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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Thanks to Doby for agreeing to being interviewed. All round nice guy and some great posting of late!

    Usual rules apply

    I'll start

    1) What inspired to to take up Bodybuilding?

    2) What is the proudest moment in your life?

    3) How did you find UGM?

    4) Whats the stupidesy thing you have ever bought?

    5) Favourite boyband past and present?

    6) Is your avatar the guy from steps or you? im confused!

  2. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    what sort of goal physique do you Have?

    favourite back exercise?

    do you have a arms day?

    favoruite ice cream?

    highest dose cycle?

    most overrated compound?

    how vein are you on scale 1 to 10?

    fav holiday destination you been?
  3. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    Thanks very much for asking me IB, first board iv really posted on and I'm loving it.

    1: I was sporty throughout my younger days but I never had a decent body just average skinny fat, when i got to 16 I wanted abs to get the girls and that slowly snowballed I'm to running, then York dumb elks at home and finally joining a gym, albeit cluelessly.

    2: Birth of my daughter. Best day of my life also.

    3: how did I find UGM? I'm pretty sure back in the gh15 hey day I was googling all about old school diets, no test cycles and was linked to an Ethan post, from there i read a few drug threads and my eyes were opened and I lurked up until recently.

    4: there's probably been a few tbh it's probably Gta be the sauna suit tho, space man grey and all shiny. Thought it would get me ripped back in the day. Think I wore it once for a late night jog and even I thought this is rediculous, water sloshing around my ankles.

    5: favourite boyband present: one direction (I'm forced to listen to them daily and I know quite a lot of their tunes now) back in the day I used to like 112. My most hated is definitely SClub 7.

    6: nah it's not the lovely bloke H from steps, it's John from SClub 7, fellow gym member at my gym and my nemesis.
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  4. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    -goal physique is a jaco de Braun or whatever his name is. That or slightly buiger jeff seid. I like the aesthetics. If I was being a total dreamer then serge nubret.

    - favourite back exercise pull ups.

    - no separate arms day, bis finished off with back and tris on chest/shoulders.

    - ice cream either B & J cookie dough or walls cornish ice cream (but that's gat have biscuits and sweets crumbled on top)

    - highest dose, now really running 1ml rip blend and 0.5ml ten ace eod. Never really consistently used, been very on and off and for the most part it's been pharma test with some gh thrown in in spurts when I have spare cash. That's why I wanna have a consistent run at being on and training well.

    - we'll ive never used deca, dbol, anadrol, primo, but from what I've used probably anavar...I just thought it a bit meh...

    - veiny? I'm very vascular 9/10. Vain? It's funny, very vain over my physique yet i wear gym stuff 90% of the year and hardly ever do my hair so 5/10

    - Australia - had a month there over Xmas when I was a teen with the fam, really wanna take my daughter there and see all the beautiful wildlife and scenery.
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  5. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    nice one doby mate, made up u decided to start postin greatin additom to the binge eating forum i mean bodybuilding
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  6. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Who would win in a fight between H from Steps and John from S club?

    No hangbags or bitch slaps allowed.
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  7. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    John is a sneaky fucker, plus he trens it up so I'm pretty certain he'd use H's mild mannered personality to his advantage and trick him into turning around, sucker punching him then viscously bumming him into tap out.
  8. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Great answer! hahan
  9. Rudedog

    Rudedog Senior Member

    What would last meal on deathrow be?
    Mars or snickers?
    Dream stack?
    What footwear you rocking at the minute?
    What car you drive?
    What happens after you die?
  10. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Fittest bird in the world?

    Favourite aftershave?

    Favourite lift?

    Do you get out on the piss/pull much?

    Do you do cardio? If so what?

    Brief overview of your leg training?

    Average days food?
  11. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    - last meal on death row: a massive peshwari naan for starters, a huge flame grilled burger doubled up with cheese, big side if chips and onion rings with BBQ sauce. Dessert a huge ice cream Sundae as big as they can make me!

    - both! At the same time

    - dream stack, 250 pharma test, 1g pharma primo, 700 negma parabolin 12iu Humatrope gh

    - air max 90s

    - a1

    - nothing. Body and mind are one and die together. I'm the biggest atheist around. Would like to be wrong on this tho.
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  12. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    - Michelle keegan closely followers by Cheryl cole

    - the old dear bought me this pack of paco robanne mini aftershaves so stick a random one of them on everyday

    - Decline Bench

    - before daughter was with me, I'm out on a sat night with the boys and normally take a bird out mid week most weeks if I'm lucky. Haven't been out In months tho now and won't be till daughter goes back to her mums. Quite like not having none of the bullshit that comes with it all tho tbh.

    - cardio 5x week hour on cross trainer. Knees are fucked from years of 5a side footy so it's gta be low impact. Fucking falling apart!

    - legs: hack squat, lying leg curls, single leg leg press, seated hammy curls. Now adding calf too. I

    Don't squat or do full deadlift. Injury reward/risk not worth it to me.

    - normal diet not cutting/bulking just maintaining

    Train fasted (always have can't eat in mornings)

    -Whey/Greek Yog & fruit

    -Ham sandwhich (proper ham no wafer think shit)

    - chicken breast & potatoes & veg

    - ice cream

    - oats & 4 whole eggs

    Pretty much always total 4k Kcal's and 200-250g protein. Pretty accurate at adding most things up in my head as been doing it so long. I do weigh the things that need to be too.
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  13. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    Moto you live by?

    Whats the first thing youd grab if your house was on fire?
  14. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    - life's just a big game, play to win if u lose you lose.

    By this I mean you get one life so play it how u like to play, if your a gambler that takes risks then know that they come with consequences and you could possibly lose. If you like to play it safe then fair play. Me, I'm I'm the middle, I don't play it safe but I also don't have any interest on simply living for as long as possible, if I'm 80 but my only weekly event is a minimbus to sainsburys to me that's not living, there fore I take peds knowing it may knock years off my life but the ones I do live can be enjoyed to the full.

    - my daughter. But if a material item my laptop cos it has pictures from my daughter being a baby to relatives that have passed away. Should probably back it up actually lol
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  15. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    Cant argue with that! Im the same. I don't want to be dependant on my kids / the state when im too old to look after myself. Id rather pass on what I can to my Daughter, Let her grieve when the time comes and get on with her life.
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