The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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    Had been using a lot of GSL but this current blast I am on Chiron which seems half decent, tren is certainly fvcking my sleep up anyway and ~5-6kg up in 10 weeks

    Deloading again next week then a whole new training block
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    111.8kg this morning, last week of this block and deloading again. Quad feeling alright over the weekend so hoping it would see thru this session OK.

    Landmine Calf Raises: 10x25kg, 10x40, 60x11, 11, 11, 11
    Inward Hack Squats: 6x40, 60x10, 10, 12
    Sissy Squats: +10kg x15, 15, 15
    Hamstring Curls: 8x#6, #9x10, 10, 10
    Seated Cable Curls: #3+2.5kg x17, 15, 15

    Almost trouble free today. Calf work was fine, popped the odd extra few easy reps in there. Hacks I approached with caution but they went fine, no niggling at all and reps moved like there was nothing there. Sissy's were the interesting one, started fine but at the end of the 2nd set I could just start to feel the dodgy area on my quad rearing up. It was obviously there on the last set too but I went cautiously and also found a bit of flaring moved it off a bit. All east reps tho. Ham curls were no problem and then a little extra on the bicep deload compared to the other week but still all straight forward enough.

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    So after ringing the aerial guys up and before they came round I squeezed in my push deload session this morning. Weighing 111.2 (bit light but cals not as religiously high due to lower expenditure this week) and ready to go.

    Incline DB Press (30deg): 10x15s, 10x25s, 5x35s, 40s x9, 9, 9
    Flat DB Flyes: 17.5s x13, 13, 13
    BB Decline Skulls: 10x20, 45x12, 15, 15
    Straight Bar PDs: 12x#9, #13x20, 12x15, 15
    DB SLR: 8s x20, 20, 18

    All easy peasy again. Bit of yoga to get going. Randomly the shoulder was a bit pinchy again initially but eased off and rattled the 40s no issues. Good neck cracking on the first set of flyes, in a good way LOL but they all came easily. Went heavier than last deload on the skulls but still very comfy work there, and maybe got a bit excited on the 1st set of PDs but calmed myself down after that but again, all easy. It was hlaf way thru PDs I got the call the aerial guy was en route so those and SLRs were kind of supersetted, SLRs were well easy but shoulder liked it that way.

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    111.2 again. Interestingly I'm 1kg up on 2 weeks ago (Xmas eve) but 200g down on Boxing day LOL Hit my bro-ga and rattled out my pull session. Lots of gym fvckery going on in there today which is on the vid if you fancy a chuckle.

    Smith Machine Rows: 10x20, 8x50, 70x8, 8, 8
    Assisted Chin Ups: +40.5x12, 11, 10 (saw an extra 6lbs on afterwards)
    Seated DB Clean: 12.5x12, 15, 15
    BB Curl (Wide Grip): 12x20, 35x15, 15, 15
    Supported Single DB Curl: 10s x15, 15, 15

    Moving comfortably and easily today. Smith rows were no problem banging out some quick 8s. Thought assisted chins were flying too, then realised the dial was turned and it had more help than I'd selected, I did more reps anyway. Went a little heavier than last deload on the DB cleans but all very easy still.. BB curls... easy, good reps. It was just before these we all spotted the super slow tempo guy doing some weird fvcked up exercise on the shoulder press - cannot see for the life of my why the boss and his Mrs (both in this morning) let him do that but don't let us put a BB on the floor LOL Then sealed he deal with supported curls, I've liked these. Also managed to catch some lad banging out some super deep reps with the 47s... he didn't even warm up, walked straight in and grabbed them to hit his, well, dunno what he was hitting LOL

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    Rough night thanks to the Mrs sleeping tabs meaning her snoring was twice as bad LOL and woke up with the start of a cold coming on so just hoping a deload week won't tax me enough for it to really take hold. 111.6 today so a sneaky mid-week climb. Quad was so-so unfortunately.

