Training Into Your Later Years.

Discussion in 'All About Training' started by Dirty Harry, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Dirty Harry

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    May be a little far off for some, but have you ever thought about it, or even approaching it ?

    I'm just getting back into things in a more serious way (no gear) having taken a break for around 3 years, one thing I have definitely noticed is recovery, 2 x hard full body workouts a week I seem to manage, but 3 (as in Monday , Wednesday, Friday) seems to be a real no-no, I'm absolutely battered, thinking of going on a traditional split, say 4 days, chest, back off/boxing routine, legs, shoulders.

    So, anyone starting to feel their recovery etc is getting longer as you've aged, and what have you done, or plan to do in response ?
  2. dirtyvest

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    Some of it is a case of adaptation. I train every day mon-fri and am rarely less than 2hrs (some of that will include stretching out). Yeah I often feel knackered but then I also have to work late shifts, take my son to school, rush around endlessly at weekends visiting family and getting chores done etc - none of that was ever a concern in my 20s. Oddy, I find my worst days are the ones where I really do nothing at all.
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  3. Dirty Harry

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    I'm tired just reading that DV haha, no wonder you don't do any cardio, so how much of that two hours would you say is actual lifting bud ? And do you do a split of one body part a day type thing ?

    Oh, and do you make a noise when you get up out of a chair and when you sit down ?
  4. dirtyvest

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    Most of it TBH, if I keep my pace going and don't chat then 90mins, Weds session is usually the properly long one. I basically train everything twice a week so

    mon: legs with a little bi
    tue: push
    wed: legs back and bi
    thurs: push
    fri: back and bi

    I can't even scratch my head without groaning TBH
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  5. The Love Machine

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    Im nearing my 30's and finding that literally being on my feet for 9 hours a day, eating rubbish and not drinking enough i struggle to make my 3 sessions a week. I fall asleep most nights on the sofa at about 9 if i dont train.

    I remember doing 5 sessions a week, 3 nights on the pop and working overtime.

    No idea how.
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  6. Arterial Dan

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    Stop doing full bodys!
    Chest/Back/Legs/Sho/Arms is much easier to recover from/progress from.

    I changed my training style 2 years ago, when I tored my Teres Major.
    Never looked better tbh.
    Summary here:
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  7. spearman

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    I'm approaching 37 and recovery has always been an issuer for me, but I think a lot of that has to do with poor sleep and nutrition.
    Training wise I need to cycle my training or I just burn out. Staying away from failure works best for me.
    I use wendlers 531 mostly for my main lifts and accessories to suit.
    I usually only lift twice a week. If I slept better I'm sure I could train more, but no point training what you can't recover from!
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