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    Is anyone else running their own trt ?

    After basically being ushered out the door with a prescription for anti D's by my local GP for the upteenth time I did a lot of research into what the hell was going on with me.After various tests it all pointed to low test levels so started on my own trt programme which tbh is producing unbelievable results.Its a slow progress but things are definitely changing for the better.

    So was wondering who else has taken this route? and have you made any progress?
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    Hey mate,

    Sounds like you've had a shitty experience with that GP.
    Supplementing Test, T3 and GH will help to some extent i'm sure, but if you can find a better GP it would be worth it I reckon.

    The goal is to understand DHEA, Adrenal function, gut health etc.

    Have you been under a lot of stress for a prolonged time?
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    Dan mate good to see you

    Seen 2 GPS over here the first one said I had AIDS the second told me it was all in my mind and should be on anti D's see what I am up against lol

    I ran my own tests dhea-s was off the charts,elevated estrogen and cortisol was elevated throughout the day and through self testing it turns out I am highly sensitive to gluten as well.Also ran a 23andme test that showed some bad mutations.It did have me thinking I might have a adrenal tumour or something tbh

    After a sh1t load of research I designed a treatment plan since supplementing b12,folate and test e,dropping gluten working on gut health things are slowly recovering.

    I have been under a shit load of stress basically took me down to a level I have never been at but things are now getting better.
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