Very Low Calorie Diets With Frequent Smaller Refeeds

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  1. SteamroD

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    so just because you know I like to try new stuff....

    I started on a PSMF kinda RFL thing a couple of weeks ago dropped 19lbs in 14 days fairly tightened down.

    I had planned to go the full 14 days on just the below diet but by day 10 training intensity had dropped so low and fatigue was large so I went for 500g clean carbs on a the second Tuesday took my weight on the Monday before the feed it was 15st 3lbs by the Saturday I was down to 15st.

    anyway diet

    6.00 train 15g BCAA
    1#500ml LEW
    2# 250g fish and veg
    3# 250g fish and veg
    4# 250g turkey and broiled veg
    8.30 maybe have 300ml LEW if I am hungry. but frequently not.

    obv you can only get away with this over short periods of time. However how about of I start having refeeds every 3-5 days apart depending on energy. They will be to the tune of 4-5oog to start and see how I drop.

    I will decide when to have a refeed when my scale weight drops below the weight before the previous refeed if that makes sense?

    so for me to have a refeed tomorrow my weight will have to be below 15st which was my weight before the last refeed.

    I've got about 4 weeks to drop 7lbs its only for holiday nothing special.

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  2. SteamroD

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  3. andyboro

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    Is there any real benefit to this over just eating more day to day?
  4. SteamroD

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    that is a good question... I have been dropping weight very very fast recently today is 22lbs in like 18 days.

    I am sitting flat I know it will take 2-3days of 800g plus cho to fill me up from here.

    I dropped to 14, 12 1/2 this morning so am refeeding today 500g carbs <50g fat all being well.
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  5. Rentaghost

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    It's a decent way to run a PSMF for an extended duration yeah but it's not something I'd do...

    Gone are the days I'll kill my self dieting... 24-2500 cals a day 40/30/30 for me. It takes as long as it takes....

    Rather diet for 16 weeks a piece of piss than leather it in 8-10 and be hungry personally.

    Must be getting old mate.....
  6. SteamroD

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    yea I know simple works, i had intended to just do keto as per the norm but ive started this so gonna keep on it the diet is not too difficult however I am defo getting hungrier as such I have upped fats I am closer to 1500cals per day now. Refeed tomorrow if I am under 14 12.

    should be.
  7. s man

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    I know you have super strong will power from previous journals but do you find at the refeed times it's hard to pull back and not go over board.
  8. tomlet1

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    Sounds good if u have the mindset for it.

    I would end up doing the ultra low cals, then when i did the refeed either binging on shit or having the refeed as planned but feeling like id fucked up the next day and having even kess etc.

    Im prob just too erractic for it but can see it working well for others.
  9. SteamroD

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    well was

    14 10 and 1/2 so 2 lbs down from wed...

    dropping like furk.. big refeed today 700-900g likely a pizza in there being the only high fat thing.

    actually seem to be going well but I need 3 days carb up to fill out properly and see what I look like.

    S-man- i know what you mean I haven't been too bad so far but then it is only week 2 as the weeks go on it will get harder not to binge.

    2 years ago my binges were rediclous was frequently sick

    last year there was a few bad ones but not nearly as before.

    this year I appear to have a little more control..

    maybe I am getting used to it.
  10. SteamroD

    SteamroD Elite Member

    as far as I know this went to shit, the diet was too restrictive for me to handle and lead to me breaking it too often.

    so for me anyway at that time it was unproductive..
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