The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

Discussion in 'Public Journals' started by dirtyvest, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Can't believe some people at your work are still slacking on the procedures especially after hearing about your mate and how things could have been different.

    A arm day that should have them sore tomorrow lol
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    It beggars belief. Arms feel good tho. Rarely get bad doms in thrm but we'll see how tomorrow feels.

    Interesting morning. Took the mrs to my work gym. One lady and one guy in there (with headphones on) but TV/radio off so i turned it on. Dude flicks his ear phone out and quizes me about what im putting on... kind of ok with that so just the radio for some music. "Ok fine just not too loud and not some cooking show". I then left for a minute so he started telling me wife how rude she was for just turning it on. When I came back he told me to turn it down but it wasn't loud at all so i said no, he then flung his ear phones down and ranted about not being able to hear lol when he finally left he shouted "enjoy your ads".... then on leaving told the young lad on shift how rude i was and that i told him to fvvk off (he soon back tracked when he told him who i was and that music in the gym is the basic rule.)

    If he's there next time and acts up again I'll take great pleasure in telling him he's no longer welcome. Cvnt
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    1st session for a long time where I have paid something of a price. I'm not a DOMS sufferer much but yesterday afternoon my tris started letting me know about Friday's session and I was still feeling them this morning. Add to that being in week 3 of my cruise, so blast blood levels will probably have dropped a good bit by now. The result of which (in part) was a bit of a light weigh in too at 106.6

    A: Flat BB Bench: 10x20, 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 100x14, 9, 8
    B: Incline Cable Fly: #4+2.5kg x16, 13, 11
    C: Rope Extensions: #7+2.5kg x16, 11, 10
    D: Lat Pull Down: #13+2.5kg x12, 10, 9, 8
    E: Hammer Row - High grip: 31.25 a side x12, 10, 9
    F: Drag Curls: 52.5x8, 7, 7
    G: Seated Calf Raises: 42.5x20, 19, 16, 15

    Was feeling good enough today and ready to go, but no mistaking the triceps wee letting me know a bit still, hopefully next week adaptations will be kicking in and they won't register on the session but I'll be watching for it. No major issues and no lost ground but only 1 rep up and it wasn't like it came easily. I used this judgement to keep sets where they are for this week tho. Cable flyes moved with less impediment and felt fine, 2 reps and 2.5kg up, (kind of confirming the former was a triceps issues more than anything) still held the 4th set back but will add something in next week. Interestingly rope exts didn't feel too bad but probably helped by now having the blood flowing ground, little heavier and a rep up. Pulling work up next, LPD felt strong and comfy getting an extra rep on every set with a little more on the pin, made this a 4 setter this week. Kept rows on 3 sets tho, but these were also moving well and a few reps up (only 1.25 extra on each arm tho). Drag curls probably didn't have to have gone heavier, but they did, all went fine and 1 rep added on the board. Closed out with some seated calf work, little more weight but still hammering away some good rep volume and got more reps in there too.

    Once all done, home, ate and got the mrs up to my work gym. No confrontations today tho as the d!ck wasn't there.

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    So nearly had a dust up at your workplace.... Good job you weren't on a blast where patience goes out the window.

    Should have your Mrs train with you that would help bring you nice and close LMAO
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    I've always been good at maintaining a professional head. I think it's just a natural overcompensation for how people assume I will act judging by my looks so I'm always overly polite and accommodating. This guy was a cvnt tho.

    If she came to where I train I would never be allowed back, there aren't many women there but there are maybe 3 or so, who are young, fit and in good shape, a couple of whome I talk to - that would not be acceptable LOL
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    106.8 this morning but it was one of those very rare morning where I wasn't really feeling it, not something I get very often at all. Not any real reason I could put my finger on either. No excuses tho, I've nothing better to do at this time of day.

