The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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    The usual ropy night's sleep last night, always a Tuesday but no jabs last weekend so not that AAS related but throat was very irritated in the night, cleared up fine after a good hack and nose blow on waking tho. Still 113 this morning (a little flicker on 113.2)

    BarBell Rows - Pendlay: 10x20, 10x50, 6x70, 90x13, 12, 10, 9, 9
    Lat Pull Down: 6x#10, #14+2.5kg x17, 14, 12, 11, 10
    Rope Pull Overs: 10x#9, #12x17, 15, 14, 13, 10
    Dumb Bell Preacher Curl: 15s x16, 14, 12, 11, 11
    DB Hammer Drag Curl: 17.5s x19, 17, 15, 13, 11
    Seated Calf Raises: 10x20, 10x40, 60x19, 18, 17, 16, 15

    Got off to a good start with the broga which is a result after a heavy push session to still be moving well. Rows felt quite good despite a slightly heavy feeling start, hit reps fairly well, bit of a drop with the extra weight but 5 sets did the job. Upped LPDs a touch too, only cost me a rep a set but form felt on the money and again, 5 sets saw me just fine work wise. Was going to play it cautiously on pull overs with the other back work going well and not wanting to over do but after matching last weeks work on 4 sets I did pop in a 5th here too, I'm sure my back can handle it tho. DB work was interesting on the old biceps, last week seemed a struggle but got a good 6 extra reps out this week with no major compromises at all. Hammer drag work also went well, upped the weight but reps moved just fine and started off up in numbers.... I did work these in with calves to save some time so rest may have been extended on a set or 2 perhaps but on the whole I was on it all. Calf work also quite decent, not too much cramping this week which made it better too.

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    Brutally long session again today, glad these don't happen often, next cycle may drop quad volume slightly for hammy focus perhaps, we'll see. Anyway, 113.6 on weigh in so a little mid-week increase but maintaining the 113 standards of last week, awful night's sleep tho, up and down and restless all night - not the best build up to the marathon that ensued.

    Elevated Belt Squats: 10x20, 10x40, 6x60, 90x16, 13, 12, 11, 10
    Leg Extensions: 10x#12, #17 x16, 13, 11, 10, 9
    Good Mornings, Hack: 10x80,8x120, 170x16, 16, 15, 15
    Single Leg Ham Curl: #4+2.5kg x17, 16, 12, 10, 9
    Tricep Cable Ext (x-over): #3+3.5kg x18, 15, 13, 11, 10
    Decline Smith CG: 10x60, 85x18, 16, 15, 13

    Usual broga then on with the work. Pretty sure belt squats took up close to an hour, granted there is a bit of set up time at the start. Knee not feeling great after a couple of mini jumps the other day to flick a switch I couldn't reach which was annoying but seemed to find my groove. Upped the work weight and after 4 sets I was half a rep shy of progression, what a bastard, so a 5th was done and I was dead on my feet after exercise 1. Extensions tested the knee, found a tolerable angle and it did get a bit better thru the sets, weight was up tho, so were the sets, quads done. Nailed GM form today and got a smooth consistent pump to the reps, up 10kg and possibly 2 reps up on goal so left it at 4 today. Popped in 5 sets on the single curls tho just to finish the hammies off and was up 2.5 too. Kept tri ext weight the same but reps were really smooth this week, an even start but finished 6 reps up and no tech questions if I do say so myself. Upped CG and did 3 more reps so no 5th set needed.... plus I was spent now.

    There seems to be a general consensus now too that staying above 100 when I attempt to cut shouldn't be a problem at all judging by current state, but we'll see.

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    Despite yesterday's larger than necessary session leaving me feeling a little run down last night I wasn't feeling too bad this morning, weighed in at 113.4 so another full week of 113s in the bank and I was ready to rock.

