To Front Load Or Not

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    Can anyone help on this one for my next cycle I will be doing test e 250 twice a week and boldenone 250mg twice a week for 12 weeks. My question is: Is it worth front loading with test pop if so how milligrams for how long I was thinking 100mg for the first 4 weeks eod or is it better to to leave it until the end of the cycle or just not add it in.
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  3. Rentaghost

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    I wouldn’t bother.

    Is a week frontloading gonna do anything of note vs not frontloading if you consider the time Frames involved in building muscle or losing fat?

    In reality it isn’t is it.

    Do it if you want to like..... It’s not gonna affect the end result though.
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    Thanks for your advise its good to hear over peoples prospectives. But questions lead to more questions (sorry) if I back load with test prop not sure what week I would start maybe someone on hear can advise would it make PCT easier asI wouldent have the test in as long?.
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    It won’t affect the PCT full stop as long as you leave sufficient time for all the esters to clear before you start.

    Tbh mate being honest with you I wouldn’t worry about frontloading or backloading, it just over complicates things as people fixate on stuff like this and forget to apply their attention where it’s actually useful.

    Is a week or two extra on test prop gonna produce anything extra on a cycle? How much muscle can you realistically expect to add in two weeks? Next to none, so is it worth this level of focus?


    Look at it all logically and decide which parts of the whole process are worth your focus. It’s usually mostly the training and diet, the gear is purely a catalyst and doesn’t really need this level of attention, it’s easy to get caught up in the bullshit on bodybuilding boards with all the different protocols and procedures but if you look past it you’ll see most of the blokes talking about them on the forums don’t look any different than they did 5 years ago.... So that speaks volumes.

    Focus on what’s important, gear is purely there to produce an effect from that stuff.
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    I agree with everything you have said I was just trying to cover all the bases but like you said I'm probably other thinking things. Can you take a look at this link and let me know your thoughts
    Many thanks for your honest answers I will take what you say on board.