Upper Lower Split Advice Needed

Discussion in 'All About Training' started by MRM, Oct 23, 2016.

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    So, in terms of an upper lower split how does this look.



    leg press


    stiff leg deadlift

    random accessory work (abs)


    incline bench


    seated shoulder press

    bent over row

    seated row


    random accessory work (arms/abs)

    reps and sets would aim to be a few warm up sets then two or three working sets aiming to fail at 10, when I can hit ten for three sets I'll up the weight.

    body weight exercises - 3x failure

    How does that sound?
  2. Rentaghost

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    Absolutely awful tbh mate.

    Deadlift and squat on the same day then you're gonna SLDL as well?

    Even the terminator would struggle to make that a worthwhile workout. That'd do me in!

    I'll have a think while I make coffee and post up what I feel would be better for you, see what you think.
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    First deadlift done correctly is a back exercise. So put it with upper.

    Nobody can hit squats and Deadlifts on the same day and give each one the attention it deserves for any length of time.

    My advice would be to simplify it.


    Squat - Do your heavy low-medium rep work here

    Hack squat/squat machine - 10-15 rep sets, 3 sets of these. Constant tension on the reps.

    Leg press with feet high and wide to target hamstrings - Alternate this with a hamstring curl every other session.

    Calf raise

    Leg ext higher reps, pump sets really


    Flat bench/alternate with Inc
    Inc DB press/ alternate this with OH DB
    Weighted Chins
    Weighted Dips
    Lateral raise

    That'd be better imo. The volumes not daft and the big lifts are split up better, alternating means you can get stronger on a wider range of exercises without killing yourself with volume.

    Might wanna add a bicep exercise though.
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  4. MRM

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    Thanks this looks much better
  5. Rentaghost

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    No worries mate, you want a m/c or DB fly in as well on upper but that's up to you. Same with an EZ or dumbell curl.

    Pretty well covered otherwise.
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