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    Thought I would throw up a journal here as well. So I have competed in 2 mens physiques shows over the last 2 years. The first one I did my own prep and dieted down from a fat 94kg to a shredded 79kg. The second show I did this year I started around 105kg and got down to a respectable 91kg. Was shredded from the front but still held fat on my back. Both shows ive not carbed up right, i think for the second show the coach had helped me speed my metabolism up so much that I just couldnt keep the glycogen in the muscles. But whats done is done and I am onto the next chapter which is taking the next 6-8 months to pile on some serious muscle. IF everything sticks the way it is then I would like to hit a solid and lean 230-240lbs. At 6ft 2 id look like a unit with a soft 6pack and i personally feel that would be a good base to diet down from.

    Will be looking to compete in classics/muscle model but I am under no illusion that I may and hopefully be too heavy for the classic class, but if I need to drop some muscle then atleast I could almost grow into the muscle model show. But we will see what the coach says/thinks later next year. 

    So the training. The routine I am following is Layne Nortons PHAT routine, for those who do not know it is his Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training as my goals for this off season are to get strong as fuck and big as fuck whilst staying as lean as possible and being in the gym 5 times a week for weights which this programme offers. I keep cardio in 2-4 times weekly, either 30-40 mins on an upright bike or 90 minute walk too and from the other gym I go too. 


    Upper Body Power

    Lower Body Power


    Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy

    Leg Hypertrophy

    Chest and Arms Hypertrophy


    So that is the routine outline of what the routine is and can safely say I am loving it. Been smashing PBs left right and center the last few weeks. Recently re-added squats and deadlfits in as they were not in my prep or post prep routine. Programming in a very simple deadlift programme I picked up off of tnation and just progressively overloading on the squat

    Current Lifts

    Dead - 425lbs x1

    Squat - 140kg x3

    Bench - 140kg x1

    PBS this week include flat DB press 55kg 3x5 and hack squat 180kg for sets of 8. WIll roll 200kg next week for sure as have a lot more power having changed my foot positioning. 

    The diet I let the coach take complete control of as I like having someone watch over me as competeing and doing well next year is something I am extremely passionate about. My only concern is I store bf on my back easily and is the last place to come off from and is one of the motivating factors about keeping this a lean off season....I say that as ive eaten some hotel chocolat haha and then nans doing a roast dinner tomorrow, all kinds of gains will be made and fuck given 0

    Pic is todays morning condition sitting at 214.2lbs. Put on a very solid and quick 6lbs over the last 3 weeks but feeling in a solid position, growing well and my strength is flying through the roof at the moment, Rolling a very simple and basic test and deca cycle with oxys added in from week 5 so the second half of the cycle will be very interesting to see the size and strength gains that will be made.


    Todays chest and guns workout

    Wide grip bench - didnt warm up enough which is why i dropped the weight. 
    100kg 2x8
    90kg 1x8
    60kg 2x12

    Incline db press
    30kg 3x12

    Cable decline flies

    Chest press machine

    Arms was 3 different exercises for 3 or 4 sets per of atleast 15 reps. After the first exercise my arms were so unreally pumped. Im defo putting the pump down to the creatine nitrate in the preworkout and the intra i use. As ive never experienced anything quite like it.


    Thanks for reading,


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    In4 a riveting tale of aesthetics and a sense of wonderment one can only find in the bottom of a box of tissues/10
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    In to. We're all gonna make it brahs
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    Workouts just seem to be going better and better at the moment can really feel the improvements week on week. A little smoother today after yday but it will drop off me next couple days. Had a few comments from people in the gym that have literally said ive exploded in size [​IMG].....which ill take as a compliment. Someone even guessed my weight as 110kg.....Im only just over 97kg lol.


    So, the following workout is sponsored by Nans Roast dinner. Will post pics in the next post.


