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    112.8 this morning so staying nicely on point and may still clip 113 again tomorrow. Hams tightened up from Monday's GMs all of a sudden otherwise all good.

    BarBell Rows - Pendlay: 10x20, 10x50, 6x70, 85x14, 13, 11, 10
    Lat Pull Down: 6x#10, #13+5kg x16, 14, 12, 11
    Rope Pull Overs: 10x#9, #12x16, 14, 14
    Dumb Bell Preacher Curl: 12.5s+1kg x18, 13, 12, 12
    DB Hammer Drag Curl: 15s+1.25kg x16, 14, 14, 13

    If anything would trigger sciatica again it would be rows but no issue there today, upped by 5 and added set. Sets and form all as it should be and moving well. Upped LPD in weight and sets too without any compromises and hit the numbers well, lats dialled in nicely. Pullovers stayed at 3 sets tho, will use these for the volume jump next week. Still managed some extra reps even with the earlier work too. Bicep curls went up a measily 1kg and reps held out the same (maybe 1 up, maybe not). Drag work up .25 just thru the means I chose to add weight rather than thinking .25 would be useful, got more reps out anyway so all worked out fine.

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    112.8 today (113 got teased but didn't hold) so a bit more consistent weight wise this week. Needing to watch the knee a bit, still tender over the top of the cap.

    Elevated Belt Squats: 10x20, 10x40, 6x60, 85x14, 13, 12, 12
    Leg Extensions: 10x#12, #16 x18, 14, 12, 12
    DB Ham Curls: 15 x19, 17.5x 14, 14
    Single Leg Ham Curl: #4x15, 15, 14, 13
    Seated Calf Raise: 10x40, 57.5x18, 19, 18, 18
    Tricep Cable Ext (x-over): #3+5kg x17, 14, 12, 10
    Decline Smith CG: 10x60, 75x18, 16, 15

    Broga work still seems to be going well, getting up and down could feel the knee if I rolled over it. That said, belt squats were OK, not 100% without discomfort but that's all it was and not that bad. Upped the weight, added a set and reps were alright, got a sweat on for a cold morning. Leg extensions probably should have been ditched rather than doing more weight and more volume, 1st couple of reps were sore but then it was just mild but no issue engaging the quads and that side felt fine. But I still know I was a silly billy. Still mastering these DB Ham curls. It feels quite good but tricky and I seem to cramp up a bit squeezing together AND curling. Order wasn't as written after that as some lass knicked the ham curls (how dare she, loads of sets too) so banged out my calf work, which took an unusual rep jump even accounting for the order mix up. And then single ham work also seemed to get decent reps too. May have to watch tricep ext weight, got what I needed to but I can sense form is on the edge. All good tho, just have to hold out while adding work. CG was solid tho, up 5kg and managed a couple more reps too.

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    112 dead this morning, lightest of the week so probably a sign of poor post leg session replenishment, however, it's the first week I've not tapped in at under 112 at all. Bit of a wind battle getting in but I made it.

    Incline BB Bench (45deg): x20, 10x40, 8x60, 85x16, 15, 13, 11
    Cable X Over: #6+2.5kg x18, 15, 14, 12
    Land Mine V Rows: 10x50, 82.5x16, 14, 13, 12
    V-Bar Pull Downs: 8x#10, #13x16, 14, 13, 12
    Dumb Bell Curls: 17.5s x16, 14, 12, 10

    Broga faired, shoulder feeling half decent which carried over to incline work positively. Added 2.5 to the work sets and hardly missed a beat, added another set as the Gods commanded so. Kept X-over weight the same but got a good few extra reps in so that proved a good move. Went for a small 2.5 increase of rows too, seemed to hit a groove here as reps were matched no problem and a set added, even with the odd contracted pause at the top just to set the lats alight. VPDs were a bit more of a challenge by now, got an extra rep in there but seeing as back can probably take it another set was put in too, that set going batter than expected. Arms were spent but still had to do some curls, went smart with no real anticipation of going OTT, reps were OK with the bulk of extra volume coming from a 4th set.

    For all you pervs, there's a bit of flesh at the end so when your respective partners go out you can shut yourself in the bathroom and 'enjoy' some DV after-hours

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    Thanks to shooting in quads this weekend there was no sciatica issues, there were issues with not being able to move all weekend due to not jabbing quads for about a year and I stuck 2ml in each side. Thankfully today I could move altho I was still aware of a little knee aching. Weigh in was 112.2

    Calf Presses: 12x80, 12x120, 8x160, 210x21(misload), 230x18, 16, 16, 18
    Leg Press: 7x200, 8x240, 290x22, 17, 15, 14
    Back Squats (elevated): 8x60, 6x80, 105x14, 12, 11
    Dumb Bell Ham Curls: 17.5s x19, 16, 14, 12
    EZ Curls: 8x27.5, 40x16, 13, 12, 11

