The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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    Deload week is finally here. Weigh in was 106kg dead this morning so nicely back on track despite a good weekend of eating. Back certainly likes the weekends off training so here's hoping a deload week will keep it recovering along. Does feel more rhomboids where I'm seizing interestingly. Some spinal flexion/extension type stretching/mobilising eases things off too.

    Smith Squats: 10x20, 7x40, 7x60, 5x80, 100x5, 5
    Hack Squats: 10x40, 80x6, 6
    Hamstring Curls: 8x#7, #9x8, 8, 8
    Smith Calf Raises: 10x60, 100x10, 10, 10
    Incline Dumb-bell Curls: 12.5x12, 12, 12

    Mobility drills still all going well, doing 2 circuits of them now and the second round always feels better. Approached squats with caution, managed to figure a wider strap grip eased things off nicely and once braced and moving these went fine (for deloading). I'm pretty sure the floor is uneven tho, thought so when I started these 8 weeks ago, more certain now, which means it irritates my not so great knee but it's the only thing that does. Hacks were fine, smooth and controlled, deep and true. Ham curls were A-OK, felt a little tightness off to teh inner side for some reason but soon eased and wasn't an issue. Calf raises all easy enough, maybe pushed these a little more tha the other stuff and the biceps was a nice little pump, good and strict.

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    A positively gaunt 105.4 this morning.

    Smith Decline Bench: 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 100x5, 5
    Pec Dec: #15x8, 8
    JM Smith Press: 55x10, 10, 10
    V Bar Push Down: #14x12, 12
    Dumb Bell SLR - 'Pinned': 7.5x12, 12, 12
    Plate Front Raise: 20kg x10, 10

    All smooth and easy today with mobility work going well again. Decline was no issue for a couple of easy 5s and pec dec rattled out 8s for free. JM felt really light being fresh alth I did trigger a pinch in my off shoulder but all OK in the end. Push downs felt like nothing. SLRs again the least comfy of everything I did regarding the back but no problems then some quick front raises. Job done.

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    104.8 this morning, wasn't expecting that.

    Seated Cable Row (EZ): 12x #5, 10x #8, #12x8, 8
    Parallel Grip Chins: BW x7, 6, 5
    Standing Shrugs: 32.5kg x8, 8
    Dumb Bell Spider Curls: 10s x15, 12, 12
    Rope Curls: #10x10, 9, 9
    Hack Calf Raises: 10x80, 90x13, 12, 12
    Wrist Curls (Cable): #5x20, 15, 15

    Mobility still going well it feels but back still tight this morning. Played it sensible, rows were a smooth and solid couple of 8s. Chins were nice and easy and felt strong so 3 sets of those but well within myself. Spider curls felt crisp and true so maybe did a few more than a true deload would be, but it's only bis, same with rope curls. Wrist curls were next due to hack in use so rattled out a few easy pump reps there and finally gave calves their second deload of the week.

    All done promptly ready to meet my son's deputy head to talk about his behaviour, thankfully it wasn't the dressing out I was expecting (after his reports of how chats had gone), was actually far more productive so fingers crossed.

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    So like I said, could feel a bit of a cold coming on last night, and the usual give away is that I seem perpetually thirsty. Weigh in this morning was 105 dead (but had my knee sleeves on so probably means I was even). Cold no worse today so hopefully just a sniffle with the up and down temps we've been having this way. Back still tight but TBH I think it's a tiny bit different today.

    Stiff Leg Deadlift (Romanian): 10x70, 7x110, 5x140, 160x5, 6
    Single Leg Ham Curl: #4x10, 10, 10
    Cambered Bar Squat (Yolk): 10x60, 6x80, 100x5, 5
    Hack Machine Sissy Squat: 8x20, 40x7, 7, 7
    Incline Smith Close Grip: 8x50, 70x6, 7
    Reverse Grip Extension: #8x14, 14, 14

    Nice and straight forward session again. Mobility work all went well again, RDLs felt a little tight on the upper back warming up but soon settled in, 160 for a couple of 5/6s was easy enough, didn't even need to chalk up for DOH (did hook it tho). Ham curls were fine and almost too easy. Yolk squats were smooth, did my final setting gripping on the top to make it less stable and actually felt better so go figure. Sissy's were a doddle so popped 3 sets in there. Incline CG was fine, shoulder stopped pinching after the other day so all good and rev ext were very easy being so fresh at the end still so banged out a few more reps than I would normally on a deload.