    Front Squats: ?x20, 8x40, 6x60, 6x80, 90x6, 6, 6 (elevated)
    Hack Lunges: x20, +30kg x10, 10, 12 (total reps)
    Hip Thrusters: 100x10, 110, 10
    Hatfield Calf Raises: 110x12, 12, 12
    Reverse Grip PD w/twist (Handles): #7x18, 18, 18
    Decline Kick Backs: 8s x12, 12, 12

    Got my broga in and cautiously hit the fronties. These were actually OK tho, so discomfort at all, no niggling, easy and smooth. Less of a surprise was the exercise that did my quad wasn't quite so on point. Went easier on reps and staggered my legs instead of lunging them as altho the lifting part of the lunge was debatably OK, when I dropped the bad leg behind and hit the other leg I could feel the dodgy bit pulling more. Don't feel like I've done any harm and reps certainly didn't flare anything and once staggered removing the stretch it was fine. That said I did use a bit of pushing with the hands just out of caution than need but had I 100% loaded I may have paid for it. Hip/Ham thrusters were all fine no bother there, and calf work didn't niggle the quad either so post-stressing feedback looking good. Rattled my tricep work out nice and easily and few more reps than the other week but still not that taxing. Alas no gym fvckery to film today.

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    Bit of a weight drop the last 24hrs which is odd, but still holding well for a deload week TBH at 111kg dead this morning. Back to stricter cal adherence next week.

    Flat DB Press: 10x15, 10x25, 5x35, 42.5s x10, 10, 10
    Supported Rope Flyes: #4x14, 14, 14
    Hammer Rows (stretched): 12x40, 70x12, 10, 10
    Rope Inc PD: #9x10, 10, 10
    Pinwheel Curls: 15s x20, 15, 15

    A swift one this morning so I could get to work early and leave early. Broga done. DBs rattled out with ease and no discomfort. Flyes equally easy and reps no problem. Quick pump out on the hammer rows and then shimmied thru LPD too. Went a bit harder on pin wheel, because gunz, and that was that. Interestingly some work despite being a deload was up when I used these same weights in week 1 of the programme, but it was all easy.

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    Long weekend... family dramas for once at a minimum (other than riling me up a bit on Friday by being asked to buy snacks for the kid as they can't afford it - but they can afford to start smoking) but the cold I was coming down with on Friday hit me over Sat and Sun, sinuses are my Achilles so altho not really ill my head felt like lead.

    Seemed to start clearing last night thankfully and not feeling too bad this morning, altho breathing is slightly laboured. A hefty homemade pizza and late night snacks, not to mention an overflowing bowl of porridge for breakfast, had me weighing in back at 112kg this morning and ready to start the first new block of 2019

    Calf Presses: 12x80, 12x120, 8x160, 180x19, 16, 14, 17
    Leg Press: 8x180, 260x20, 15, 13
    Back Squats (elevated): 8x60, 6x80, 100x12, 12, 11
    BB Good Mornings: 8x60, 100x10, 10, 10
    EZ Curls: 8x27.5, 37.5x11, 10, 10

    Usual broga bits and a cautious start was to made to see what the quad is up to. No issues on calf work and altho I miscounted and meant to have 200 on made good work of the 180 for week 1. Leg press was were the hesitancy crept in, the warm up set felt fine. Went with a low and narrow stance but also toes and knees out. Did wonder whether 260 was an ambitious start considering the niggle but it all seemed to go OK, only just tho, I reckon I could feel it just reminding me it was there altho not really anything beyond a distant wave and wink at me. Good reps in the end, good form I felt and quads knowing about it after a 6 month gap. Next up was elevated back squats, these weren't as interesting as I suspected, quad seemed unbothered by them but was still a little wary. The other point of not was from set one, reaching the bar was not an issue, a good shoulder sign there but one I need to make sure doesn't reignite any problems. But good smooth and deep reps were done. Also went with BB GMs (more reason to monitor shoulder acceptance) few quick sets of 10 were on the money. Gun finisher was EZ curls with a little extension, 37.5 may have been a bit too keen for a starting weight so we'll see how the weeks go. Went well enough today and should get easier too.

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    Still a bit muggy in the head this morning but it's easing off, certainly feeling less heavy in the head right now. 111.8 at morning weigh in and no real plan in mind for the session other than BB on the menu.

