Tolerance To Codeine And Other Painkillers

Discussion in 'Other POMs' started by Irish Beast, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Irish Beast

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    In short I gave up using pain,killers recreationally a few months ago. I had built up a tolerance that was absolutely insane. Could literally neck 50+ pills every day. Codeine, DHC, morphine and tramadol all by the bucket load.

    Problem is that now when I have a genuine injury and take co-codamol or a few tramadol (2 or 3) they really don't do anything and I wondered how long if ever my tolerance will be normal, I'm sure there are a load of factors but if anyone has input that would be good. Glad to be off them but temptation is still there a bit. Drinking more booze to compensate but pretty sure thats less harmful than 50 pills a day, although I need to address it soon. Have gave up a lot of things, booze is the one I will find hardest to control.
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    sounds like a vicious circle bud, hope things get better soon.

    what injury have you got? Can you ask GP for a Kenalog injection or something? I had a jab for a nagging shoulder injury, it worked, for only 6 weeks, should have lasted 6 months lol, but while it worked i wasnt reaching for painkillers.
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    Mate well done for stopping

    Do you really need pain killers. Your liver , kidneys and brain will be in race as to who gives up first. 50 pills? And booze and Reckys?

    Man up take some anti inflammatory creams if you must. You will elapse if you carry on just like every other addictive person that thinks they invincible
  4. Rentaghost

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    Yeah tolerance takes fucking months and months to wear off, that's if it ever does.

    Tramadol likely won't, the opiates will but they'll take a fair while of abstinence.

    It's the price you pay for having had the addiction mate unfortunately. Grin and bear it and stay clean.

    Alcohol is the one that'll kill you though..... I'd focus on dropping that with all your focus. Fuck the rest....
  5. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Oh and don't start using NSAIDS whatever you do.

    They are the absolute worst on your body.
  6. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Not entirely sure. Its completely new as of a few weeks ago. Seems to be deep in front delt. Some days even picking up a pint of water was bloody sore. Can put some weight on it so not broken or anything. Very strange how its come on. I thought it would just disappear with rest but it doesn't seem to have improved at all!

    Seeing the quack tomorrow so might ask for options and explain I don't want to be munching pills. They don't really do anything in 'normal doages' but Im refusing to start taking shit loads even though I could. Just hoping it will go away and I can get back into the gym, even just for cardio. Might be able to manage a walk and a lighy cycle. Thats about it

    Thanks - To be honest I never thought I was invincible even though my bloods come back all clear. Even when I decided to ditch reccies and prescription meds, which was great but Im under no illusions, especially after my aunts recent passing from drinking herself to death. The only 'good' thing is that I pretty much exclusively drink lager or guinness, maybe the odd short but not often and pints are so much easier on the organs than spirits. Just have to consider the calorie content and the knock on effect on BP. I try to drink light beers where possible, but not all pubs have them. Same strength, less cals

    Cheers - Weirdly I didnt't find them that hard to give up. Boredom was a big factor for me. I got away lucky considering what I put my body through for a couple of years. Its a fucker now that they are practically useless. Taking 2 SR trams in morning and evening but not sure they are doing anything which isn't surprising when I was eating them like sweets 6 months ago.

    I'd like to think if I can give up the coke (that was hard) and the precription meds (not easy but easier than the coke definitely) then I can have a crack at dropping the booze. Being at home helps as I can't be rolling in wankered all the time. Finances wouldn't allow it anyway at the moment! Not the way I neck them!

    Decided to try going dry for a few days. Eased off on Monday with a few pints in afternoon, nothing at all yesterday which was good as I've not had many dry days of late but getting to sleep was hard. Will try to stay off today and possibly tomorrow as well. I think it would be unrealistic to give up completely but if I cannot control it then that's really my only option. Was talking to a lass who works in the pub and she done great and gave up completely for 11 months. Started looking younger, dropped some weight and generally healthier. Was a shame to realise that she had started drinking again about 2 months ago and is starting to look rough again. You don't really notice it in yourself but seeing it in others makes you think.

    Will speak to Doc about it tomorrow and see what he says.
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  7. Clubber Lang

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    you going to admit your painkiller usage to the GP? Perhaps ask for a blood test to check liver and kidney functions?

    i was reading side effects of diclofenac which ive been prescribed, massively increases chance of heart attacks! Cant he see im on steds and last thing i need is more pressure of my heart lol
  8. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Already have mentioned to practice nurse who put it on records and had those tests requested so should get result tomorrow
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  9. Clubber Lang

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    let us know how you get on.
  10. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Will do. Had a bit of a headache the last few days. Not sure if that's the BP or having a mini detox. Been eating well and had little alcohol since Monday. Normally I get headaches when this happens. Damned if you do and damned if you don't!
  11. Clubber Lang

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    sounds like cold turkey. My missus had DHC before moving over to Tramadol, but during the switch she got back bad withdrawal from them, itching, aggressive, tense, headaches. I had to give her zops to KO her and give me some peace! lol.

    shes trying to lower her Tramadol use as well, but again she gets itching and tension.
  12. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    The itching from opiates is a fucker. When i was popping loads I felt like taking sandpaper to my skin! Think it's alcohol and bad food withdrawals for me. Still using the trams but only as they should be used. Going to stop all painkillers on Saturday and if my shoulder is still sore then ill have to get it looked at as that will be 3 weeks
  13. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Well I've had better news. Liver values are all raised now which is a surprise but not a shock. No major damage but if I continue like I have been then there will be at some stage. BP is still high. Systolic is fine. Diastolic very high. Done manually so have more faith in it. Doc wants me to try and get BP down without medication first. Should be possible. Less booze better diet and exercise will do the trick.

    Looked at my shoulder and says I've got a frozen shoulder which is not great news. Going to go back to gym next week to do some cardio and perhaps some very light weight exercises although I might just stick to the cross trainer and treadmill in week one.

    I'm quite determined to sort the BP out without medications. DNP is tempting to get some quick weight off along with exercise. It's not massively liver toxic from what i have read.

    Fun times ahead
  14. Scrappy

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    You put you're self out there with this thread.

    Don't do dnp. What you fancy cooking you're insides and dying you're stomach yellow and green.

    Dint understand you IB. What's wrong with just gong clean for a few months

    Maybe smoke some hash with no tobacco and I mean small amount

    Good luck don't be a dick is the best real talk I can give you. Unless you willing to take consequences
  15. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    DNP just an idea as its very frustrating being injured. Will probably not bother til I get things down naturally

    Regarding the thread I like to speak honestly. Loads of people hammer everything but are in denial and won't post about it. I know the effects of what i am making changes for the better!
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