meal has to be pizza, they are like crack to me.

    Women! Wasn't the best with them growing up but as I've got bigger an older it's easy and hard for me to say no. Had issues with drink and drugs but managed to deal with them before they got out of hand. Women are some what more of a recent issue that has caused a lot of pain to those around me.

    I work in an office as a project engineer. Lots of oil and has stuff.

    Best advice was film your lifts. If you can't see what you're doing, how do you expect to change it?
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  7. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    1) Favourite flavour of ice cream

    2) If money was no object what would you dream holiday be?
  8. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

     best comp lifts?

     best gym lifts?

     favourite lifter?
  9. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    1) Hagen Daz - Pralines and Cream. If theres a pot in the house its not there long.

    2) Id love to drive across the US in something ridiculous. Either something like a Veyron or a Big ol Truck. Id love to do the gumball.
  10. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    My PL total wasn't great - 260/180/290 at 120kg. Think the 300 DL for 10 reps in comp was probably up there. 350 comp pull was the first time id pulled over 320 and was huge for me.

    Gym lifts, 300 squat, 150 log, 360 deadlift. 400 yoke. 165farmers each hand.

    Favourite lifter? Not sure theres so many inspiration guys out there. Got to give Big Z soo much credit. The bloke is just unstoppable when hes on it. Eddie hall is impressing me more and more all the time. Was always a static beast but seen him compete recently and hes obviously worked hard on his moving and is a real threat.
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  11. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Sadly the day will come when your daughter starts to date..

    Which camp do you sit in?

    Threaten him on the quiet about hurting her


    Pretend to like him
  12. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Favourite type of pizza?

    Did you ever ride the bucking bonco at buffalo joes? If so longest you stayed on?
  13. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    HaHa! Love it.

    Tough one. if you pretend to like him then he may mistake your kindness for weakness and take liberties, however if you don't get on with him (assuming hes agreeable and not a complete dickhead ofcourse) they could both rebel and do something stupid. I think the third option of follow them around on the first few dates with a length of rope in one hand and a large hessian sack in the other may do the trick.
  14. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    Ive been lucky enough to travel Italy a few times and the stuff they make over there is incredible!

    When im home though I normally head to ASDA for a create your own special. 14" Italian crust, ham, spicy chicken, double peperoni, chilli beef and pineapple. then through some peppers and chillies on when I get home.

    LOL Buffalo Joes. Good but not quite Baja. nah, I didn't have the self confidence to do that when that place was open. Id have been cracking onto the fat bird in the corner lol
  15. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Earlier to hire an assassin to follow them round with the cost of petrol these days!
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