    Flat BB Bench: 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 100x15, 13, 12
    Hammer Press: x40, 60x14, 12
    X-over Mid>Hi: #4x14, 12
    Parallel OH Ext: #9x20, 20, 20
    Rope PD: #7x18, 12, 12
    Laying Rope SLR: #2x20, 20, #2+2.5kg x15

    Broga suggested mobility was OK still even after the back bar holding from yesterday. Normally after a BB exodus I tend to start under 100 but my ego wouldn't let that happen today even tho the warm ups felt very foreign. Once a bit of weight was actually on the bar tho it felt much better and 100 repped out very comfortably. A lot of activity around the pec iso work I was eyeing up so thought I'd try something different this block and will split the iso work between some iso and some hammer work. Started with the hammer work, just 2 sets and seemed to find a set up and groove that almost felt good. Then 2 sets working a mid to hi x-over action for a final pump. Tricep work was little trial and error looking for something different and wanting to come from overhead but shoulder wasn't 100% happy. Parallel LPD bar ended out working it ok tho but not totally convinced how well it will work with more weight and volume. Rope PDs were decent enough. Finished off with some cable SLR work for the burn.

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    112 weigh in today so a feeling beefy again. Really no idea of what I was going to do but defaulted to a basic selection as I'd not done any of them for a while.

    BarBell Rows - Pendlay: 10x20, 10x50, 6x70, 80x12, 10, 10
    Lat Pull DOwn: 6x#10, #13x15, 13, 12
    Rope Pull Overs: 10x#9, #11x14, 12
    Dumb Bell Preacher Curl: 12.5s x12, 11, 11
    DB Hammer Drag Curl: 15s x14, 12, 12

    New exercises this week testing the broga mobility a bit just from PWO DOMS etc but that should hopefully all ease soon. After a couple of tight warm up sets rows were decent, good 90deg over and solid enough for week 1. LPD saw a return of a little clunkiness but not actually too bad and I seemed to find a groove that halted it, repped out well compared to the last week 1 of these. Toyed with some rear delt stuff but finally opted for some pull overs, just a couple of sets for the iso, kept it really locked in tho and felt good. Wasn't sure what to do for biceps (so good at planning am I) in the end I went for some DB preacher curls, both together, nice and focused. Then to end an interesting little improve using DB, going for some hammer work but with a drag curl twist. Didn't seem to do me any harm. I did test out whether it was doable using teh safety bar and using the struts on that but they were just too narrow.

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    112.2 today, nice and consistent at this end now which is nice. Really did go in blind this morning not being sure what the leg would be happy with etc. Was quite exhaustive in the end checking all the boxes but should be a decent long term session hopefully.

    Elevated Belt Squats: 10x20, 10x40, 75x12, 12, 12
    Leg Extensions: 10x#12, #15x19, 18, 14
    Manual Ham Curls: BW x12, 10, 9
    Single Leg Cable Curl: #3x13, 12
    Seated Calf Raise: 10x40, 50x16, 17, 14
    Tricep Cable Ext (x-over): #3x19, 16, 13
    Decline Smith CG: 10x60, 70x15, 14, 12

    Quick broga shimmy and then the thinking and deciding began. I finally settled on Belt Squats again just as I wasn't 100% confident in anything else and I also want this session to be an easier one than Monday's. Played with the mats and set up to get a good heel elevation and good ROM depth and seemed to nail it. Didn't expect to get 3x12 as the 1st set wasn't easy but I seem to adapt set by set and found my groove quickly. Leg Ext next, little knee ache on the warm up but then it all seemed good, smooth and tight reps. Not easy for hamstring variations especially as I was wanting iso not compounds today, not sure how much progressional volume Man ham curls will give me, I'll see. Single cable curls were also a weird one, I'll see if it's a newbie thing or if they just aren't that great in the next week or 2. Seated calves were ok, no cramping which plagued me last time round, not heavy but reps very much peak focused and hot the spot. Hitting tricep cable exts fresh was interesting, felt strong and really locked the triceps out hard. Good news was that CG dec smith didn't really suffer at the end and reps went well there too. So a bit more exercises than normal but not too all encompassing so went well.