    A: Back Squats: 10x60, 8x80, 5x100, 2x120, 142.5x8, 7, 5 (or 6?)
    B: Hack Squats - Close: 5x80, 105x9, 7, 6
    C: Good Mornings - High Bar: x60, 100x8, 8, 8
    D: Hack Calves: 140x10, 9, 8, 7
    F: Wrist Curls: #5x20, 16, 10, 8

    Thankfully, despite mojo being flat, warming up felt fine. Just a sensible progression today going up 2.5 (mainly knowing that my new restricted rest times would catch up on me). Happy enough with the reps I got TBH, felt good today, only issue was forgetting how many I did on the last set.... that's old age for you I guess. Hack squats went up 5kg as I probably snuck a rep more than anticipated last week, still managed to hit the same reps tho. Both squat variants were 3 sets this week. Didn't mess with GMs this week, little bit of form fine tuning to do. Each set seemed to get a bit better as it progressed. Put a fair bit up on claves, but these were still good, 4 sets cos calves need it. Then added my wrist curls in as 4 exercises feels like a very quick session and they need doing at some point.

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    I can see why the Mrs isn't allowed to train at your gym lol.

    Quality session there considering you felt flat as a fart.
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    I would have my balls removed in an instant make no mistake. But yeah, I often find that no matter how I feel I do tend to be able to flick the switch once I have the weight on me.
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    Getting ever lighter, 106.6 today. Late session after a day shift at work again but doesn't seem to be getting too busy still so got round OK

    A: Incline BB Bench: 10x20, 10x40, 8x60, 4x80, 105x8, 5... 100x6
    B: Seated Cable Fly: #5+2.5kg x18, 12, 10
    C: Cable Tri Ext: #17+2.5kgx11, 8, 7
    D: Handle Lat Pull Down: x#10, #13x14, 10, 8
    E: V Bar Cable Rows: #10x16, 11, 10
    F: Incline DB Curls: 15s x16, 11, 9...10s x12

    All started OK. I did feel a little tightness that made me cautious last week but it seemed to go once I hit my work set (may have adjust bar path TBH). Wasn't 100% how going heavier would go but I managed to hit the same reps so that was good enough, still dropped to 100 for the last as I didn't want to drop to 3 or 4 reps, got a good half dozen on that last set. Flyes responded well to some extra weight tho, worked them hard but managed to squeeze a few extra reps out. Cable exts next, more weight, nice and tight tech and again got a few extra reps with the extra loading too. Pulling work was also fairly solid, got my chains and straps working for PDs and felt strong on these, same weight but a decent weight increase. V bars rows also stayed the same weight, but got more reps and did the 3rd set this week. Incline DB curls ended the session, same weight as reps is still the focus here and it would cost me too much, not much extra rep wise I did throw in a lighter 4th set for good measure too.

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    See you got your spotter back for benching....I asked the Mrs if she wouldn't mind loading up the weights so I could try and train today (was only joking) but Jesus the abuse I got back forgot she's had a sense of humour bypass.
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    LOL... yeah Ed Sheeran was in so I had him spot me. Pec just felt a smidge tight warming up so better safe than sorry.

    Never joke with women, no good can come of it
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    Despite eating a little more yesterday evening to replenish what I had lost ready for this morning's gym session I still dropped down to 106. I'd had cereal, and toast and an apple, then half a bag of minstrels with the Mrs, then 100g oats with whey and fruit and 2 more slices of toast, then another 100g of oats on waking with whey etc. On the plus side, I didn't suffer today and had a brutal session

    A: Deep, Pause Leg Press: 10x80, 160, 200, 240x19, 15, 12
    B: Staggered Leg Press: 10x50, 80x 20/20, 15/15, 11/11
    C: Seated Hamstring Curls: 70x19, 14, 12
    D: Calf Press: 130x16, 12, 11, 10
    E: Upright Rows - BB: 10x20, 32.5x20, 15, 11

    Went back to my little peg press set up tinkering today, slightly different than I used to do it. Man, did my quads know it. Kept the weight the same just in case and just as well as the couple of extra reps did not come easily today. Quads feeling the brunt of it all. Carefully made way upstairs for staggered leg press work and the fact that this was a challenge didn't bode well. That said, I did manage more reps, kept a better left/right balance and somehow found the balls for a 3rd set. Remembered to stay upstairs this week and on to ham curls. These felt quite good, especially at the start (maybe the leg press adjustment lightened hammy loading), same weight as last week tho but more reps. Then calves were done, same weight here too (quite a minimalist progressive session this one in that sense) but got the extra reps required and did 4 sets today. To up the exercise count I chucked in tomorrow's upright rows, little heavier, shoulders obviously fresher meant a little more weight and more reps were not a problem other than a little cramping in my forearms.

