Tolerance To Codeine And Other Painkillers

Discussion in 'Other POMs' started by Irish Beast, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. thoon

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    I think coming off any pain killers or sedatives is just as bad as coming of a class a , cold sweats , shivers , depressed + many more sides
  2. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast Staff Member

    I didn't get withdrawals of note so am lucky in that respect. Well Nubain being possibly an exception. After a few days on it you feel pretty shit and sweaty as hell. I can see how people get hooked so I made sure only to buy a certain number of amps and not have a big stash of then ever.
  3. spearman

    spearman Elite Member

    Does Nubain get you high?
  4. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast Staff Member

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  5. Scrappy

    Scrappy Spit and Sawdust Quizmaster

    Amps? What you iv or Im it?
  6. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast Staff Member

    Amps administered IV. I have never done Sub cat0aneous os IM. IV pretty much gets you fucked due to the fast release. I have heard from reliable sources that IM or Sub cut is fairly shit. However if you are using it for pain relief it may work well. If you do it IV you will not be able to train!
  7. Scrappy

    Scrappy Spit and Sawdust Quizmaster

    Can you not drink it?
  8. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast Staff Member

    Never heard about it being drank. Doesnt mean it won't work but id be skeptical.
  9. mattyb009

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    I never got much in the way of pain relief from Tramdol at the best of times. But from being addicted to the "buzz" on and off for God knows how long the tolerance to them does drop again.

    Even 2 weeks of a 100mg progressively less taper down from 800mg a day would feel like the previous does from after a few days, If that makes sense.

    After going back on the vile little things 50mg would be enough to get the feeling.
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  10. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    You can drink codeine so it'd probably work. Very similar compounds aren't they.