The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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    Stunt Nuts and Stupid Cvnts sounds like a great name to me.

    Looking more and more likely, mate, just can't believe that the 2 of them can't see how serious the situation is and that they believe they can keep faking their way thru everything. But yeah, we're 5 years away from Zach being an adult and getting our private Sandals holiday, but now that's on hold until our 60s LOL It's not really want we want as such but we will do it.

    Shoulder has usually taken a battering by friday and the ME pressing doesn't set the shoulder up well for anything else but it's certainly better than it was, usually is light on cable work, but again, this was an overreaching week, just maybe a bit too much for the niggles.
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    Been a long weekend, Mrs been guilt tripping herself as TH and his GF really don't seem to be aware of the severity of the situation they're in, altho I find it hard to believe, I think they're just in denial and belief that their BS is being swallowed by everyone.

    Deload week again and weight back to the low 106s again, all feeling good tho. Blast will start at the end of the week.

    Hack Calves: 10x rack, 12x40, 80x12, 12, 12, 12
    Hack Squat: 8x40, 70x8, 8, 8
    Camber Squat: 5x60, 80, 90x8, 8, 8
    Ham Curl: #5x 13, 13, 13
    Cable Curl: #7x12, #8x14, 13, 13

    All smooth and easy today. Moving comfortably. Kept it all fairly well tempo'ed, either slowing the movement down or pausing things but not so much as to make thinks too difficult. Got my yoga in at the start and the end of the session and some rolling too.

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    Still floating above 106 by a couple of points so all good. Mobility feeling alright this morning, good bit of yoga done pre- and post- training.

    Inc Smith Bench: 10x20, 10x40, 7x60, 80x8, 8, 8
    Pec Dec: #14x14, 14, 14
    Close Grip Smith: 70x10, 10, 10
    Single DB x-body: #10x14, 14, 13
    Leaning Cable SLR: #2 x10, 10, 10

    Went a little lighter than on the last deload week, only to ease the shoulder and recover the extra work I did last week. Moved nicely and went fine. Made some volume up (not that I needed to) on the pec dec but still very comfy and easy. Everything after that just a formality, CG was easy and smooth, DB work on triceps was locked in, few more reps but not difficult and SLRs perfectly tolerable.

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    Deload back sessions are almost too easy, but I've earned it. Still over 106 unlike last deload when I had dipped to mid 105s by now. Healthy stint of yoga before and after, some extra rolling after too.

    Seated Cable Row (Wide, OH): 10x#4, 10x#8, #12x10, 10, 10
    V bar Pull Down: 6x#10, #13x10, 9, 9
    Cable Upright: #8x10, 10, 10
    Incline DB Curls: 10 x14, 16, 16
    Single DB Preacher: 10x 12, 12, 12

    There you have it, fairly bland one today but all felt good, all moved nicely and still got a micro-pump on. Left me with spare time to chase stagecoach up as my boys smartcard hasn't registered all week but apparently the only fix is for me to take it to the main depot, considering Friday is the last day he needs it that seems fairly pointless as I can't get it to them without him being with me.

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    Leg deload round 2 this morning. Managed to weigh in just tipping in at 107 this morning. Nightmare at work last night as not only had everyone made a plethora of double bookings for me to have to appease but my son was 2hrs late home after school, phone dead and all of us panicking about where he was and what had happened - numpty had messaged me thru IG (only he has a private account so it didn't flag up as a notification (not that I have them turned on anyway) on his mates computer so he thought he had done the right thing and didn't get why we were all going spare LOL Then low and behold it was raining this morning so the Mrs ring at the gym as TH has hurt his back so can't walk the kid to nursery (coincidence!??!), apparently he sneezed so hard that he immediately fell to the floor in pain and has been in agony since. Can't make this sh!t up, well, I can't, he can.

    Landmine Belt Squats: 10x +25, 10x +40, bar+60x10, 10, 10
    SLDL: 10x70, 7x120, 160x10, 140x10
    Leg Extension: #15x10, 11, 11
    Seated Calves: 60x11, 12, 12
    V Bar Push Down: #13x12, 12, 12
    Bench Dips: 28 KB x12, 12, 12

    Odd one today, felt good, mobilised well. Warm ups were fine but then my knee just didn't feel happy (had one or two moments lately when leaning over on it it has had a sharp pinch), however, that said once the 1st set was done it felt better (used mats to give extra depth after set 1 BTW). SLDL went nicely other than misloading by 20kg. Only the 2 sets just for recovery's sake. 1st set of leg ext the knee didn't like, then after that practically no discomfort at all let alone pain, very odd. All fine from there, calves easy enough, tricep ext I played with some angles and tempos a bit which cut a few reps off. Dips all good and easy.