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    104.6, lightest of the last year. Back feeling slightly eased I would say, not perfect but improved... I think.

    Incline Smith Press (30deg): 10x40, 8x60, 85x6, 6
    Flat Cable Fly: #5x9, 9, 8
    One Arm Dumb Bell Row: 10x30s, 40x7, 7
    Parallel Grip Pull Down: 10x#8, #13x8, #14x7, 7
    Cable Curls (EZ): #9x13, 13, 12
    (Wrist Curls: #6 x20, 12, 10, 8, 8) - not today

    Went thru mobility as per usual and moving well, ready to go. Incline was all nice and easy, more-so when I switched on properly for the 2nd set but all good. Flyes were smooth and easy. Rows didn't feel as bad on the neck as last week, bit tight but weight was more sensible today for obvious reason so all went well. PD were always going to be easy as this stage being fresh, good stretch and squeeze. Then biceps finished nicely working a touch harder than I needed to but, well, you know.... gunzzzz. Had to drop the bike off to get the spokes replaced on my way to work so skipped wrist curls and got on my way.

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    Weighed in at 104.6 this morning so still heading downwards (it's the same as Friday but usually over the weekend I add a lb or 2) and 1.4 down on last Monday. Gym was rammed this morning which didn't bode well for me heading in for my 1st week of a block with no real game plan.

    Leg Press - feet low and narrow: 10x120, 140, 160, 8x180, 9x200, 240x11, 12
    Safety Bar - Wide Grip - pause: 8x60, 80, 100x9, 8
    Hatfield Calves: 10x80, 100x15, 10, 11
    Ham Curls: 8x#7, #10x9, 8...#9x8
    Barbell Curl - close: 12x20, 40x10, 9, 7

    Usual mobility drill to begin and all good there. Decided to start off with leg press but have adjusted foot position quite a bit so took a few warm up sets to dial things in. 1st work set tho didn't feel great due to a bit of knee triggering, 2nd felt better - didn't realise I hadn't pressed record tho. Used the safety bar for squats afterwards but gripping it as a squat as where the bar 'cambers' makes it doable. That said, the whole set isn't ideal as the pads lift the bar up my neck more but I'll see how it goes. The 2 sets went well, speed and pause was monitored. Did calves next as I was set up and there was no assurance I could get back in rack later, trying to focus on a high raise on my toes. Spent a while figuring out my next move but due to a complete lack of other options (and saving GMs for Thursday) I went for curls again/still. Starting heavier this block tho. Lastly some BB curls, closer grip than usual, elbows locked in rather than lifting up, fairly heavy start but will keep an eye. Not some of my finest work but I'll get it more together next week.

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    Weigh in today was 104.8, a surprising smidge up but a bit of a lazy day yesterday and still under 105 so all good enough. Suffering with some tension on my neck the last 24hrs which is triggering some headaches so need to work that out.

    High Cable Flyes: 10x#1, 10x#2, 10x#3, 6x#4, #5x11, 10
    Flat DB Press: 7x35s, 45s x10, 8
    Tricep Dips: BWx16, 12
    Cable Extensions: #3x9, 10, single #3x8, 10, 10
    Hammer Machine Press: 8x40, 70x8, 8
    Barbell Wrist Curls: 60x11, 11, 11

    Switched around the iso and Press order today, not something I like to do but with the DB limitations my hand is somewhat forced, and who knows, there may be something to be had from this. So cable flyes first, standing and arms high. Took a few sets to warm up then hit my work set just for a couple of sets today. Same with DB presses. Shoulder may take a week or so to settle in to these again I think and while not exactly 'exhausted' the prior cable work certainly made the 45s feel heavier than I would have expected them to be LOL reps were straight forward enough, slow and controlled with a few in the tank. Tested out dips for triceps next, kept to BW and monitored form and ROM for the shoulder but all good enough. Cable ext started off with my double X over style but these weren't so kind to my neck niggle so moved to single arm, these were much better. I then decided on testing out a little pressing finisher with the hammer press - I keep trying but I never get on with this machine but seemed to suss it today. Being fatigued I think helped but also, dialling in TUT seemed to help too, not silly slow but a touch more focus was alright. Finally some BB wrist curls to try and add some meat to my gangly arms.