    Got started with the broga as usual then on with the show. Stuck a few leg press rep in with each calf press set but after a little knee twinging on the first I came up with a plan. But for now the focus is calves, and went well other than misloading the first work set, managed to make the volume up (well, in fact the volume wasn't down anyway but you know how it goes). So on to leg press and it turn out if I stick a mat under my heel like I do squatting not only does it east the knee pain, it fvcking murders your quads. Still managed to match my reps with 10kg extra weight (altho we are pushing towards 1RIR this week). Having done that I thought I'd try normal back squats, but knee no likey so upped the heels again and all was well (well, better anyway). After really struggling last week I upped the weight by 2.5 again for some reason but did actually manage to match my reps and without feeling like I was going to die. Had toyed with swapping GM and ham curls around, nearly didn't but then someone jumped on the machine so my hand was forced, probably for the best. Stuck with the 17.5s from last week, the occasional cramping but seemed to find what to do to stop it, good sets tho. Finished with biceps, same weight just a simple few more reps which all went fine.

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    Feeling fairly good to go this morning, in that prime time zone training wise where the game is being upped but we're not pushing the envelope of recovery quite yet (give it a week or 2). Weighed 112.4

    Flat BB Bench: 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 105x15, 13, 11, 9
    X-over Hi: #4+2.5kg x22, 16, 16, 16
    Parallel Wide Push Down: #15+2.5kg x20, 17, 15
    Rope OH Ext: #10+2.5kg x20, 17, 17, 15
    Laying Rope SLR: #2+2kg x23, 17, 17, 16

    Broga went fine but there was a return of that slight pinching during my bench warm ups, seems to be a very fine set up position where it's either there or not. Kept the work weight the same finally (after 2 weeks of ignoring my instinct) which seemed to pay off. Cracking 1st set and tolerated the drop off well after that getting 5 extra in total. My overreach week last using BBs saw 13 on set one so nicely up on that at the mid-way mark. Upped X-over weight a little bit and finished only 1 rep down so no worries there. In fact everything from here was, maybe only a 2.5 max but all up. Pull downs ended up a rep so held the extra set off this week (again, think I said that last week too LOL). OH rope work saw an unexpected jump in reps with the extra load, no real idea how or why but I'll take it. SLRs just a single rep down but volume still up (as every week always is). No shortage of pump this morning.

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    112.8 this morning, not the best night's sleep for some reason but ready to go.

    BarBell Rows - Pendlay: 10x20, 10x50, 6x70, 85x15, 14, 12, 11
    Lat Pull Down: 6x#10, #13+5kg x18, 15, 13, 12
    Rope Pull Overs: 10x#9, #12x17, 15, 14, 13
    Dumb Bell Preacher Curl: 12.5s+1kg x18, 16, 14, 13
    DB Hammer Drag Curl: 15s+1.25kg x17, 16, 15, 15
    Seated Calf Raises: 10x20, 10x40, 60x18, 17, 16, 15, 17

    Moving well on the broga today (before and after). No huge changes weight wise today just after the extra reps this week and will up next. Rows started feeling quite heavy but hit my groove after set one and banged some good work out there keeping things pretty tight. LPD starting to feel consistently better on the shoulder nowadays which is nice (still grinding but minimal pain). Lats getting a good pump by now. Added a set to pullovers this week, these clunk a bit more but gets the lats nicely engaged. Another rep jump on bicep work which was rather unexpected, preachers feeling pretty intense. Hammer drags not bad either. Chucked tomorrow's calf work in to today, Thursday's take a while ATM so this may save me 10mins. Heavier weight as they were fresh and all fine, popped in a 5th set.

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    112.8 today, could be another week where I don't quite scrape 113 again but all good. Moving my calf work to yesterday in order to save time back fired a bit, seemed to take forever today. Good session tho, couple of exercise tweaks left me properly battered.

    Elevated Belt Squats: 10x20, 10x40, 6x60, 85x15, 14, 13, 12
    Leg Extensions: 10x#12, #16+2.5kg x18, 16, 14, 13
    Good Mornings, Hack: 10x80, 140x20, 18, 17, 17
    Single Leg Ham Curl: #4x16, 15, 13, 14
    Tricep Cable Ext (x-over): #3+3.5kg x18, 15, 13, 11
    Decline Smith CG: 10x60, 80x18, 16, 14, 11

    Broga mobility to begin with and all feeling good. Nailed my Belt squat set up finally I think, all nailed a slight form tweak that really upped the game on these. Warm ups all good and knee behaving, used my figure 8s to enable a good brace position keeping me back on my heels rather than over the bar and this was a bit of a game changer and quads were really engaged, as a result an extra reps were hard fought this morning. As the knee was behaving I got a bit brave (read 'foolish') on extensions and upped the weight. Ended out hitting more reps, knee was only a bit iffy on the starting rep and moved well after that (altho may be slightly more twingey on the 4th set), surprised and happy with that. GMs moved to today, got up to 140, 20 up on last week (that being a 1st time adaptor anyway) but hit the reps well, hams feeling it after every set. The result was not much extra to come on single curls, which I was fine with if it meant I had hit the hams hard, just 1 rep for the better there. Kept tri ext weight the same as I felt I'd pushed a bit quick here, did just about manage an extra rep on each set so all ok. Dec CG was up 5kg and didn't drop a rep until the 3rd set so all good there, also threw a 4th in despite having been in the gym for what seemed like a lifetime by now.

