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    pls excuse my broke coffee infused keyboard first off. no puncuation,numbers or caps.

    ill get straight to the point  

    what are your thoughts on mcg measured ugl products in particular clen and t3.

    how sterile to your knowledge are the big pharma companies and dose organan schering.

    you mention better product coming from china, do u every see this extending to match pharma gh or as close because surely its possible.

    also might be not be a question for you but no new compound,we get a few new ph/ds and even they are old but are the others failing tests......what tests if so?
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    Ok - erm....I'm not sure I understand all the questions properly but i'll have a go!

    What do you mean by my thoughts on mcg measured products - is this in relation to counterfeit (and therefore possibly poorly dosed) products? If so - well I know of one case where a UGL mixed up the powders - people thought they had DBol but actually had Clen. Didn't go well as you can imagine....

    However; a lot of those products are generic medicines so - *IN THEORY* - possible to buy genuine product. Put it this way - if I was using them I'd buy from a genuine pharmacy. I certainly wouldn't go UGL on those.

    "Better product from CHina" - hmmm. What I actually mean is; there are genuine pharmaceutical companies in China, some of them are apparently very good. China certainly has the infrastructure to support genuine global leading companies ion biotech (and already has many). The problem of course - is that there is little regulation. Western pharma companies have to subscribe to protocols that restrict what they do in such incredible detail that it is hard for them to get it wrong. China does not have that. In short - some companies in China are probably extremely good. Some are really not. It's hard to tell which is which (although I tend to look at a company's website and then check the address..including checking it on google street view. It's surprising how many "laboratories" turn out to be apartment buildings....). HGH is always a lottery - same deal applies with that as with every other product.

    The "how sterile" question is a little confusing...for two reasons.... 1. The stuff about manufacturing protocols for pharma companies I detailed above. They HAVE to be scrupulous in every little bit of the process. 2. There is no such thing as "how sterile"......... it's not a sliding scale. Things are sterile, or they're not. There is no halfway house there.

    I don't quite get the last question........are you asking whether the newer compounds aren't being released because they're failing tests? If so - more likely that tests haven't completed. For a lot of drugs you're looking at 5 years plus to get it to market. Clinical trial testing is extensive, costly and time-consuming...with good reason.
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    Nobody really understands Ethans questions properly. Its like trying to play scrabble with a dyslexic chimp!

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