    Been over a year now but I still struggle after finishing on high volume and near failure to get these first weeks in my head properly. Not going in blind would help a lot so I need to remind myself to not do this.

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    104.2 today so getting skinnier again. Bit more on the case for today's session. I think I get too fixed on rotating thru as many exercises as I can over a few blocks rather than just sticking with a core few to alternate between. Anyway, neck tensions a little easier today. Bit later than usual due to car being serviced and MOT'ed. Just got the call now, half an hour after cycling to work in tropical rainfall to tell me it's all done. £290 I would like to have saved but there you go.

    Hammer Machine Rows: 10x40, 10x60, 5x80, 90x11, 11, 10
    Inclined Upright Rows: 10x20, 30x12, 10, 10
    Lat Pull Down: #10x10, 10, 10
    Dumb bell Preacher Curl: 10sx x12, 13, 13
    Dumb Bell Hammer Curl, Single: 12.5s x12, 12, 11
    Calf Raises, Hack Machine: 14x40, 60x15, 13, 13, 13, 10

    I'm still not won over by this Hammer machine, angles are crap but got my groove eventually. Worked up to a respectable 90 for my 3 work sets today and all felt good with nice form. Popped some uprights in today on an incline which were better than anticipated but will avoid over cooking these and will keep tech in check. Started LPDs with the widest grip, shoulder not happy tho (couldn't get a full contraction) so mid grip as per usual had to be my default, getting a bit more retraction on these for this block will be my focus. DB preachers all good. Checked back and weight was s bit down but I wasn't over the bench as I tend to be so it was a tougher position. Hammer curl set up felt good, bracing the arm and getting a good iso on the bicep worked nicely. Finally some calf work on the hack machine, turned to face out this time. The final set I got farther back under myself which felt better so long as I remembered to depress my shoulders else I clunked the top.

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    104.6 today so holding 104 steadily this week but no real drop so I'll see how next week starts off. Been rolling my traps and back with a baseball/softball the last 2 days which has had a small benefit I think. Still can't reach behind my head tho.

    Yolk Bar Good Mornings: x20, 10x40, 10x60, 7x80, 90x14... 95x13
    Hamstring Curl: x#7, #10x9, #8x8 (form+control), Standing bent over (mimic seated) #3x10, 12, 10
    Barbell Lunge: x20, 6x30, 6x40, 60x10, 10, 8 (last set alternating)
    Leg Extension: x#6, 10x#9, #10x13, 11 (slow)
    Close Grip Floor Press: 8x60, 70x14... 80x9, 8
    Laying Cable Extension: x#3, #4x8... #3+5kg x8, 9

    Mobility drills done and ready to start with some GMs. I did try the BB but shoulder doesn't move that far back first thing despite the drills. The yolk bar was actually quite good for them. Just 2 sets today but doing them fresh takes sciatica out of the equation it seems. Played around with curls next, I will swap this in from Monday's session and do a back ext Ham variant instead then I think. Could feel a slight pull tho (better when I went lighter and really focused), so went single leg but bent myself over to replicate a seated set up for something a bit different, which seemed OK. Lunges up next, I could grip he BB for these so stuck it out. Knee eased in to it, stability sucked but should improve. Did each leg individually but on the last set I alternated. I'm not too sure my right leg wasn't harder than the left TBH. Hesitantly popped some exts in too, idea was to go light and slow to avoid irritating things which seemed to work out, quads felt fried. Floor press for the triceps today, opted with the trend of a straight leg, yeah, not bad, focus was where it needed to be anyway. Single extensions laying down to finish which where a nice closer.

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    Nearly 104 dead this morning but eventually settled on 104.2 and ready to rock and roll.