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    One of those days today and we've not even had the social worker meeting yet. Pedal snapped on my bike yesterday but it seems like the manufacturer had cross threaded it when fitting as even when half undone it was taking al my strength to get the fvcker off, getting it started took more effort that my 260 double I reckon LOL As a result I now can't fit a replacement pedal as the threads are so gone it won't lock in or hold. It's only a £100 fixie so I guess I may as well buy a new one as it will probably cost me close to that to replace the bits I need and get them fitted. Only found out the new pedal wasn't holding when I was half way out the village so had to turn back and get the car to work which I hate doing (especially when it's sunny and 14deg)

    Training wise it was good tho, slight rough night's sleep but got some in, weighed 112.6 this morning.

    Incline BB Bench (45deg): x20, 10x40, 8x60, 85x18, 16, 14, 12
    Cable X Over: #6+5kg x18, 14, 13, 12
    Land Mine V Rows: 10x40, 8x60, 90x13, 12, 11, 10, 8
    V-Bar Pull Downs: 8x#10, #13x17, 15, 14, 12
    Dumb Bell Curls: 17.5s x17, 14, 12, 11

    Broga went well but shoulder it's usual pinchy self starting off the incline work so kept work weight the same this week and pushed out some extra reps, which was done with aplomb, 5 up. Weight increase on x overs was more of a wake up, only got 4 sets in as a bit of maths had me up at that point and felt that was sufficient for this week. Bit braver on rows, upped by 5 which cost me some reps, to the point where 5 sets was required, all moved well enough but knew about it for sho. Kept V bars the same considering the row work, managed 3 extra reps, last set was burning out. Which I think cost me on biceps, that and the fact that I think I had raced ahead on RIR there lately anyway so less room for manoeuvre. Got a couple extra in there, with a fight.

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    Sessions are getting up to big boys levels of work now. Weighed in at 113 this morning (must have been the homemade chicken nuggets last night) but I was feeling every kg of it this morning. Had to walk to the gym thanks to no bike.

    Calf Presses: 12x80, 12x120, 8x180, 240x21, 20, 19, 18, 14
    Leg Press (heel lift): 7x200, 8x240, 300x20, 18, 15, 14
    Back Squats (elevated): 8x60, 6x80, 107.5x14, 12, 11
    Dumb Bell Ham Curls: 17.5s x22, 18, 16, 14
    EZ Curls: 8x27.5, 40x17, 14, 13, 12

    Brisk walk soon warms you in this sudden warm (mild) spell we're having. Chucked my broga in and was ready to rumble. Got up to a hefty 240 on the calf presses and repped these out surprisingly well, bit of a drop on the last set which may have been down to a few leg press reps first, all good tho. Presses up next and ramped these up to 300 and kept the heel elevation in. This was still just as brutal as last week and despite an initial drop in the first set the reps held out where they needed to. Got a bit brave of squats and upped the weight, not that brave tho, only 2.5 up but I still HAD to match reps, anything less would have been a volume drop. Just about pushed thru to get them. DB ham curls were good this week, a little cramping again but not too much, reps nicely up. Bicep work felt heavy, managed an extra rep on each set tho so no complaining.

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    113.2 today, I think this is the first time I've had back to back 113 weigh ins (probably thanks to not having a bike to cycle to and from work so am driving instead LOL). And while yesterday I felt a heavy 113, today I felt better for it, abs still there if I work the work the angles, and we all work the angles.

    Flat BB Bench: 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 105x15, 13, 12, 10
    X-over Hi: #4+5kg x18, 15, 13, 12, 11
    Parallel Wide Push Down: #15+5kg x18, 14, 12, 11
    Rope OH Ext: #10+5kg x20, 17, 16, 15
    Laying Rope SLR: #2+3kg x21, 18, 15, 15

    Noticed some mid erector tightness on my broga today but didn't hamper things, just a feel. Warming up on bench was fine and moving well. Annoying tho the first set felt heavy and no extra work, 2nd set did actually feel better but any extra would still have been a push, wasn't looking good but I was acutely aware I had got ahead of myself on bench in earlier weeks. Last 2 did see me get an extra rep so not bad in the end. Upped X overs by 2.5 and added a set, was on the cards anyway but was also needed for the gainsssss. PD up 2.5 too, these moved well, didn't bother with the maths over the extra set as I was due a 4th set anyway but looking at the numbers now it was just as well. Also had rope OH up 2.5, only lost 1 rep but volume wise this wasn't an issue so all good there and triceps feeling it. Upped SLR by a whole 1kg, had to dig out the last set in order to avoid the necessity of a 5th so not up by much but up is up and next week I suspect they'll be a chase for another set in there.