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    Final deload session, and final session of this block and final session of this cruise


    durdle - errr derrrr, durdle-uh der der

    Weighed in at 106.2/4 so held more steady this week

    Flat Smith Bench: 10x20, 8x40, 7x60, 4x80, 90x5, 5, 5
    Incline Cable Flye: #4x12, 12, 12
    Supported DB Row 30deg: 10x27.5, 35s x11, 12, 12
    Alternating V bar Chins: Blue band x6, 6, 6
    Spider EZ Curl: 17.5 x15, 15, 15

    All rosy today, took one or two things a bit easier just to keep things comfy but happy with this end to the week training wise. Yoga at the start and the end. Suppose I better start thinking about what I'll be doing next week.

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    Back in the world of training things are not so bad. New block started today, blast started Saturday, starting weight is 106kg this week.

    Landmine Calf Raises: 10x25kg, 10x40, 55x16, 13, 13, 12
    Inward Hack Squats: 6x40, 60x 17, 14, 15, (paused)
    Sissy Squats: Bodyweight x21, 16, 14
    Hamstring Curls: 8x#5, 5x#7, #9x12, 9, 8
    Seated Cable Curls: 10x#2, #3x17, 15, 15

    Nice start to this wave. Mobility on the shoulder started off well, feeling good, and nothing today should have bothered it either. Started off hitting calves as per my belt squats just for something different. Quite liked these and figured as the reps get harder down the round if you lean over donkey style you lose your bodyweight and it's easier to bang a few more out. Hack squats next up but switching tech to face in this cycle and also adding a cheeky deadstop on my reps too, had planned to go heavy heavier but I soon figured when 'warming up' with 60 that for this week if I wanted high reps I should probably hold out there. Something out of the blue next, sissy squats, never done them with any real gusto but why not. Hamstring curls were done doubled up rather than single, in hindsight I think I had planned on trying them with DBs but I can do that next cycle. Bicep finisher was some seated cable work which I'd concocted from realising when I did cable flyes the curl in setting up felt quite decent, quick 3 sets if high reps gave me what I needed.

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    Went in to this morning's session completely blind to what I was going to do other than some DB pressing. Combined with some venting of on-going issues it dragged out far longer than it should have. All good in the end tho. Weighed in at 106.4

    Incline DB Press (30deg): 10x15s, 10x25s, 5x32.5s, 40s x14, 12, 10
    Flat DB Flyes (w/red band): 15s x18, 16, 15
    BB Decline Skulls: 10x20, 45x14, 13, 13
    Straight Bar PDs: 12x#9, #12x18, 18, 13
    DB SLR: 7.5s x20, 19, 17, 16

    Will be interesting to see how the shoulder takes DB work over the coming weeks but was alright today (usual yoga work pre- and post-). Bit of gamble working with 40s in week 1 but I'll be chasing reps more than weight (due to 5kg increases each time). For a 5 month exodus these weren't so bad tho for incline work. Wanted some cable stuff next but too many people on them and figured if every week was like this it would be a right pain so hesitantly opted for some DB flyes (never been my favourite). As I always find my levers make the strength curve too inconsistent I thought using a light bad may help even things out. I think it worked, reps were quite high and the movement felt quite good. Skulls up next for some tri work, shoulder not as bad on these as I think I recall (decline helps) and a respectable starting weight. PD with a straight bar next, working some angles a bit for some focus on tension. SLRs were interesting, anticipated these to be a problem but they felt good, light, strict and high reps.

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    Slightly later than usual today (only an hour) as the mrs had a physio appt over her collapsing hip/knee. Still a problem but seems to be progressing which is nice, got a follow up to her RA on Friday too which will see a mid-day or pm session being done. 106.6 on morning weigh in.

