The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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    I wasn't sure the camera was recording on the pec Dec... priorities and all that lol

    Yeah it would be tough if we has him make no mistake but needs must etc. We had him today, yet again no answer when we dropped him off at 4, yup back in bed lazy cvnts.

    Interestingly I did broach the subject about my Mrs being somewhat insufferable ATM (I didn't phrase it that way lol) she started laying in to all of us again then an hour later she said I'm not happy... figured it was good a time as any. Could have gone worse. Not sure she fully gets it still but it's out there now at least. I know she struggles but we are adults and there is no need for some of behaviour... Not all the time.

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    Hahaha you've gotta think of the fans a true professional.

    Back in bed at fcukin 4pm Jesus Christ !!

    You thought it was a good time to voice your grievances to your Mrs......holy shit dude do you not remember my standing my ground episode LOL I escaped with my ass intact but only just.Thing is they grind us into the floor but any sign sign of resilience will not be tolerated.I think we forget its not a partnership its a dictatorship!!!

    Mines settled down a bit but I am not fooled,like the enterprise my shields are way am I lured in by the calm and peace.....been taken in by the its safe now to many times in the past lol
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    Unfortunately I've already fvcked up today. My alarm went and she wanted to get up and do a car boot. I questioned it (her hip, keeping money aside for when she's off after her op erg...) initial response was only a little grumpy. I went for a poo, then aftet she's had time to mull it over for a second goes full loon. Screaming and slamming doors "It was just some time together... another day wasted... I fvcking hate it" I'm sure there was somewhere in the middle where she could have mentioned it more calmly and politely pointing out she'd like us to something but now it's gone past the point of no return and the day is probably fucked now.

    It just blows my mind. I have never spoken to anyone (even those I hate) the way she does routinely to me. Its 0 to 100 in a nanosecond

    Pray for me again
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    You went for it again ??? god man are you insane??? LOL

    How did the day go ?

    I really don't understand why they call us worse than shite and then get more pissed off when we get fcuked off with it all...........the menopause what a beautiful thing!!
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    Are you really asking how my day went lol I tried to offer an apology for my initial part (not for it escalating to the point of no return that was all her but we never got that far) and was told not to talk to her she doesn't want anyone to talk to her today she just wants to be left alone. So I kept busy in the kitchen as I had food prep and dinner to sort out. Pretty much filled my day.

    Wasn't too long before I got moaned at for not talking and how next time we have a bad weekend she'll make 'her own plans' whatever the fvck that means... i bet it's not desert island plans tho. She might have meant plans to leave who knows. Sure I'll find out in 5 days time.

    It's just the vitriol and aggression that pours out instantly. Even if you realise you were wrong to begin with when you are met with that much anger and attitude so quickly you just can't go anywhere with it. You offer to do what they ask but now she wants nothing to do with you regardless. I get the sense she genuinely hates me most of the time lol I just couldn't speak to anyone in that manner without feeling like a cvnt... maybe she does feel that way afterwards but would rather fester than say sorry. Who knows.

    I think I know why she may struggle getting on with people at work tho
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    Jesus mate its not sounding to good at all at the minute.The I will make my own plans is the I will go out with my friends instead line I have heard so many times in the past ....its meant to make us feel guilty for not taking them out LOL.It has never worked on me and thankfully my Mrs hasn't come out with this one.........YET!!

    But yeah its not the desert island plans wait till that one hits the table ....BOOM !! LMAO

    Mate its the menopause or pre menopause plus all other crap she has going on for some reason they literally hate us LOL.My Mrs said "maybes its because they can no longer produce children it was natures way of driving the men away to re produce with other females"

    So I said (yeah you know what's coming lol) "So can I go off and shag some 21yr old now then?" Yeah that then kicked right off !!

    I blame my brain why do I buy into the say this she'll laugh honest bullshit it says LMAO
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    She has no friends to go out with. She has 2 friends, one's just had her 3rd child and lives 20 miles away, the other is a full time special needs teacher (I see why they're friends) and lives 20 miles the other way LOL We're talking today but I think that's only because she needs me to research her SSP entitlement for when she's off work with her hip. She did 'tell' me that she's been ordering everyone's xmas presents and she doesn't want any arguments about..... you know, the sort of thing which if I had done it without consulting her I would be lambasted for a week over it LOL She must have been doing it on her tablet last night, after moaning that we weren't talking I asked her what she was doing... her detailed and thorough reply was "Stuff!". So I'm guessing that was getting xmas ideas and putting things in baskets on my accounts that will surprise my bank account in a week or 2s time
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    105.6 this morning. Seems like my body decided to add half a kilo just on the knowledge that I wasn't deloading any more. Very weird for not having changed cals. That said I did have a fvck off great pie last night. But today saw the first day at my attempt to slightly adjust my split. So I used to have L/P/P/L/U, now we have U/L/U/L then Friday is a 'whatever needs work or more volume' day and will be the sort of session I could do in any gym within reason, even my set up at work.

