** Very Limited... These Steaks Are Taking The Uk By Storm! **

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    ** VERY LIMITED... These steaks are taking the UK by storm! **

    Regularly heralded by Michelin Star Chefs, we bring you the BEST EVER Steaks on Muscle Food... 300 customers ONLY
    Why are these Argentinian Ribeye steaks so special?

    • EXTRA matured for 35 days
    • Raised free to roam in the humid Pampas
    • Grass fed on flat, open landscapes
    • Delicately marbled, with a full-bodied taste
    • Melt in your Mouth tender
    The list goes on and on... Michelin Star Chefs are RAVING about them due to their incredibly tender and juicy texture.

    Available for you at COST PRICE!
    VERY LIMITED - because sourcing Argentinian steaks isn't easy, and Michelin Star restaurants are snapping them up and selling them for £40+ EACH!
    These really are the best steaks Muscle Food has ever stocked, but you must be quick because it's first come, first served.

    To order yours, simply:
    • Click through to the page
    • Add to your basket (max 16 steaks per customer)
    • Checkout & pay (if you don't order now, somebody else will)
    *On-page T&Cs apply - Max 16 steaks per customer.