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    Skinny day today, 111.4kg, no idea where that overnight drop has come from TBH

    Incline BB Bench (45deg): x20, 10x40, 8x60, 80x16, 14, 13
    Cable X Over: #6x15, 13, 12
    Land Mine V Rows: 10x50, 75x11, 12, 13
    V-Bar Pull Downs: 8x#10, #13x13, 12, 11
    Dumb Bell Curls: 17.5s x13, 11, 11

    Few mins broga under the heaters and was ready to test this ghastly incline bench out. Warming up wasn't much fun, shoulder not too keen on it, could be tightness, could be the angle. However, like my DB work, this seemed to pass once we got to a sensible weight. Worked the angle OK keeping my chest arched up and managed to work the racking and unracking altho once the weight becomes more intense this could be an issue and a hand off and reracking will likely be needed. But anyway, 3 sets at 80 with good smooth reps went fine in the end. X overs next, also a little pinchy on the shoulder but did find my groove again. Back work started with V bar rows on the landmine which felt fairly solid altho a bit of positional honing resulted in reps increasing on each set interestingly. Wrapped the arms up with some DB curls, we'll see if I started a bit heavy or not in the coming weeks but all decent enough.

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    Bit of a light weight this morning, 111.4, clearly yesterday's smokehouse lunch treat wasn't enough of a treat. But feeling good to go today.

    Calf Presses: 12x80, 12x120, 8x160, 200x17, 17, 17, 16
    Leg Press: 8x180, 260x23, 19, 14
    Back Squats (elevated): 8x60, 6x80, 100x13, 11, 11
    BB Good Mornings: 8x60, 100x12, 11, 10
    EZ Curls: 8x27.5, 37.5x13, 11, 11

    Shimmied thru my broga and ready to go. Looking for some sensible increases today that still give me te room for progression I need for the next few weeks. Calves went better than expected, upped by 20 but reps had no intention of dropping at all which was odd. Kept leg press weight the same (still watching this quad a bit), plenty of extra reps, which I certainly felt, but no irritation on the niggle at all this week. Did walk away wondering what my quads would feel like after 8 more weeks of progression cos they were a bit shaky afterwards. But that said, squats were up next and they weren't so bad. Well, they started well, seemed to drop back after the first sets but seeing how presses went that's not a shocker. Moved well tho and despite the odd walk out feeling like the quad pop got a reminder the squats themselves were completely trouble free. GMs felta bit better this week altho still wondering if BB set up is best for me. Might actually try the yolk bar, I like the safety bar in theory but I'm not sure it encourages a good brace when doing GMs. Banged out some EZ curls again to finish, reps up a bit on last week which was good to see.

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    Crap night's sleep again last night, seemed really poor, no sure why but then it appears than I have had a return of this cold, or got another one, as I'm congested to fvck today. But no excuses, save that for leg day, still had a session to get in. Weighed in at 111.8.

    Flat BB Bench: 10x40, 8x60, 5x80, 102.5x15, 13, 12
    X-over Hi: #4x20, 15, 14, 13
    Parallel Wide Push Down: #15x15, 13, 14?
    Rope OH Ext: #7x20, 18, 16
    Laying Rope SLR: #2+2.5kg x10, #2x16, 14, 13

    Limbered up with the usual broga and was off. Not too happy with benching today, think I forgot my grip width, up 2.5 but should have been better than it was, couldn't afford to drop anything so slightly harder work than was ideal. As a result dropped the hammer press I did last week and focused just on the iso (which has worked for the last year) so 4 sets of a high x-over but this was really locked in and reps were good. Wasn't feeling the wide OH ext so switched it to push down, much better, shoulder happier and repped well hitting the spot. So put rope work OH instead and again, worked better and good reps. SLRs could be doubled up today, odd that this seemed to make it harder so had to drop the increase I finished on last week, but I don't stress my shoulder work.

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    Good weigh in this morning despite a bust evening last night 112.4, probably carrying half a kg of mucus in my head TBH.

    BarBell Rows - Pendlay: 10x20, 10x50, 6x70, 80x13, 12, 11
    Lat Pull DOwn: 6x#10, #13x17, 15, 14
    Rope Pull Overs: 10x#9, #12x14, 12
    Dumb Bell Preacher Curl: 12.5s x13, 12, 12
    DB Hammer Drag Curl: 15s x17, 14, 13

    Shoulder moving better it seems after a week of getting used to the new movements, broga sorting things out still too. Rows felt good this week and a few reps comfortably for the better. Same with LPDs, reps came out well. Another quick couple of sets with pullovers but added weight this week. Reps weren't high enough on bicep work last week to get too carried away adding kgs so just went with the reps on both preacher and drag work, no issue adding reps to each either.