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    Hi all!

    Right my question is, I work in the railway, I get random drugs n alcohol tests (been there 3 years not been tested yet, but Sod’s law).

    Now, the sample is taken by BUPA and sent off to Alere Toxicology.

    Test E @ 250mg a week for 12 weeks
    Anavar @ 50mg ed for 8 weeks
    Arimidex @ 0.25mg ed for 12 weeks

    Followed by HCG, Clomid, Nolva

    This is the proposed cycle.

    It’s not on the list of things they test for on the consent form.
    (Amphetamines, Cannabis, Opiates, Cocaine, Benzodiazepine, Barbiturates, MDMA, Dextropropoxyphene and Methadone)
    However, on my company drugs n alcohol policy it states “we may test for all or some of the following” and it said “steroids”

    The question is, would they show up on a urine test?
    Would any of the steroids mentioned above, or the PCT show up as any of the above mentioned drugs?

    Appreciate all the help
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    Yes, if they test for steroids and your on steroids then it’s gonna show up on the test. They test for metabolites and there’s no real way for getting around it. Test enth will show up for around 3 months for example.

    Steroids will not show up as any of the mentioned drugs but If they may test for steroids then they may test for steroids, then you’re fucked and out of a job.

    My advice is don’t bother, a bit of muscle isn’t worth your livelihood. Not to sound like Im being a cunt but it’s a fairly stupid move to even consider it mate.
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    Your last paragraph is pretty much where I’m at right now... I have spoken to my manager and HR today, and BUPA. They are not confirming whether or not I will be allowed to take em. I thought I’d rather let them know than not, at least that way it can’t fuck me over. But it does seem like it won’t be happening, in which case I won’t touch them.
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    Ill dispose of them for ya mate