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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mass Monster, Jan 11, 2014.

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    Yeah, Floyd is an incredibly intelligent boxer. If game plans not working he will automatically adapt tactics to counter attack and his defence is always solid enough to endure powerful shots. I'm guessing another points victory, as Maidana seems to be build out of granite!
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    ^^^Nice im in work too so this will kill some time. Thanks
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    Impressive performance from Quigg, real venom behind his shots.

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    Mentioned before about Joshua, apparently he's a real nice and decent kid and a good family behind him, hope he goes far, he's a fuckin unit isn't he lol.
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    BUT I hate to say it... Mayweather is slowing down. Maybe a bit too much, if we think about his "survival" against say Khan in the future.

    I got faith in Mayweather, but couldnt help but notice this time round against Maidana - he seems a lot slower than normal. Hopefully its just a temporary issue?

    Now lets talk serious, enough of these hand biters and money making lucky bastards..... is the stage set for Fury v Chisora again later this year?
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    @Dirty Harry. Watch a video on you tube about his career since Olympics. He does have a dodgy background as a gangbanging pusher, a lot of charges brushed under the carpet because he was GB's best heavyweight prospect, seems to have turned his life around now though.
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    Doesn't surprise me really mate, big young lad (black or white) rough area, gang culture, always gonna face crossroads and decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives, you know how it goes, some come out of the other end unscathed with a chance to make amends, others aren't so lucky one way or another.

    Funny really because having dealt with some right 'bad mutha's' from the gangs in Moss-Side (both work related and sports relaed), it was always a nice (and somewhat unexpected) surprise , that their parents were some of the nicest and most decent people I've ever met, I guess it shows you just how strong a pull that peer group pressure and gang culture has on many youngsters.
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    Harry is right, i have a similar background but anyone who knows me will say I am a nice guy and so is anthony. I know him quite well and he is a stand up guy.
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    I try not to judge based on that shite, everyone has to make ends meet somehow!
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    Anything been mentioned about you two getting it on Larry ?
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    Saunders set to fight Eubank Jr

    Saunders is undefeated in 20 fights, with 11 knock-outs.

    British and European middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders will fight Chris Eubank Jr on 29 November at London's ExCel Arena.

    Saunders, 25, faces Eubank Jr, 24, on the undercard of Tyson Fury's fight against Dereck Chisora.

    Frank Warren, Saunders' promoter, told BBC London 94.9 he is expecting a memorable contest.

    "They're both undefeated and there's a bit of bad blood between them so it will be a cracking fight," he said.

    Tale of the tape

    Billy Joe Saunders Chris Eubank Jr

    Born 30 August 1989 in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire 18 September 1989 in Hove, Sussex

    Turned pro December 2008 June 2011

    Record 20 fights, 20 wins (11 KOs) 17 fights, 17 wins (12 KOs)

    Titles European, British and Commonwealth middleweight champion None

    "The winner will go on and fight for the world title."

    Saunders, from a Romany Gypsy community in Hertfordshire, won the vacant European middleweight title with his 20th straight victory against Italian Emanuele Blandamura in Manchester in July.

    Eubank Jr, son of former world champion Chris Eubank, extended his unbeaten run to 17 fights with a win over Croatian Ivan Jukic on the same night.

    Warren believes both fighters are meeting each other at the right time.

    He added: "Eubank's father has been guiding his career and he says a lot of good things about him and in the last couple of fights he's looked extremely good.

    "He's put together quite a few stoppages and at this stage of his career he's a better fighter than his father.

    "Bill is a great young talent and it's got all the ingredients of a good competitive fight."
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    November is bustling with action. 

    Got my own action that month, so aside that - got a lot to view. Tyson Fury v Chisora will be the icing on the cake for me. But Im very excited to see Saunders beat Eubank Jr. It'll be interesting to watch! 

    Whats your prediction Mass Monster?

    It'll be tight between Saunders and Eubank Jr because both at this moment are VERY good fighters and in there primes.

    Fury and Chisora..... well, we're just praying that Derek does him in LOL