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Discussion in 'Member Interviews' started by Irish Beast, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Thanks to DV for agreeing to be interviewed this week. You all know the rules by now but just in case

    1) What made you start weight training?

    2) What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever bought?

    3) Best/Worst body part (excluding genitalia)

    5) Do you regularly wear Dirty Vests?

    6) If you could have a beer with one person, living or dead who would it be?

  2. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    I'll try and quickly get this one over with and then dread what may follow from others

    1) Damn, gotta go back some 20 years for that. Originally to help get a little size to my then 6'1 and bearly 10st basketball frame. Once my back probs stopped me from playing I then started taking an interst in the bodybuilding side of training which become more dedicated/serious in my mid to late 20s.

    2) Matching acid wash jeans and jacket - that was in the 80s and it was cool back then. I've never been one for spending much on myself tho so don't have many unfortunate buys

    3) Best: arms, delts and traps are generally my strongest aesthetically. Worst is easily my calves, don't respond to anything growth wise, chest is also quite a poor responder

    4) Ironically no, I have one for each workout day and rarely if ever switch from the day they are asigned

    5) Hmmm, I'm not one for having heores and role models so that's a tough one. However, my bball roots require me to have some 1on1 with His Airness MJ. That feels abit of a waste tho for one person of all time...... I'll give it some more thought, someone like Ayrton Senna actually
  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Senna - Great answer!
  4. Rudedog

    Rudedog Senior Member

    Fave basketball team?
    How many pairs of Jordan's do you have?
    Cheese and onion or salt and vinegar?
    Can you slam dunk?
  5. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Fave team: The Bulls of the 90s. Currently I have been a Heat follower since before they won their titles (Wade is a fantastic player) so them aside I like the game for it's entertainment so teams like the Clippers and Warriors are great to watch. Pacers are impressive ATM, Spurs are always supremely skilled as a team

    Only one pair of AJs now, Fire red 3s. They cost so much and I could get 10weeks of AAS for the price of 1 pair and I can't have both. I do have some '89 flights I got for xmas too tho. Used to be a sneeker fiend in my youth.

    Oooh, that's tough. With dip? Cheese and onion, on their own Salt and Vinegar

    I used to, can hardly reach the net now LOL. But I set the most solid screens going :wink:
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  6. Homercles

    Homercles Moderator Staff Member

    Did your step son really move out or did you bury him in the woods?

    Which UGM member would you most like to shag?

    Are you a leg, bum or boob man?

    Burger King or McDonalds?

    Favourite beer?

    Dream car?
  7. Rudedog

    Rudedog Senior Member

    Who's body could handle the most abuse booze and reccies Irish beast or rentaghost?
  8. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member


    1) For fear of incriminating myself I refuse to answer that question

    2) It's a toss up between MTB and skinnyjoe

    3) I like all 3, I do like boobs, but I'm not bothered by size, just form. And I do like a nice pair of legs. And you can't beat  anice firm bum, not hugely into big bums. Oh I dunno decision decisions...... boobs.

    no legs



    I just like fit ones.

    4) hate both but under threat of death, Burger King. Maccy Ds are just fcuking rank, never used to be but nowadays they suck.

    5) You'll hate me for this. I like my Yank beer, Bud, Coors, Miller (altho all are brewed in the UK over here obviously LOL)

    6) Hmmmm, you see I'm a family man so I always end out being practical. Can't beat a Lambo really however, some of the tuning and kit options on things like Cayennes look beastly and I do like the bigger vehicles. I would kill myself in a legit super/hyper car I think so a bastardised 4x4 would probably be my choice
  9. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Rudedog: Which one has age on their side? That said, IB is from Scotland and their genes are more adapted I reckon
  10. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Irish Beast living in Scotland having spent 13 years in LIverpool. Might just change my name to Beast!
  11. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Well if you have survived Ireland, Liverpool and Scotland then it's a no brainer - you are on the brink of mythical status

    (Can't believe I said you are FROM Scotland when your username is IRISH Beast - FFS, age is a bitch)
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  12. Kratos

    Kratos Elite Member

    Hi DV

    1) Biggest gym achievement in all your time training

    2) best personal achievement (apart from banishing the stepson)

    3) who's jokes are worse but thinks they're not James or Steve

    4) first car and car now

    5) have you ever changed your opinion of anyone you thought was a cock on mt but decent on here, or vice versa.....
  13. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    LOL nice Qs

    1) I've not really managed anything of great acclaim but finally getting 255 last year on my DL was pleasing, but 15 years ago at 14st I was tripling 230 so it's poor in comparison. I did DOH, no straps, thick bar 227.5 and did 210x10

    2) I have really achieved very little in life TBH, never had the drive for some reason

    3) That's like asking would I rather be hit in the left bollock or the right one!!

    4) 1st - a White Renault 5 Le Car 2..... now, a Black Vectra SRi but should hopefully be changing that soon but not 100% what for yet

    5)  Potentially the best Q, however, I don't think so. Altho there are many here I obviously interact with that I probably hardly ever spoke to on MT. I'm not sure anyone here has been modded by me in a harsh way so I've never seen a side to them that made me draw that conclusion. I'm open to the fact that MT may not suit some guys over here so they don't always fit in, yet here they have their place. In UGM very early days those I thought where a cock there I still though were a cock here too but they've all gone now (... or have they LOL)

    I would sooo love to say that I thought 'x' was a wanker but now I quite like him
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  14. Kratos

    Kratos Elite Member

    Ha great answers mate. No homo but you always come across as a decent fella and a laugh on both boards. If I weren't tee total id prob enjoy a pint with you :)
  15. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Do they call you dirty vest because you're the guy who walks round the gym honking because he hasn't washed his vest?
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