The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

Discussion in 'Public Journals' started by dirtyvest, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Result on the fence dude also pimping out the Mrs to keep the cost down..way to go bro LOL

    New blast sounds like a mass fest,I was looking at tren but thought maybe later for my first blast just going to run test e 250-300mgs a week for 10 or 12 weeks and also 5 MG's of cialis daily nice and simple just like me!!

    Dark tower any good? I was that blasted last night I watched sharknado 5 & 6 back to back and thought they were good tells you how fcukin strong Portuguese dope is LMAO.
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    If you liked Sharknado you'll love Dark Tower LOL. It's a weird one, not sure I think it's as bad as it's reviews. It's not very long so skips along maybe too fast but then I'm not a fantasy film buff so if it was more dragged out I'd probably lose interest. It's decent enough tho, Matthew McConaughey is good as the bad guy, Idris does a good enough job for what he has to work with. It never quite decides on whether it wants to go dark (in nature), just when you think it's going to get more gripping it carries on where it was. It kills 90mins of an evening easily enough.
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    106.6 this afternoon. Feeling a bit tired for some reason, maybe just the late to early shifts and a night of bizarre dreams but otherwise feeling in tip top shape. Next still a little tight but improving quickly the last 24hrs

    A: Flat BB Bench: 10x20, 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 95x14, 10, 8
    B: Standing Cable Flye: #4+2.5kg x16, 12, 11
    C: Cable Tri Ext - X Over: #2x23, 15, 11
    D: Handle Lat Pull Down: x#10, #12+2.5kg x14, 11, 9
    E: V Bar Cable Rows: #10+2.5kg x15, 11
    F: Incline DB Curls: 15s x16, 10, 9

    Started off well, not much shoulder niggling, neck feeling OK and bench moving well. Topped out at 95 hitting double figures nicely altho deep down would always like a bit more. Flyes were done standing X over style rather than the seated of late, good stretch pause and squeeze on these. Cable tricep work was switched over to the X over style I was doing for a bit last year, hitting some high reps tho. LPDs felt strong, little clicking which I'm getting used to now but moving well enough. V rows hit a good stretch and contraction I could feel thru my whole lats, just the 2 sets here for now. Then finally gave the biceps something to think about.

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    I will keep a eye out for dark tower do like Matty mac in films so you advise get blasted before viewing LOL

    so what was the bizzare dreams ?
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    I can't really remember, I just know I had a lot in the one night. I remember some weird stuff going on on a train, but it was one of those noghts where you know you've had them but can't recall any of it
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    106 this morning. Slightly late start due to the Mrs having a Physio session this morning but managed to get my head down and rattle thru it all, at the price of crippling myself thru quad pumps. Neck still a PITA

    A: Deep Leg Press: 10x80, 160, 200, 250x20, 15, 11
    B: Staggered Leg Press: 85x17/17, 14/14
    C: Seated Hamstring Curls: 70x20, 14, 12
    D: Calf Press: 130x15, 11, 10
    E: Upright Rows - BB: 10x20, 30x18, 13, 12

    Got off to a quick start, short rests on the warm ups but moving well and knees behaving well. Starting the block on 250 so made myself work a bit for week 1 but certainly had more in the tank. Quads were feeling it tho when I went up for the staggered work, 5kg up on last block here and didn't quite get the reps I expected but not thru lack of effort. Kept ham curl on the same weight as I started but got more reps in comfortably. Same went for calf raises but brief rests here kept the grind up and only a marginal rep gain. Final blast on delts with some upright work, slight forward lean made these a lot more shoulder friendly (but then my shoulder has been behaving a lot more of late). Thankfully the wind has dies down today so the cycle ride home and to work was less traumatic than it could have been after that.

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    Your camera is attracting attention

    All that then riding home I would have needed a taxi......or more likely a ambulance
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    My house is literally 2 mins away, and the wind had finally dropped so it wasn't so bad
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    106.8 this afternoon, even flicked on to 107 for a second. Stressful day, lost the engraved bangle my mrs got me for xmas (or birthday). No idea how I didn't feel it fall off as it's silver (or maybe steel I don't actually know LOL) and wasn't that loose. Went to take it off to shower at work and it wasn't there, suspect it's on the roadside on my bike ride in but this morning it looked like the road sweepers had been out too FFS. Haven't told her yet, she's is a foul mood already and I'm not sure it would make her valentines day LOL Had a cracking workout tho.

    A: Close Grip Smith (all weights actually 5kg more): 10x20, x40, 8x60, 72.5x17, 11, 10
    B: Skull Crushers Smith -- " -- : 45x18, 14, 14
    C: Med Grip Bench Smith -- " --: 70x16, 11
    D: Barbell Curl: 32.5x21, 13, 10
    E: Spider Curls DB: 10s x19, 14, 13
    F: Reverse Drags: 25x16, 13

    Got going well today, straight away things were moving well. Did eventually start to feel the shoulder a bit but this is the session that always gives it a kick, not bad tho. CG weight up a bit as were reps and felt good. Skulls were up a bit more on wk1 comparisons but reps still right where they needed to be and didn't fall off. Pleased to get an extra rep or 2 on the benching after that lot too considering they were all up. Bicep work was up there too, curls up a little bit but repping for fun. Spider Hammer curls also up and no problem squeezing the reps out with more in the tank. Reverse drags were played a little safe so as not to trigger the forearm, solid tho.

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    Gruelling session there dude arms must feel knackered,probably not the best choice having a arm day when you might just need them to protect yourself when she finds out you've lost your bling.
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    I'm was never going to tell her on Valentine's day LOL she's been stressing the party for the grandson all day. Buying my head off for anything. Silence is my strategy
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    How did the party go? must be a bit of a headfcuk trying to find party food that has no gluten in it.
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    Have you survived?
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    3 year olds, just bought lots of crisps, diced up lots of veg, made some cheese straws, grapes, they were fine. Not too many turned up as THs idea of sending out invites was a few texts. 'Apparently' about 7 or 8 cancelled on the day about 2 hours before the party, which sound like BS to me. But it went well, altho it seems all their friends are a little 'special' too LOL Just a headache with the Mrs not being in the best frame of mind for it all.
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    106 this morning, after the delight of seeing more fencing having blown down overnight with the storm. Shoulder a little tight from Friday still but not too bad, neck still acting up too which is getting tiresome now. Otherwise feeling good and out a good one in today.

    A: Pec Dec: 10x#3, #6, #8, #10, #12+2.5kg x19, 15, 12
    B: Incline Barbell Press - 45deg: 10x60, 80x15, 10, 9
    C: Rope Extensions: #7+5kg x18, 13, 10
    D: Lat Pull Down: 10x#10, #13+5kg x14, 11, 9
    E: Hammer Machine Row - High grip: 37.5 a side x13, 11, 10
    F: Drag Curls: 52.5x9, 9, 9
    G: Seated Calf Raises: 45x21, 21, 17, 14

    Interesting session today. Sticking with pec dec first and moved nicely there, up 2.5 and more reps without a problem. Incline I got away with the rack again, first set flew up easily, 2nd was solid enough and 3rd held it's own, same weight here tho to get the reps up where I wanted them. Rope extensions were up, got more reps here too without issue. LPD, even with the extra weight, moved well and the shoulder took the load fine, even paid a little more attention to ROM. Hammer Rows were up in weight and reps today getting a good engagement. Drag curls are weird ATM, first set always seems tough, then the next 2 don't struggle to hit the same range at all. Then blasted the calves to finish off.