The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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    He paid me afterwards that's not a good sign is it LOL

    101 !!!!! You skinny git

    So your appointments this week be interesting to see what he finds
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    Just hoping he finds something as the cause... I suspect as it's mobility based there could be a few sessions eliminating things as we go rather than an instant diagnosis of the cause
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    Still skinny, skinnier even, 101.6 this morning. Quietly looking forward to getting someone new looking at my shoulder tomorrow too as I had the usual post-pressing tightness this morning.

    Hammer Cable Rows - weight per side: 10x15, 10x25,7x35, 40x13, 12
    Inclined Upright Rows: 10x20, 30x15, 14
    Lat Pull Down: #9x18, #10x16
    Dumb Bell Preacher Curl: 10s x16, 16
    Dumb Bell Hammer Curl, Single: 12.5s x13, 13
    Calf Raises, Hack Machine: 14x40, 80x15, 13, 14

    Despite the tightness mobility work was OK this morning but still felt tight when pulling. Hammer rows felt easy enough and made quick work of the reps and sets there. Inc uprights moved surprisingly well considering the tightness, even with a narrower grip. That said LPD felt a bit stiffer today but still went well enough and got the ROM in. Curls were all nice and easy, good reps on the 10s (as they should be), hammers were no problem also. Wrapped up with some calf work.

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    Fingers crossed the physio will sort this

    I was going to say get to the bottom of things but it brought back bad memories......well not bad sort of weirdly exciting ones lol

    Dumbbell preachers who's the guy with the beard? He looks well happy the sort of bloke who trys to get a sing along going when the airplane is plummeting towards earth at 300mph.
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    That's Nathe.... recently got back in after being dumped by his Mrs just as they were buying a house (feelings for a work colleague who 2 days after the split was seen driving this colleagues car - but he swears she's being honest when she says nothing had happened before they split.... the gullible fool LOL). He's a nice lad, altho has gone from 122 to 127kg in a month when he was hoping to lose weight for a skydive eating an apparent 2500 cals a day - obviously he's not.

    Well I've been diagnosed with Adhesive Capsulitis..... not exactly the classical frozen shoulder but pretty much. Took him less than 5 mins to diagnose but does require 4 more visits in the next 3 weeks so an expensive month at £70 a pop. He's expecting a marked improvement and then less therapy should be needed failing that I'll get a referral for hydrodilatation. While it not 'the worst he seen' he did comment mention that he's never seen quite such restricting in lateral rotation, I have about 20-30deg and today was a good day LOL. Did the 'arrest' position against a wall and my hand was 30cms away from the wall, by the end of the session I was 23cm altho that will regress again over the week.
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    101.6 still this morning. Nice and consistent there. Watching the clock this morning with the physio session booked for 11am so left promptly and trained swiftly.

    Yolk Bar Good Mornings: 10x40, 10x60, 7x80, 95x12, 12
    Single BO Hamstring Curl: #3x15, 15
    Split Squat, Smith - Rear Elevated (+5kg): 30x11, 12
    Leg Extension: x#8, #10x15, 18
    Close Grip Floor Press: 8x60, 70x12, 12
    Laying Cable Extension - X over: 15kg x13, 16

    Mobility was done but fairly abbreviated today so I could get a head start on the session. Also been trying to roll out this ham/glute tightness but to no avail so may get a proper sports massage on that soon. Anyway, GMs were fine, bit of pausing on the first set but nice and solid reps. Ham curls also went OK, the expected slight pull on the left side but nothing preventative. Smith squats felt off in the hip warming up but then played out pretty well for a couple of easy sets (I saw easy, it was still humid and sweaty work today). Leg extensions were fine, no knee issues here now which is nice. Tricep work was still a bit iffy. The 'good' shoulder was pinching a bit, I tested the work weight which it did take alright, a little sore but not painful. (A little PWO twinging now tho), cable extension were fine to finish with.

