This may sound grim

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  1. Yudansha

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    Egg mayo and tuna

    Make egg mayo as you would normally,boil the eggs run em under cold water and shell em for those who are going to ask.I use the really light mayo as its also a bit thinner.Remove as many yolks as you would for your health or taste needs. Drain the shit out of a can of tuna, brine oil doesnt matter just drain it. Mix the two together but I also put in peppers/sweetcorn or whatever to taste.

    whole thing takes about 5 minutes once you become an egg shelling ninja I use 6 eggs per can of tuna.

    someone else cleverer than me can work out the macros

    6 grams protein per egg

    24-30 in a tin of tuna

    fat in the mayo.

    I told you it sounds grim but tastes good and is quick to eat.
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  2. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    If I didn't have a pathalogical hatred for eggs Id give this a whirl. Unless of course it works with creme eggs!
  3. StevieB

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    That don't sound to bad mate.

    I used to work with a fella who used to have cold scrambled egg mixed with either grated cheese or tuna in his sandwiches everyday. and both combinations were very tasty. 

    Egg mayo and tuna smoothie. Now that's grim :) 
  4. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

    I'm gonna give it a go. The peppers sound like a good addition.
  5. AlriteGeezer

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    I eat this 2 X a week in work. . 2 tins tuna and 6 eggs, salt pepper and grated cheese
  6. Rudedog

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    Lol this was a staple for me a few months back gone the same way as chilli con carne, I ate so much of it the thought now makes me feel sick
  7. Yudansha

    Yudansha Senior Member

    yup i get that way after a bit...

    i get that way if I hammer any food tho
  8. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

    I fucking love this recipe! Added paprika like I would with egg mayo thanks @Yudansha