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  1. Irish Beast

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    Didn't know which section to put this in!

    In short I have always trained in the morning first thing. Not been training consistently at all but went down for a session tonight which is unheard of for me. I wonder though if my diet needs to be adjusted when training late. Given that I am carrying a lot of lard at the moment I don't want to be eating tons at night time but then again want to get my lost muscle back.

    Do any of you train at different times throughout the day? Or purely at night. Would be interested to hear how you adjust training / diet to accommodate a mixed up workout schedule. Sure there must be some of you that just squeeze sessions in as and when you can!
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  2. dirtyvest

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    Why don't you want to be eating too much at night time....?

    I train first thing in the morning so I tend to make sure I have had something reasonable during the latter part of the evening so that once I have had breakfast too I am nicely fuelled for my session, have a good meal PWO (pre and post are the meals I have the greatest %age of my calories) then top up during the rest of the day.

    If you train in the evening so harm in still having those fuelling and refuelling feeds around your session. There's always your non-training days you can cut right back on to maintain some calorific balance (or negative counter).

    Just fuel accordingly... arm day doesn't require teh fuel of a leg day for example
  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Yeah I guess you are right. Just struggling with appetite at the moment despite weighing a bloody ton. I guess if you body needs the cals as fuel is irrelevant. It just feels unusual for me as my bedtime snacks are usually fats and protein with little of no carbs. Guess I've just been an early trainer for so long that it feels weird!

    Think I will train tomorrow morning before the DOMs from tonights session kick in! Will probably be crocked for days. Maybe a leg session. That should ruin my bank holiday weekend!
  4. Rentaghost

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    I'd just make what you eat clean food, eat when you're genuinely hungry and forget the rest.

    been working alright for me.....
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  5. ethanUK

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    Being off work I cuurently "aim" to train 2 x Ed....however my problems prevent this sometimes.

    Some pub med study showed there was indeed a optimal training time late after 4-6 ....I think....memory not what it was.

    I hate training evenimg because I am allergic to too many noobs so my first session should be 9am.....I get up at 4am or 5am but I still loath it....everything seems to be harder, hurt more but of course your body only understands the demands placed upon it.

    For awhile abroad I used to train 8pm to 10pm because of my training the time I had shower, ate big amd digested enough to sleep it fukd me nxt day.

    Since I know you a bit mate your prob like mine to my horror is consistency thus what ypu should do is plan- write it,type it, it has more power and constantly reminds u of your failures.

    Figure out what time is a optimal time you can be at least 50% cinsistent at and forget diet timings and best training times

    My training plan is written down at Cv at 4M + 2 daily sessions -7days a week and I am good as off, last bit tapering out as I am determined not to start a "cycle" until I am consistent so it should be this monday.

    I know even if my body could do it training like that everyday with valume 90mins+ everytime is impossible but I always aim far above so I still hit a good target.

    I've noted my total inconsistency and addictions causing "more recovey-fuk up days"means I've grown really well and fast- muscle memory amd HRT at first so its actually worked for me.

    I would adjust the diet training late as you say you are carrying lard, I'd eat just protein and fat and no I am not after 6pm carb phobic .

    Big omelette, some ground beef  etcandu wil sleep better too.

    Find something you can vaguely stick to mate.

    In April I couldn't figure out attach a pulldown bar jn the funmy farm and was luffing after 5 reps....invalid.

    ......but its coming back and I've held back PED wise umtil there is some stabi,ity but compared to years ago I'm a joke sometimes but geting there.

    Never up for it anymore.....til I get there then I am all good.
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  6. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    I think you might be on to something with that. Force feeding is not particularly pleasant and psychologically tough when you know you are a porker!

    See at the moment Im not working so can train when I feel like. Around this time is probably optimal although later is better cos its more likely to keep me out of the pub. I guess training at any time beats sitting on a bar stool. I think perhaps I should worry about getting the sessions in first before stressing over diet and excess lard. Trying to work out too many things at once and its a bit overwhelming at times
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  7. Pip

    Pip Elite Member

    Cannot train after 12noon.
    Just physically cannot anymore.

    No motivation and biorhythms all off.
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  8. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    similar I like to get it smashed out by 11am 
  9. ethanUK

    ethanUK Guest

    Weird @Mick / Pip as the morning unless its CV just doesnt work for my get up and go......however with plans to train 2 x Ed + CV to and from gym I will have to get session 1 in earlier.

    Although I cycle this is the farthest I've lived from my gym so its addin 5miles maybe CV ED.

    When you are not working I find if its left too late the lazyness can set in and I won't go.

    I trained more in my prime as functioning addict in Thailand with one very FT job and 4-5 privates teaching gym/English lessons and I had a GF....Sometimes 2.

    I could really excel at this point not working for another few months so I need to grab it.
  10. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    Agreed you need motivation to go I still did AM gym when out of work 

    set me up for the day tbh mate
  11. ethanUK

    ethanUK Guest

    It is good to get it out of the way and like early morming CV it sets you up mentally for the day plus keeps you hungry and you beat meeting up with the evening teem tools amd carpet carriers.

    I am gettting used to my 2 x ED session with session 1-actually the easier ED repetitve one setting me up for number 2 on applicable day. 30mins fasted CV at 5.30am too - desperate to keep busy and doing it natty(well no gear).

    Volume ideally overall should be shorter but listening to my body ATM.....which beats lsitening to my mind because that guy just does my noodle in.
  12. Sprite Goblin

    Sprite Goblin Senior Member

    Morning is morning is my optimal training time too, although there are times when I still need to train late in the day.... It's fair to say quite a few of those sessions get missed!

     I can't say I really change my diet to suit when I train though. I'm sure there's some science to say which way to do it will be optimal, and then there will be some more science to say that the first bit of science was BS.... These days, "optimal" for me is what I will stick to doing for extended periods. 
  13. Mukit

    Mukit Senior Member

    I am one of your team. I have tried several times to exercise in the afternoon. But my body never responded. So it is better for me to exercise early in the morning.
  14. Ernst

    Ernst Member

    Love training in the gym at night when nobody's in there