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    Poor bastard its early days...he will soon wise up and hate her guts lol

    Yeah he's a big lad and I also don't buy the 2,500 cals a day maybes 2,500 every meal is what he meant

    Great news in a way you've got a actual diagnosis on the shoulder I know its expensive but at the end of the day if he puts it right its money bloody well spent.Must be a relief to know whats going on.Had to google that hydrodilitation by all accounts it has some great results.Hopefully you won't have to go this far though.

    Did he say anything about training on that shoulder?

    Or did he work out that it would be bloody pointless to tell you to rest it LMAO
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    he has no issue with anything I am doing right now... don't know if that will change as you move in to seeing what actually caused it to get this way but for now I'm good to carry on. Considering the test for this diagnosis was about 90secs worth of mobility assessment that was pretty basic I'm not too impressed my mate had never ventured down this path, clearly 'mates rates' also means cut price quality too LOL
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    100.8 this morning, dunno how that happened as I was off work so less cycling, same eating, I can only assume my son winding me up last night burned off a kg somehow LOL Good shoulder still pinching a bit after floor press yesterday but otherwise all good.

    Incline Dumb Bell Press - 45deg: 10x15s, 10x25s, 5x30s, 35s x12, 10
    Cable X Overs: 11x#5, #6x14, 15
    Wide Grip Barbell Row: 60x14, 14
    Rope Pull Downs: 10x#8, #10x16, 14
    Drag Curls - Smith Machine (add 5kg): 40x12, 10, 9... used BB as smith in use
    Wrist Curls - Rack Pin Lever flexion: x16, 14, 13

    Mobility as per usual, cut down some of the work as I wanted a quicker session today and not all of it is that useful for what I have wrong (not that it isn't still worth doing). Thankfully inc work was fine on both shoulders again this week (I do find this odd), couple of easy sets with the 35s was good enough for today. X overs also all good, plenty of reps done. BB rows felt fine, interestingly I did feel like my shoulder moved better here, 60 was easy and reps flew. RPDs also good mobility wise and also no problem banging the reps out. Drag curls were done with a BB today as the smith was in use but all dandy here, went up to 3 sets tho. Got my lever work in this week, easy enough.

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    Yeah its a bit shocking your mate missed it but like you say half price treatment half arsed diagnosis lol

    Might be just a case of dropping a certain exercise hopefully..... Face pulls for me just aggravate my shoulder switched to cg pulldowns and everything is sweet makes no sense but it works.

    Zach is helping your weight loss by being a pain in the ass that's family support right there.

    Blast can't be far off now
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    I fairly sure I've got sustained improvements already so hoping I'll take to the treatments well and get this sorted. Just going to be expensive. Doing a few rehab things I've googles that aren't too invasive so I don't step on his toes but hopefully that will all help. But mechanics wise, I just simpl;y cannot get my shoulder in to position for things so I can't even fight through them

    Zach's just been a gobby shit lately, the tone and attitude he gives when you talk to him beggars belief... that said the Mrs is the same so I know where he gets it from.

    End of month for the blast altho it may be prudent just to wrap up the physio before I start.
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    Made myself quite possibly the largest burger known to man on Saturday, plus a kick ass pizza last night, both served with fried onion rings and stuffed mushrooms, burger had wedges too.... on top of our weekend chill-out treats and a couple of beers. And I still weighed in at a tiny 101.6kg this morning. Shoulder obviously not fixed but certainly showing signs of having responded to the physio last week so feel good about how this could progress now. Other shoulder niggling a bit still but also improving. Ham still tight, suspect it could be a tendon pull so probably better off not actually stretching it ATM so will keep an eye.