    Incline BB Bench (45deg): x20, 10x40, 8x60, 90x16, 14, 13, 11, 10
    Cable X Over: #7 x17, 15, 14, 14, 13
    Land Mine V Rows: 10x40, 8x60, 90x15, 14, 13, 11, 9
    V-Bar Pull Downs: 8x#10, #13+5kg x15, 13, 11, 10, 10
    Dumb Bell Curls: 17.5s+1.25kg x13, 11, 10, 9, 8

    Broga moved well but had a return to the warm up pinching again. However, once some weight was on it was all good. Up to 90 this week. Bit of a rep it as expected but held on well as it progressed and a pretty decent 5 sets knocked out, pleased to stay in double digits on the last. Upped Xovers and had some work to do after the first set to keep volume up but just about managed to dig it all out. Kept rows the same but tried to push (or should that pull) some more reps out, which I did but I'll let the jury decide how form held on. Heavier on pull downs with an extra set planned so all good work there despite the expected rep drop initially. Finally biceps, already been pushing these a bit hard so after all the extra back work there was no point getting excited on curls, so same weight and same reps, no shame tho, good enough work still and fatigued.

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    A well needed deload week has finally come, and my cough/throat/cold thing seems to have passed just in time for it too. Light weigh in this morning at 112.6 - not the best weekend for getting the calories in TBH but not anything I'll lose sleep over. Took the kid roller skating yesterday meeting the wife's mate and her kid(s) but with a quick shop stop only had time when I got home for a light sandwich (on insta) before it was then dinner time.

    Calf Presses: 12x80, 12x120, 8x160, 180x14, 12, 14
    Leg Press: 8x180, 260x12, 12
    Back Squats (elevated): 8x60, 6x80, 100x6, 7
    Dumb Bell Ham Curls: 17.5s x15, 15, 15, 15
    EZ Curls: 8x27.5, 37.5 x7, 7, 7

    Broga before and after and all moving well there. Nice easy session, altho I had thought I had 200 on the calf press I only had 180 but that was week 1 weight anyway so no problem. Kept sets low on numbers today, knee a little achy so just 2 sets on press and squats but move nice and easy. Ham curls felt very light so a little more work there but not pushing anything and then some easy curls for the gurls afterwards. It makes for a boring vid but here it is anyway

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    112.2 this morning, interesting as my cals are pretty much the same, maybe about 50g oats (max) less than usual, probably not even that. Sleeping a bit better, 2 weeks since last blast jab could be a factor, as could not busting my balls training, so who knows. Also guts are much better now that I haven't shot for 2 weeks. Fairly easy session this morning.

    Flat BB Bench: 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 100x5, 5
    X-over Hi: #4x14, 13, 13
    Parallel Wide Push Down: #15x15, 15, 15
    Rope OH Ext: #10x12, 10, 12
    Laying Rope SLR: #2x20, 18, 20

    Bit easier than I usually take a press deload so next week could be interesting as I do find I lose the feel for pressing more than anything, did feel nice tho. Tricep and delt work looks high but I was so fresh it was pretty well within myself. Broga moving fine before and after. Looks like the gym is getting some new equipment..... some parallettes, whoop-de-doo.

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    Holding a steady deload weight of 112.6 this morning. Fresh and ready.

    BarBell Rows - Pendlay: 10x20, 10x50, 6x70, 80x6, 6
    Lat Pull Down: 6x#10, #13x8, 10
    Rope Pull Overs: 10x#9, #11x14, 13, 14
    Dumb Bell Preacher Curl: 12.5s x16, 14, 14
    DB Hammer Drag Curl: 15s x15, 14, 13
    Seated Calf Raises: 10x20, 10x40, 50x15, 14, 15

    Quick broga-cise and ready to rock. Rows were simple enough even without belts and straps, just a couple of half dozen rep sets. A couple of equally easy sets on LPD too. A little more work on pull overs but as fresh as I was at this point all still very run of the mill. Probably pushed biceps a little harder than a typical deload intensity but still well within my comfort zone. And a finally shimmy on the seated calf at the end (interestingly I could still sense some cramping wanting to creep in, no idea why this is the only exercise it seems to be a factor, I do wonder if my screwed ankle mechanics are a cause).

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    112.6 again so a fairly constant deload weight this week. Bit of to-ing and fro-ing before and after the gym for prescriptions and shop errands but nothing to take away from another, what should be, easy enough session.