    5x1 340lbs (80%) very very easy this


    Weighted Pull ups

    10kg 8/8/7/6 better than usual


    Bench - not heavy benched in awhile so went better than expected

    225lbs x 5

    245lbs x 5

    255lbs x 5

    265lbs x 5 x 2


    Incline Dumbbells

    30kg x 10

    35kg x 10

    40kg x 8 x 2


    Lat Pulldown Vbar

    82kg 3x8


    EZ Bar Curl

    Plate each side 4x6


    Tri rope extens



    Cardio was 30mins upright bike




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    Lower body power today. Blazer of a workout tbh, just get to push a load of "heavy" weight around. Squats ive only been doing for a month now so pretty happy im repping 315lbs. Will lower the weight next week and go for sets of 5 as rest week next week from deads so can get in some extra volume on them. May even just do the whole lower body power day but on squats instead of adding leg press as i need to get more squat reps under my belt. Overall a quality work out in honesty.

    3x3 315lbs (which is up by like 2kg from last weeks 140kg) - see link for video. inb4 squat police inb4 I squat what I bench crew

    Leg Press
    400kg x 3
    330kg 8/8/8/9

    Then realised I was running out of time as took my sweet time on the above and ended up doing 4 sets heavy leg extens super setting each time with 85kg plate loaded calf raises.

    Seated ham curls for sets of 8-12, probably about 4 sets again super setting with calf raises as needed to get everything in.

    So all in all very happy with the above workout for the lower body power day. Leg press was fucking hard and pretty much went all out. Even dropping down by 70kg on the leg press felt like a load and a half. The last 2 reps were always a struggle but still banged them out.

    No cardio today and had to double up twice on meals today as up at 430am tomorrow so in bed for 830pm tonight. Plenty of ZMA's pre sleep tonight for sure.

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    Quality workout, pumps seem to be getting bigger and better and can really feel myself building up some decent size. Can only imagine what the next couple of months are going to bring. Cardio before work was 45 mins incline walking which felt good and was kind of refreshing in honesty. Chilled day off work tomorrow so will be casually walking to muscleworks and hitting up some hyerptrophy legs. Want to get a naughty little pump on.

    Meadow Rows - keeping these in forgot how much i enjoyed them
    60kg 3x12

    Prone dumbbell rows 45 degree bench
    40kg 15/12/8 (drop set to 20kgs reps to failure)

    Dumbbell holds superset into pulled ups
    3 x 50kgs to failure
    PU's 10/8/6

    Underhand Grip Lat Pull down
    46kg 20/18/16

    Shoulder 7s tri set
    Rear flies
    Side Laterals
    DB press

    Lateral Raise


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    Hypertrophy leg day as well as a day off from work so couldnt be in a better position to take my time and give them a thrashing. Hate having to squeeze a leg session, or any session to that matter, into a break at work. Just feel rushed some times. So pretty much trained them about 12.30 and can already feel leg doms/soreness coming a long......not sure if thats a good thing or not. As always my appetite becomes raging post leg workout. No cardio or walks to the gym today got the dlr. Will double walk it tomorrow though to make up for it. Pair of monsters ive seen in there before training legs before. These dudes have some unreal quads on them. American dude always calls his friend a pussy as well......both squat over 220kg and were hack squating 250kg for reps.

    Pretty much why I enjoy going to muscleworks. At my work im top 3 biggest dudes in the muscleworks idontevenliftbro

    Leg Press (weight includes the platform you press as its a heavy one [​IMG])
    350kg 4x12

    Hack Squat
    130kg x 12
    150kg 3 x 12

    Single Leg Extensions
    25kg 3x15

    Laying Ham Curls
    Pin 4 5x12 - Focused on the negative. By this point my hammies were already feeling pumped

    Plate loaded seated ham curl
    20kg 2x20

    Standing Calf Raises
    10x10 No idea what the weight is but it was about 3/4's the way down the stack. Paused with a fully lengthened calf as well as a pause with the contraction at the top of the movement.

    By the end of the session my hands and head were shaking pretty bad, so CNS got a bit of a blasting as well lol.