The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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    I am starting to believe in this junk food philosophy during the day my meals are clean veg,meat,salads etc and I feel knackered and crap,on a night I have 3 Reese's peanut butter cups and a couple of bags of Seabrook's crisps and half a bottle of ruby port and feel fcukin great.
  2. Irish Beast

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    My GF has been sober for about 50 days now which is great but shes fallen into old habits regarding junk food and keeps filling me full of it too, I'm too weak willed to say no at times but I guess its not going to do massive harm unless you are absolutely gorging every night. I don't think any of us take BBing that seriously that we cant be allowed some simple pleasures!
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    TBH.... if I'm eating 4500+ cals a day a couple of hundred here and there a few times over the weekend from junk is hardly going to impact anything (and if OTT can easily be compensated for within the other 4000+ cals I'm eating). Mon - Fri I'm pretty by the book as I meal prep for the week, so a couple of things over the weekend and a random indulgence over the week will have no negative impact at all. Even hardened pros don't eat 100% clean 100% of the time
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    Random weight gain still going strong 106.6 today (it flickered on .8). Can't say I'm seeing it much yet tho which I'll take as a good thing while deloading.

    A: Back Squats: 10x60, 8x80, 4x100, 115x 8, 6
    B: Leg Extensions: #12 x19, 15
    C: Kneel Ham Ext: BW x14, 11
    D: Seated Hamstring Curl: 70x16, 13
    E: Seated Calf Press: 140x11, 12
    F: (some cheeky abs on a weird machine) 30x15, 15

    Not anticipating any hang over from last weeks calf incident so today should go alright. Squats all moving comfortably, good pause and a comfy 8 and 6 reps with loads in the tank. Leg extensions felt very easy afterwards, same reps as week 1 but easily at least 5 more slow and controlled reps left. Kneeling hams also similar, might reassess these as I'm not sure they aren't straining behind my knee a little bit. Seated hams were quick and explosive. First set of calves was a cautious one but all went OK so a better second set and then a quick few abs.

  5. Irish Beast

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    Sorry if already covered but whats your general PED use like at the moment?
  6. dirtyvest

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    Right at this minute, cruising on around 100mg subQ a week. My blasts are quite moderate tho just because it's an expense I always feel a little guilty of. Last blast (and next one) was 40mg tbol a day for 3 weeks, deca at around 400mg pw and test at 500 or so IIRC. That was only 6 weeks tho, I'm trying out 6-8 week blasts with 8wk cruises rather than 14wk of each
  7. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Seems fairly sensible usage wise. Bet its probably about a quarter of what you used to use and convinced yourself that it was needed! I once decided I need 2g of test and 1g of deca a week. Think I lasted about 10 days before dropping to about a third of that. Put on about a stone in a week (water assumingly) was short of breath and sweating to almost DNP levels. Pretty silly thing to do looking back but we live and learn, well in theory
  8. dirtyvest

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    Definitely less than I used to go up to but TBH I never went too mad, 1g test (maybe a smidge more) and 600 or so deca tops. I think the highest I ever went was 2500 total for all meds I was using in a week. TBH I never really had the disposable income to go higher otherwise I most likely would have done
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    Still pulling them shorts up very nice.......tbh my favourite exercises to watch is them kneeling hams couldn't tell you why ??!! Lol

    So body weight is going up so not only retaining but adding as well.... weird times

    How you doing now ?..things getting better?

    Film you should watch Pain and Gain with the Rock and Mark Wahlberg based on a true story just awesome lol
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  10. dirtyvest

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    Seen Pain and Gain, it's quite entertaining. I like The Rocks character.

    I made an extra effort with the shorts for you yesterday. I'm probably adding a lb of unwanted stuff too but for now I'm convincing myself it's 'recovery gains'

    Lat still playing up (which is having a knock on effect to my shoulder but rehab is going well) but all else is good.
  11. dirtyvest

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    All is right with the world again, weighing in at 105.8kg

    A: Incline Smith Bench +5kg: 10x20, 10x40, 8x55, 70x12, 10
    B: Pec Dec: #12x15, 13
    C: Landmine Row: 10x20, 10x40, 8x55, 65x13, 11
    D: Parallel Pull Down: #9x16, #10x14
    E: Barbell Drag Curl: 30x16, 15
    F: Push Down - skull: #12x19, 16

    That was nice and easy. Shoulder a little unsettled but not sore and ROM still absolutely fine, just noisy. Incline bench was no problem, full movement and paused. Pec dec was nice and easy, plenty in the tank and up on week 1. Landmine rows were OK on the lat, I could sense I fine difference in angle and if I hit it right lat was fine (or at least felt as much). Pull downs as expected, more touch and go, needed to lean back and couldn't fully stretch , also went lighter as a precaution. Drag curls nice and smooth and tri ext repped out easily. Rehab on the shoulder is still fine, in fact ROM improving.

  12. RAD

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    The rock is bloody funny in Pain and gain and Wahlberg put some size on for that film although said it was food and not gear that got him in that shape.....yeah right LOL.Couldn't believe it was based on a true fcuked up were they ??

    Must be a relief that the lat held up during all that
  13. dirtyvest

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    Wahlberg wasn't the leanest so it could have been food, but yeah, I doubt any of these guys have a laid back enough lifestyle that gaining size is an easy thing to do. Rock's character was funny tho.

    Surviving the niggles well so far this week.
  14. dirtyvest

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    Down to 105.6 today but essentially weight is holding fairly well since blast ceased

    A: Stiff Leg DL: 10x70, 8x110, 6x140, 160x7, 5
    B: Laying Ham Curl: #8x13, 11
    C: Hack Squats - pause: 6x60, 75x10, 8
    D: Sissy Squats: 40x10, 8
    E: Hack Calves: 100x15, 14

    Wasn't expecting today to go as it did. Despite giving myself a silent talking to I thought I'd test a couple of warm up sets on DL, but then got c0cky as there was no pain or max effort required. Keeping the bar close to my shins and not releasing lat tension seemed to lock things in with absolutely no hint of discomfort even, which was a surprise. I know it's still strained but these went fine. Few easy reps on 160 was plenty for today. Ham curls were nice and easy (altho I did sense on these, as I have done a bit all week, that supersets end out giving specific muscles a longer rest than straight sets so these aren't always easier). Hacks were fine altho I could sense a little behind the knee stuff going on, (I do wonder if those kneel ext aren't an issue here). Sissy's felt fine tho, that said I'm not 'feeling' these of late so may rethink some of my leg exercises rotations here. Calves were all good, fairly easy.

  15. RAD

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    Taking risks a bit there looks like you've found my missing radness.......send it back before it gets out of hand LOL

    Good leg session there though looked piss easy tbh.And holding body weight still things are looking great.

    SMALLER SHORTS that is all