    A1: Hammer Rows: 10x40, 10x50, 8x60, 77.5x15, 13, 12
    A2: Flat Smith Bench -+5kg: 10x40, 10x50, 8x60, 80x13, 11, 12
    B1: V Bar Pull Down: #12x15, 12, 11
    B2: Incline Cable Fly: #4x15, 12, 11
    C1: Barbell Curl: 10x20, 37.5x13, 11, 10
    C2: Tricep Press Machine: 10x75, 85x13, 15, 14

    Nothing too dramatically different other than today has been a leg day for the past decade or 2. Shoulders moving well tho. Anyway, started with hammer rows and flat smith. Rattled thru the warm ups and went a bit heavier than the last block for my work sets. This wasn't a problem tho, got my head down and was just about on my RIR target for the reps and sets. Felt good tho, controlled, meticulous and steady. Vbar PD and Flyes up next.... ego checked and a better weight for form on PDs was nicely nailed. Flyes moving nicely too, both these often awaken the clunkiness in my shoulders but today was good. Little gun show finisher, just the 1 exercise for each I think on these upper days and I'll use Friday for a cheeky bit of extra stimulation for now. Anyway, barbell curls felt smooth and strong. Tri press was a weird one, I missed the set up I think as if you don't get your position right the lock out feels like you have a 20kg band attached, no problem on sets 2 and 3 tho. Good start to the new split, lovely pump, sensible workload, only took about an hour or so which is unheard of for me outside of deloads.

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    Well at least she's buying Xmas presents that's a good sign unless they are rubbish presents that's a bad sign.

    I have started getting my Xmas presents in as well also got to install a bath for the Mrs as she said it would be part of her Xmas box so I agreed,now I thought a bath,bit plumbing shouldn't be to bad but NO the fcukin bath is going to cost 600 euros,need to install another water heater,plus she wants the bath not only boxed in but also steps up to it a sort of sunken bath thing.Also got to crawl under my house to install the new waste pipes spiders,snakes,scorpions in a enclosed space yeah really looking forward to that FFS
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    Do you have any wells on your land... problem sorted if you do
  11. RAD

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    I did have wells lol we had 2 big ones in the bottom field but we covered them in they were far to dangerous for kids if anyone had fallen in they would have never got back out.To tempting with a menopausal Mrs tbh lol.

    We had to get permission first before covering them in as over here if you have large wells or a small lake on your land you need to get permission as the fire fighting helicopters could use them as a source of water for their drop buckets.
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    Now that would have been too cool
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    105.4 this morning, so a tiny fluctuation drop but nothing of concern. Not looking good tho, had a lit of tightness in my left side, hip and back for a couple of days now so high expectations of sciatica today, and I forgot to pop some ibu.

    A: Back Squats: 10x60, 8x80, 4x100, 115x10, 8, 8
    B1: Leg Extensions: #12x19, 15, 15
    B2: Kneel Ham Ext: BW x14, 12, 12
    C1: Seated Hamstring Curl: 70x17, 14, 12
    C2: Seated Calf Press: 140x12, 13, 12
    D: (some cheeky abs on a weird machine) 25x15, 15

    All going alright today. The anticipated sciatica did flare up but not crippling (still a bit twingy now TBH), just in the left hip and thigh more than anything but that said the squats moved quite comfortably (as they should). Leg extensions felt strong and not a problem on the nerve. I did attempt Hack SLs but even a warm up weight was rather brutal on the nerve so ditched them quickly for my kneeling extension things which were OK, those 2 were supersetted and felt good enough. Next superset was calves and seated ham curls. Both a good bit heavier than week 1 last block and both moving very nicely. Bit of time to spare to had a couple of set play on some weird ab machine thing. It won't be a keeper but I may throw it in from time to time.

  14. RAD

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    I was once up at the lake and watched the helicopters and the big fire plane landing to take on water it was awesome makes you want to set a fire just to watch them lol.

    Good strong session there dude there's no way in hell that if I had a slight twinge of sciatica I would even think of hitting a session like that!!

    Did like the cheeky pull up of the shorts on the ham machine to show a bit leg .....not high enough imho .....but then again I would have you training in a thong ......all oiled up mmmmmmm!!
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    I've probably flared the scuaruca a bit from the session TBH just having a sh1t triggers it now. Literally now. I'm having a sh1t right at this moment. Too much info?

    Always willing to show you a little flesh