    Elevated Belt Squats: 10x20, 10x40, 6x60, 80x6, 7
    Leg Extensions: 10x#12, #15x12, 12, 12
    Good Mornings, Hack: 10x80,8x120, 140x12, 12
    Single Leg Ham Curl: #4x6, 6, 6
    Tricep Cable Ext (x-over): #3x12, 12, 12
    Decline Smith CG: 10x60, 70x10, 10

    Usual broga shin-dig to start off. Bit late for it but tickered a touch with squat set up, found having a plate under foot for the elevation much better than just lifting my heel so something to note there. Managed to break my usual attachment device so had to resort to my chain alone today, which still did the job fine. Couple of easy half dozen rep sets. Leg extension form that usually eases the knee didn't, did it the old school narrow toes up way and was better. GMs were fine, higher stance hits the hams well it seems. SIngle leg work also OK, slight lean targeted the hams better and made it a tough for what I was doing. Tri work all nice and simple, exts nice and easy even tho reps were up there a bit. CG was no problem, tempted to do a 3rd set but have been good at keeping all compounds to 2 sets this week.

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    112.4 today so held the whole week about 1kg down somehow but feeling good. Considering starting the new block next week instead of repeating last week and another deload, last week was huge and arguably OTT so may not be in my best interest. A new block may be. We'll see.

    Incline BB Bench (45deg): x20, 10x40, 8x60, 80x6, 8
    Cable X Over: #6x15, 13, 13
    Land Mine V Rows: 10x40, 8x60, 75x9, 10
    V-Bar Pull Downs: 8x#10, #13x7, 7
    Dumb Bell Curls: 15s x12, 10, 11

    Broga all good and for once warm ups twinge free too. Deload work sets of 80 were no problem. Xovers pretty straight forward too and pumped well. Landmine rows were a nicely moving couple of sets on 75 and V PDs nice easy without the fatigue. Bicep work done slightly harder but all easy enough in the end.

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    Still holding in the 112s at 112.4 this morning despite yesterdays Sunday lunch feast. Annoyingly I have had a twinge/ache down my left side (lower back/side) all weekend, no idea where from, maybe lounge too casually over the weekend but this wasn't a good sign for today's leg session. New block started slightly ahead of schedule.

    Smith Squats: 10x20, 7x40, 7x60, 7x90, 100x10, 9, 7
    Hack Squats: 10x40, 80x10, 9
    Hamstring Curls: 8x#7, #9x12, 8, 8
    Smith Calf Raises: 10x60, 100x12, 10, 11, 10
    Incline Dumb-bell Curls: 10s x15, 15, 12.5s x12, 11

    Little broga shimmy to get going and that started to negotiate the smith machine. Could feel straight away that this little ache I got over the weekend was triggering the sciatica I haven't had for about 2 months which was a pisser. Muddle my way thru the warm ups and reached a work weight of 100. Not particularly impressive but a focused negative, deep squat and nice and upright, quad zoned movement. Should get easier anyway as I get used to doing it. Knee had some little signs of aching but nothing major. Hack squats seems better on that front, just 2 sets for today with the smith work, rock bottom with a a pause just enough to remove bounce/momentum. Ham curls next, trying to keep a good form engagement here which seemed to work fine, did seem to get tougher quickly. Smith calves were next up, 4 sets and controlled reps. Eventually settled on some incline bicep curls, went light but after 2 sets it was slightly too light, went heavier, and was just about OK, good focus with a little flexion at the shoulder too once contracted.

    That was it for today, might look at some heavier ham work if the sciatica eases later in the week, we'll see.

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    Skinny boy today at 111.8kg!!! Not convinced that I should be losing THAT much by way of AAS levels dropping and calories are unchanged so an interesting state of affairs.

    Smith Decline Bench: 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 100x11, 9, 8
    Pec Dec: #15x12, 9
    JM Smith Press: 55x13, 11, 10
    V Bar Push Down: #14x 14, 12
    Dumb Bell SLR - 'Pinned': 5s x16, 16, 16
    Plate Front Raise: 20kg x15, 13