    Smith Machine Rows: 10x20, 10x40, 70x 12, 12, 11
    Assisted Chin Ups: +40.5 x13, 11, 10
    Seated DB Clean: 7.5s x18, 20, 19
    BB Curl (Wide Grip): 12x20, 35x14, 12, 12
    Supported Single DB Curl: 10s x15, 13, 13

    Once I was yoga'ed up I go going pronto. Smith machine rows with all the mats we had to stand on were the starter, could really feel the imbalance of the machine so kept swapping around my set up to even myself out.... owner fessed up to not bolting it down level, nice to know they knew but still left it LOL... felt alright tho once I'd accepted the wonkyness. Little change up for chins next, going the assisted route to up the repping game. Odd machine but making the movement that much stricter meant I actually required a fair bit of help but ROM and form was cash-money and more shoulder tolerable. Weird machine tho and as well as the weight increments there is a dial numbered 2-4-6 which I guess adjusts resistance in between the plate loading increases which IIRC were 8kg jumps. Return to a very old friend after that, seated DB cleans. These were bound to test shoulder mobility and while they weren't discomfort free they were OK, see how weight progression treats it all tho. Some old school BB curls with a wide grip got the 'ceps nicely switched on and then some supported single bicep curls, king of like a single spider curl really, these felt pretty decent as you can get your position and angle nicely nailed. All done in a bout an hour, which for me is unheard of.

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    Either I have found hypertrophy nirvana or someone's been spiking extra calories in my food cos today I weighed in at 107.6, 1kg up on yesterday and 1.6 up on Monday. Took a moment or 2 to decide on what to do today and here's what I ended out with.

    Front Squats: 10x20, 10x40, 6x60, 5x80, 90x10, 8, 8 (Paused)
    Hack Lunges: x20, 20kg x22, 20 (total reps)
    Hip Thrusters: 60kg x15, 16, 15, 15
    Hatfield Calf Raises: x60, 110x14, 14, 11, 11
    Reverse Grip PD w/twist (Straps): x#5, #7x13, 10, 11
    Decline Kick Backs: 7.5s x16, 15, 12

    After a bit of journal flicking I opted for FS to make a return. Certainly out of practice, granted stance was close, there was a brief pause at the bottom etc but these weren't easy for what they were, room to grow tho. After that I talked myself into some hack squat lunges, quite liked these but being such a new movement just went for the 2 sets today. Then, much to my chagrin, I gave this hip thruster contraption a go, fvck me what palava that was. Took me forever to get a half decent set up and even then nearly fvcked my knee up (altho I think I have it sussed for next week). Interesting exercises, aim was to target hamstrings more which I think I was doing but then I got an horrific calf cramp so wrapped it (it was getting out after this that my knee had a sharp lateral pain for a few mins but it seems to have passed to nothing major). Altho the cramp wasn't fun I did actually manage to get some calf raises in, kept an eye on tempo etc just to be sure. Some experimental tricep work then ensued, used my chain and figure8s to get some reverse grip PDs in with a twist at full extension to really lock in the contraction which felt good. Then... THEN.... some tricep kick backs, yeah, that's right. Laying face down on a decline so the tension was better thru the full ROM, these were alright.

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    Late start to today's session after a hospital trip with the Mrs (looks like her condition is now under control so now it's just coping and giving it all time and hopefully reducing meds). Hit the scales at 107.4 so that's the first back to back 107 weigh in.

    Flat DB Press: 10x15, 10x25, 5x35, 42.5s x14, 12, 10
    Supported Rope Flyes: #4x20, 15, 14
    Hammer Rows (stretched): 12x40, 70x11, 10, 10
    Rope Inc PD: #9x12, 12, 11
    Pinwheel Curls: 10x12.5, 15s x20, 16, 14

    Decent start, would have liked DB work to have felt easier but the transition from smith to DBs probably takes some adjusting, still hit pretty decent reps for keeping some in reserve I guess. Bit of flye improv next, using ropes and keeping palms up. Last set was probably the best height set up but felt good. Took a while to decide what back was going to entail, went for hammer rows but focusing on a good stretch this time round...meh, oh for now, still not my favourite machine. Then rope PDs, took a while to find the set up I liked but shoulder took then well. Finished off with pinwheel curls, repped out fine here keeping form nice and tight.

    Now just had to deal with some cvnt hacking my FB, I suspect as my laptop took half an hour to power up and then clean after my son had been using it that he'd clicked something he shouldn't.

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    Starting the week off still breaking the scales at 107.6, and with a very tight right glute right up to my coccyx thanks to Saturday's jab. But feeling good and ready to go altho am trying to be more tactful with progression this block and not rush things in order to prevent fatigue build up better.