    Leg Press - back padding: 10x80, 120, 160, 6x2o0, 240x14, 12, 11
    Safety Bar - Wide Grip - pause: 6x80, 100x9, 8
    Hatfield Calves: 100x16, 14, 12
    Hamstring Extension: x40, 70x18, 17, 14
    Assisted Dips: -44.5x15, -36.5x20, 14, 13
    Single Arm Extension: #2+2.5kg x15, 14

    Went thru my mobility work briefly since revising what I need to do and got on with my leg work. New block but repeating the last one with a couple of tweaks. Leg press felt good and moved well, last weeks semi-deload set me up nicely and got some good extra reps out this morning. Starting off with 3 sets too but looking for more gradual progression. Settled on the 2 sets of squats for today, these didn't really go any easier but still decent enough and I'll add to them. Calf work was fine, pressed out a few extra reps. Ham extensions were pretty solid, slightly wider stance feels more 'strain friendly' and reps came out pretty smart. Switched round triceps and biceps for this block which will confuse push and pull days a bit but I'm hoping it will cover a bit more tricep frequency and therefor better hypertrophic response. Stuck with assisted dips due to my shoulder, plus I wanted higher reps and strict focus and these went nice. Then popped in the single arm exts too, no problems there, smooth and solid.

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    Looking good that things are improving a bit already, I know its a bit pricey but like I said if it puts you right worth every penny.

    So Zach's turned into Kevin and Perry now lol No wonder him and your Mrs clash so bloody often peas in a pod.

    Yeah I would hold off on the blast till you get the all clear just makes sense.

    Sounds like the other shoulder is compensating should balance out when the other one is recovered

    2 that's 2 pieces of excellent medical advice right there I am wasted here plumbing statics etc I should be giving advice to the rich and famous and have a stethoscope and a prescription pad

    I would have said a white coat but I know you would have said yeah the one where the arms fasten round the back.......I know you to bloody well lol.

    Good session there dude you seem to be hammering arms these days
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    Yeah, if I get fixed I can't complain about the cost considering what I have spent over the past 2 years. The other shoulder crunched when pressing 2 weeks ago so I thinks it's unrelated just hope it's not too bad.

    Zach and the Mrs are a nightmare... I just had the school on the phone as he exited himself from a class as he got cross (he has a 'get out of jail' card in case he find himself losing his cool), ended out punching a wall and hurting his hand (pussy LOL) and then fell back on a chair hurting his arm. Not easy telling the Mrs when she's throwing a vacuum cleaner across the room cos it's got blocked that that is where Zach gets his tantrums from if he's gaming and not winning LOL

    Arm wise, I need more tricep size so am looking to prioritise that a bit.

    Save the bondage jacket for our getaway
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    101.2 this morning, wasn't expecting that. Still steadily dropping and not adjusted cals for a while now. Woke up this morning with a new niggle niggle (well and old new one), wrist not taking pressure or flexion very well, and I'm pressing first thing so this could be fun. All else good tho... -ish LOL

    Flat DB Press: 10x15s, 10x25s, 7x35s, 40s x11, 9, 7
    High Cable Flyes: #5x13, 12
    Hammer Machine Press: 50x20, 15
    Barbell Curls - Close: 10x20, 40x12, 11, 10
    Iso Hammer Curl - Single: 15s x15, 11
    Barbell Wrist Curls: 60x18, 14, 13

    Little bit of a mish mash today but went alright, just not really a 'push' session but splitting the arms up differently for a while to give some emphasis. Mobilised all fine and ran a couple of rehab exercises. Pressing went only OK, had hoped for a bit more on the rep front but I didn't over-cook it which I am prone to when doing chest and the reps were all clean. Cable work felt a little more on it and moved well. Then oddly the hammer work was quite a bit better than anticipated. Then did biceps, BB work was all, wrist a little sore so I strapped them up. New shoulder pinch was a little sore too but I had been pressing so that figures, didn't get in the way as such. Reps were respectable enough, followed it with the iso hammer curls and banged out the 15s no worried. Closed off with wrist curls, bit harder due to the bicep work fatiguing them but good enough.