    Incline Dumb Bell Press - 45deg: 10x15s, 10x27.5s, 5x35s, 40s x10, 9, 8
    Cable X Overs: 11x#5, #6x10, 10, 9
    Wide Grip Barbell Row: 60x12, 11, 10
    Rope Pull Downs: 10x#8, #10x13, 11, 11
    Drag Curls - Smith Machine (add 5kg): 50x9, 8... 40x10, 8
    Wrist Curls - EZ Lever flexion: x6, 13, 8

    Mobilised and rolled to begin with, all went well. Opted for a 45deg incline this block. Warm ups all moving fine and went for the 40s for my main work. 3 sets all went pretty smooth. Next up was x overs, proper fly style grip (in other words not c0cking my wrist) so a good ROM and connection, another 3 decent sets done here. Took a moment to decide where to go with back, went for rows but focus was on a wide grip this time, bit of a weaker position (shoulder not helping either TBH) but got 3 good sets out and all felt good. PDs were then done with a rope, really looked for a full contraction which I nailed nicely. Biceps saw the return of drag curls with the smith machine. started heavy so dropped down for the final sets but all good.

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    104.2 this morning, not my lightest but my lightest Monday weigh in so far I think. Ready to make up for a lacklustre session last Monday. Not bad considering the burger and treats last night.

    Leg Press - feet low and narrow: 10x80, 120, 160, 7x200, 250x14, 12, 11
    Safety Bar - Wide Grip - pause: 8x60, 80, 105x9, 8, 7
    Hatfield Calves: 10x80, 105x12, 10, 9, 10
    Hamstring Extension: x27.5, 37.5x15, 13, 10
    Barbell Curl - close: 12x20, 40x11, 10, 8

    Mobility went well again this morning, shame this is so good but doesn't translate to quite the same level of progress in my shoulder itself. On with the leg press first, knee not too bad today with warm ups going well and then hitting a 10kg increase for the work sets. Hit good reps too, quads tied in nicely and felt the work. Wide grip squats using the safety also felt good, knee certainly behaving more than usual on these, hit 3 sets on these too adding a pause in at the bottom briefly. As it's all set I up I kept calves in next, heavier weight was felt more on these than the squats but 4 sets made sure the work was done, good form I felt. Something a bit different next, used the back extension to try a hammy targeted extension. May need to work on how to load the weight but still felt it, rest periods a bit more brief helped with the feel and burn. Finally a few quick BB curls sets, same weight as last week but more reps done.

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    Another random weight drop saw me at 103.6 this morning. Possibly a better effort on my leg day bringing on a bit of depletion.

    High Cable Flyes: 10x#1, 10x#2, 8x#3, #5x11, 10, 7
    Flat DB Press: 7x35s, 45s x10, 8... 40x9
    Hammer Machine Press: 8x40, 70x8... 60x10
    Tricep Dips - Deep: BWx14, 11, 9
    Cable Extensions - Single: #3x11, 10, 10
    Barbell Wrist Curls: 60x12, 11, 10, 9

    PreWO drills done and I was good to go. A Pre-exhaust start again on the pec dec went fine, nothing extra in there at the start due to a slight tweak in tech but a 3rd set was done. Interestingly that pre-exhaust tend to mean my shoulder doesn't start off too happy with the DBs (no idea ATM if that would be any different done fresh) but once moving a decent weight it was OK. Alas no real rep gains to be had here either, but that I can at least put down to an extra pre-exhaust set perhaps. As reps were creeping low the 3rd set was done on the 40s, reps were deep and true thru-out tho. Moved the hammer press up to stay with the chest component of today's session rather than tagged on at the end, just 2 sets but 70 was heavy enough with the tempo I had so the 2nd set was done with 60 and seemed more suitable (still not my favourite machine). Triceps went much deeper with my ROM this week, keeping it very controlled to see if my shoulder will respond to a bit of a stretch here if I'm careful... altho I somehow when I clicked out my good shoulder getting set up LOL No harm done and 3 good sets completed. Single extensions felt good (bit of pulling over my traps/neck but all good) and targeted well. Quick blast on some BB wrist curling work and that was that.