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    Late Friday gym sessions were made for arm days. 106.2. Long day, bloody cold bike ride home but ready to rock and roll.

    A: Close Grip Smith (all weights actually 5kg more): 10x20, x40, 8x60, 70x19, 13, 11, 10
    B: Skull Crushers Smith -- " -- : 42.5x22, 14, 13
    C: Med Grip Bench Smith -- " --: 70x15, 11
    D: Barbell Curl: 32.5x21, 14, 10, 9
    E: Spider Curls DB: 10s x17, 14, 13
    F: Reverse Drags: 20x20...30x14, 12

    Felt good today and some decent increases. CG felt good, shoulder behaving and easily banged out more reps, kept the same weight. Went for 4 sets this week and didn't fall out of double figures. Skulls next, was a little off ine on set 1 (filmed), next sets were better but still moved nicely, more weight and more reps. I did drop weight on the medium grip pressing to get reps up, underestimated fatigue last week, hit the sweet spot today tho. BB curls up 2.5 and managed to bang teh reps out like I did on CG at the start, 4 sets here too. Spider curls up to 10s and a little more aggression on the work got me a rep better too. Had a test run with a kind of reverse drag curl to finish for a bit of forearms and something different, liked them.

    Then did a late evening shop, checkouts were a nightmare, just 2 staffed and huge ques so we went self service, dunno why we thought it would be smooth sailing, took fvcking hours with all the till errors and bagging problems, never, ever again. Rage was strong, especially in the mrs.

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    106 again, been a busy few days and not really got focused on increasing my intake so need so snap out of that a bit. An event free 2 days of taking the mrs to the gym this weekend other than trying to get her to use some dumbbells (nearly ended in divorce LOL). Had to get a new vacuum cleaner yesterday after the mrs fell done the stairs trying to clean the stairs with our vax cordless. Got a Shark corded one this time and after 2 years or more of using the cordless one we got to see how much they don't clean. We'd only vacuumed the day before but the amount of dust this one pulled out still was scary LOL.... fvck me I'm officially old, excited by a new vacuun!!

    A: Flat BB Bench: 10x20, 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 100x15, 10, 9, 8
    B: Incline Cable Fly: #4+5kg x17, 15, 11
    C: Rope Extensions: #7+5kg x17, 12, 10, 9
    D: Lat Pull Down: #13+5kg x13, 11, 10, 9
    E: Hammer Machine Row - High grip: 35 a side x11, 10, 9, 8
    F: Drag Curls: 55x7, 7, 6, 6
    G: Seated Calf Raises: 45x21, 19, 16, 15, 14

    Managed to still get some progression in on flat bench and the 4th set this week but definitely still feeling the joys of the triceps volume on Friday as none of it came easy. The good thing is, this is clearly down to tricep work as flyes are moving well, up in weight and reps no problem. Interestingly tho, the direct tricep work is also coping fine, solid work on push downs and an extra set without fading too badly. Back work went well, it always seems to ATM. PDs up a rep on each set with +2.5 and felt good. Went a bit bigger in jump on the high rows, cost me an initial rep but then managed to stay the ground quite well and went for 4 sets. Drag curl weight felt adventurous at the start, not the best reps, but then the groove felt better after that, won't be upping this next I think. Quick shimmy on the seated calf machine to finish with, little more load and extra work in a desperate attempt to get them to do something.

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    My sodding internet connection is all over the place supposedly its been fixed again but I won't hold my breath.

    LOL excited by a new vacuum cleaner,I am the same with the carpet cleaner just seeing how much crap it pulls out of the front room rugs is awesome lol.

    So being your Mrs pt is starting to cause a atmosphere I did wonder when it would kick off