    Broga all going Ok (altho some tightness up in the left side I think ATM) and on to the real work. Bring the smith back in to action again but going with a slight decline. It's interesting how heavy I find the smith, could be it's 'wonkiness' could be just the specifics not suiting me but a shallow decline should at least match a flat and I didn't have double the reps in me for sure. Anyway, it was strict, it was focused and it hit the spot, and that's what matters. Didn't get carried away either so there will be solid progression. Pec dec was easy tho, don't think I finished on #15 when I last used this (granted that was for about 18 reps +) and while it was meant to be heavier for less reps I smoked it, form locked in too. After a bit on indecision I went for JM press on the smith (I feel the smith will be a trend this block), weight felt light so this should progress well as we go along I think. V push downs also moved nicely. I toyed with some OH stuff for tris but mobility is a little off today but happy enough with what I did. Tried something a little different for side delt by completely pinning (hence the same) my shoulder in position, traps, lats etc everything locking them in a fixed position so there was absolutely zero movement from anywhere else, the result was a pussy weight being used (not that I fret about delts). As I had time to spare I threw in some front raises with a 20kg plate.

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    112 this morning (had some chocolate chip shortbread last night). Braved the wind for the 2 min bike ride to the gym (which was better than my 15min bike ride to work just now).

    Seated Cable Row (EZ): 12x #4, 10x #8, #11x12, 10, 10
    Parallel Grip Chins: BW x8, 6
    Seated Shrugs: 32.5kg 12, 11, 9
    Dumb Bell Spider Curls: 10s x14, 13, 13
    Rope Curls: #9x12, 12, 12
    Hack Calf Raises: 10x40, 80x14, 13, 12, 12

    Once my broga was done it took a moment of indecision to decide what I was going to start off with, then realised I'd not done any cable work for a while. All felt good, nice controlled contraction and a decent start point. Got a bit excited after that and jumped in to some parallel grip chins, with bodyweight. I'll keep an eye on how hard these get and what form does but a simple double setter worked fine. Went a bit old skool next and put some shrugs in, form here is intentional if you watch the vid just for a bit a change. Dumb bell spiders for biceps felt about right (if I ignored the shoulder clicking) and reps came nicely. Rope curls for the hammer side afterwards, not too sure what went on or why reps held out so well here but shouldn't complain. Hack machine at the end for some calf work to finish it all off.

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    112.4 today so holing within 1/2 kg all week. Sciatica had been feeling OK the last 24hrs so was hopeful this session could go OK if sensible

    Stiff Leg Deadlift (Romanian): 10x20, 10x70, 6x120, 5x140, 160x10, 9
    Single Leg Ham Curl: #4x10, 9, 8
    Cambered Bar Squat (Yolk): 10x60, 6x80, 100x10, 10, 9
    Hack Machine Sissy Squat: 20x11, 10
    Incline Smith Close Grip: 8x50, 70x11, 9, 8
    Reverse Grip Extension: #8x13, 12

    Moving nicely thru the broga work with no obvious signs of issue. Warming up DLs felt smooth and good. As I got heavier there was maybe a slight trigger on the 1st dead rep but other reps all seemed no problem so went with the more Romanian style once I got going. Just 2 top sets today to keep recovery unhindered and to ensure progress would still keep this in mind. But 160 felt good, both DOH and certainly 3 more in the tank under form conditions with a newbie curve to go thru too as it's been 6 months. Chucked in some single leg curls again (no other variety option here TBH) but felt quite strong on them TBH and reps were easy. Dug out the cambered/yolk bar for some well controlled and deep squats. Little triggering at the very bottom but all good and should have no issue adding weight over the weeks even after the ham work. I then went to try sissy squats on the hack machine, an odd one but felt like a keep-able movement for now, no knee issues all session either. Was at a bit of a loss on what to do for triceps, ended out doing some incline CG as I've never tried this variant (I think LOL), used the smith as I didn't trust the incline bench to not break my face. These actually felt really good in the end (altho I do fear I'm becoming a smith addict this block). Then I brought back in my reverse extensions, got a nice set up on these and really like the feel.

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    Tickled 112 today but I think it steadied more on 111.8. Feeling the last couple of session which is surprising considering how few sets I have done this week but ready for today still.