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    Slight increase today, 104 dead (almost steadied at 103.8). Getting ticked off with the niggles ATM, not that they're causing a problem just getting tedious now. Researching multifidus now, see if that's a factor.

    ammer Cable Rows - weight per side: 10x15, 10x25, 40x10, 10, 11, 9
    Inclined Upright Rows: 10x20, 32.5x13, 12, 11
    Lat Pull Down: #10x12, 11, 10
    Dumb bell Preacher Curl: 12.5s x14, 12, 11
    Dumb Bell Hammer Curl, Single: 15s x10, 9, 7, 6
    Calf Raises, Hack Machine: 14x40, 70x15, 12, 13, 13, 12

    Mobility work still all good so that's something. After the Hammer 'trap' row revelation I moved upstairs to the closer pulley system to cobble together a hammer row on there. Worked quite well once I'd set a 30kg bar on the floor to stop the bench sliding. Not that heavy but a great focus and contraction. Incline uprights went up 2.5 and just rattled out 3 set, up in reps too. LPD had the same weight but more reps and pretty much text book tech. Upped preacher curls but still hit reps surprisingly well (I did notice when set my left shoulder sits about 2-3" lower than my right shoulder). Extra weight on hammer iso hit me a bit but did an extra set. Finally some calf work in a desperate attempt to grow some.

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    104.2 this morning so crept up about half a kilo since Monday. Did an MFP tally last night and IIRC topped out at about 3700cals. Started well today but things took a turn for the worst half way thru.

    Yolk Bar Good Mornings: 10x40, 10x60, 7x80, 100x13, 11, 10
    Single BO Hamstring Curl: x#5, #4x12, 12, 10
    Barbell Lunge: 6x40, 62.5x10, 8 (last set alternating when it popped)
    Leg Extension: x#6, 10x14, 14, 12
    Close Grip Floor Press: 8x60, 80x12, 11, 10
    Laying Cable Extension: #3x15, 10, 8, 7

    Mobilised well today, shoulder having a good couple of days after whinging yesterday, still far from great tho. Upped GMs this morning and they felt solid, moved well and hit hams nicely. Forgot what I was doing on ham curls and ended out warming up with a heavier weight that my work sets LOL but got on track and went well there (still feel a little pull up in my left glute). Lunges next, first set felt good, slight weight increase but easy enough. 2nd set I decided to alternate each rep, it was feeling easy but I could feel some faint stiffness in my left leg. 8 reps in and I felt it all clunk/thump/pop, pretty sure it happened when it was stabilising rather than loaded - not certain but the fact that I finished on my right leg I doubt I would have done a right leg rep after popping it. Not happy. I'm fairly sure, now it's died down a bit, that it's my sartorius again as it aches from my hip down to behind my knee (on the inner side)... I either need to stop lunging or stop alternating when I do. Gave the quads a quick flash just in case they are doomed to shrinking over the next month and then checked if I could get some extensions in. Other than being a painful initial brace I was able to get 3 sets of these done slowly and controlled. Tricep work wasn't an issue (obviously), floor press used the weight I finished on last week for all 3 sets, reps up and felt much stronger, shoulder almost OK here this week. Then Laying single extensions, quick alternating sets so rest was brief and the pump was achieved.

    Post injury - stretches etc didn't bother it. Transitioning between them seemed to tho. The one stretch that wasn't nice was anything over the hip tho. Walking is fine, cycling on a flat is fine, uphill and starting off is a little twingey.

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    So yeah, I still trained today despite whatever I did to my leg yesterday (Sartorius strain by the feel of it), had to get a bro session in for the feels. 103.6/4 today (it never quite settled).

    Incline Dumb Bell Press - 45deg: 10x15s, 10x27.5s, 5x35s, 40s x10, 10, 9
    Cable X Overs: 11x#5, #6x11, 11, 10
    Wide Grip Barbell Row: 62.5x12, 11, 10
    Rope Pull Downs: 10x#8, #11x13, 11, 10
    Drag Curls - Smith Machine (add 5kg): 45x10, 9, 8, 8
    Wrist Curls - Rack Pin Lever flexion: x15, 9... reduced leverage... 10, 9

    Mobility feeling good this morning so quickly up and ready for some booby work. Pressing felt alright but still stuck with the same weight as last week, nothing amazing but a couple of reps better. Crossovers stayed the same too but each set up a rep and seemed to hit the spot. Wide rows felt better today, shoulder took the wide grip quite well, 2.5 up hit the same reps without issues. Rope PDs were up a whole pin (which is around 7.5) and only lost 1 rep, good full stretch and squeeze. Drag curls used the weight between the 2 I went with last week for teh same total reps and a 5kg volume increase LOL The sealed the deal quickly with some lever work for the forearms, used the safety pins for it his week.