    Incline Smith Press (30deg): 10x20, 10x40, 8x60, 85x13, 11, 10?
    Flat Cable Fly: #5x10, 9
    One Arm Dumb Bell Row: 10x30s, 40s x11, 10, 9
    Parallel Grip Pull Down: 10x#8, #14x10, 9
    Cable Curls (EZ): #9x13, 12, 11

    Rattled thru my broga without incident, tightness earlier in the week easing a bit I think. Back on the smith for some shallow incline work, felt easy TBH and may have played it too cautiously fearing my usual overshoot tendencies (forgot whether I did 10 or 11 on the last set). Cable flyes were nice, heavier start than normal but felt about right for something not done for a while. Dug out DB rows from the armoury as I can't remember the last time I did them, locked in nicely and good reps, felt them more than I thought but probably down to SLDL yesterday hitting lats a tad. PD work was with the parallel handles so a bit like my chin work but a more strict alternative, all good here. Finally some cable bicep work, quite a wide grip but a decent enough end to a quick session.

    Vid banned in various French nations apparently so we should all be OK

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    Right, cutting has taken it's first few steps. I've dropped a few of the extras from now: only marshmallows PWO (saves about 160cals), only cookies PWO (saves 250-300cals), no toast at bedtime (saves 100cals on bread alone then you have the cream cheese/cheese and butter to discount too, so maybe another 100 there), oats at work down about 30g (roughly another 100cals). None of this should impact hunger at all (possibly oats at work being smaller will do). Also planning on leaving for work a bit earlier and getting in anything from 15-30mins walking in before cycling the remaining journey and if I get out of work early enough in the evening (only maybe 2 nights a week) doing the same thing.

    Weigh in at the gym this morning was 110 dead after a carb light weekend so we'll see how the week fluctuates. And despite fvck all sleep last night 9am gym sessions are too early to be a problem, late shifts at work are tho. Got a in a bit late this morning taking the grandson to nursery but made good time.

    Smith Squats: 10x20, 7x40, 7x60, 7x90, 102.5x12, 10, 10
    Hack Squats: 10x40, 82.5x10, 9
    Hamstring Curls: 8x#7, #9x13, 10, 8
    Smith Calf Raises: 10x60, 102.5x12, 11, 11, 10
    Incline Dumb-bell Curls: 12.5s x18, 15s x12, 11, 10

    Usual broga to set myself up altho was watching the clock a little. Knowing what I was doing this week would make things a bit quicker tho. Smith Squats felt good, knee behaving, sciatica hardly twinging at all. Upped the work sets just by 2.5 but still managed to get extra reps out too. Also popped hacks up by a tiny 2.5, for the same reps as last week. Kept ham curl weight the same but did a few extra reps. Calf raises were up the same 2.5 as squats and reps held nice and even (well, 1 up). Incline DB curls were odd, weight felt stupidly easy compared to last week so upped the weight from set 2 which felt more on par with were I wanted to be.

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    Another weight drop, I'm eagerly waiting for it to steady off cos at this rate I'll be back to 100kg before I even start making a dent into BF levels LOL 109.6 this morning. Made it thru yesterday with no sleep quite well, but when my alarm went off this morning it was like I'd just nodded off 5 mins ago.

    Smith Decline Bench: 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 100x12, 10, 9
    Pec Dec: #15x13, 11
    JM Smith Press: 57.5x14, 12, 11
    V Bar Push Down: #14+2.5kg x15, #14+5kg x13
    Dumb Bell SLR - 'Pinned': 6s x17, 16, 16
    Plate Front Raise: 25kg x15, 13

    Moved thru all my broga bits alright this morning then onto the mainstay of this block, the smith machine. Had neen chatting to a lad in the gym was was convinced (despite what the owner says) that his mate had checked and the smith bar is 27.... I've just been on their website and it doesn't say, however, they do mention that their countered smith machine drops the bar weight from 25 to 2kg so I think I can assume the smith weighs 25 but for record consistency I will log as I always have been assuming a 20kg bar but it does explain why it feels heavy - it is!

    Anyway, whatever things weigh, the weight was the same as last week, not really much easier today TBH but got an extra rep on each set anyway. Pec dec was also the same weight but a couple up. JM interestingly was up 2.5 and up in reps (funny how this game plays out sometimes) and felt smooth too. Upped VPD too, then had to up it again as it felt light and still repped out fine. An extra kg in each hand for the super strict SLRs and managed to match my reps ok (+1), then plate raises to finish on were up 5kg for the same reps too (so a strong finish after a steady start).