    Landmine Calf Raises: 10x25kg, 10x40, 57.5x16, 14, 13, 14
    Inward Hack Squats: 6x40, 60x 18, 15, 15, (paused)
    Sissy Squats: +5kg x18, 13, 14
    Hamstring Curls: 8x#5, 5x#7, #9x15, 11, 11
    Seated Cable Curls: 10x#2, #3x22, 16, 16

    So a simple looking session on paper. Shoulder feeling half decent and yoga went well in warming up. Week 2 always goes a bit better without the quandary of not knowing what I am going to do. Calves felt good, just a little increase in weight and a little increase in reps but sets stayed the same. On to hacks and already felt the quicker pace making itself felt, kept the weight the same this week but hit 2 extra reps, full on pauses and more strict rest today compared to last week IIRC. Next week will see a more aggressive increase tho. Upped the sissy squat game with a 5kg addition to bodyweight, this was brutal (again, speed could have been a contributory factor here too) so reps took a little hit but liked the work and sets will be upped next week. Hamstrings were well justified without the extra set as reps were a good few up (7?) and felt spot on. Bicep blast to finish and again, a nice rep gain here so saved the set increases for next week on this one.

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    Today would be an interesting tester, knowing what I am doing would see things moving faster so less recovery on muscles that for me notoriously need that recovery. Weighed in at 107.4... a small dip in weight, need to keep an eye on this as for the next few week negative fluctuations should be few and far between ideally.

    Incline DB Press (30deg): 10x15s, 10x25s, 5x32.5s, 40s x15, 13, 12
    Flat DB Flyes (w/red band): 15s x21, 20 no band 15s x21, 17.5s x20
    BB Decline Skulls: 10x20, 45x14, 13, 13
    Straight Bar PDs: 12x#9, #12x18, 16, 14
    DB SLR: 7.5s x22, 20, 18, 17

    Yoga work all moving nicely still. Significant progress here ATM which is great (altho DB work always a little funky due to those deeper muscles kicking in). Warm ups were fine, work sets were fine... in fact better than I thought as I mis-read my journal and it wasn't until I amended last weeks session on here to update for today that I realised I was a good 4 reps for the better. Started flyes off with the red bands again but after 2 sets and a sh!t load of reps it was all a bit tiring on the wrists so ditched the band, needed a final set with a little more weight after that. Decline skulls weren't so great, same as last week but moved on to them much quicker and did the sets quicker too I'm sure. Same story with PD (less ranting about life between sets today LOL) but also a far quicker transition, only cost me 1 rep and the job was certainly still done. SLRs were on the money tho, repped these out well for a good few extra still with plenty on the bank.

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    Hit the gym before full rage mode ensued this morning. Raring to go but not too distracted by all of life's bollox. Weighed in at 108 (.2) so going well there at least.

    Smith Machine Rows: 10x20, 10x40, 70x 13, 12, 11
    Assisted Chin Ups: +40.5 x14, 12, 11
    Seated DB Clean: 10s x22, 20, 18
    BB Curl (Wide Grip): 12x20, 35x15, 13, 12
    Supported Single DB Curl: 10s x18, 15, 14

    Usual yoga to start then hit the ground running. Shoulder still good even after yesterday's pressing. Smith rows didn't see a big change (1 rep LOL) but wider grip and stayed over the bar more so that partly explains it. Chins saw a rep on each set ad with the extra BW I'll gladly take that, felt good. Upped the DB cleans as the shoulder was doing well, took the extra weight well and reps were up nicely also. Gun time next up, wide grip BB work felt bang on, small rep increase but considering how much quicker it all is after week 1 this was all good enough news. Single supported curls to finish and a good few extra reps over the 3 sets to round it all off with. Back home to wait for UPS to not turn up and to worry if my laptop would ever work again after Zach has been using it.

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    Solid little leg session today. Weighed in at 108.4. Mobilised well and dove in.

    Front Squats: 10x20, 10x40, 6x60, 5x80, 90x11, 9, 9 (Paused)
    Hack Lunges: x20, 25kg x24, 24(total reps)
    Hip Thrusters: 65kg x16, 15, 15, 18
    Hatfield Calf Raises: x60, 110x15, 14, 13, 11
    Reverse Grip PD w/twist (Handles): x#5, #7x18, 14, 12
    Decline Kick Backs: 7.5s x16, 16, 14

    Quickly finding my groove on FS again, little tech tweek with set up but all good and repped nicely with 3 extra on the week, maybe had more but got bigger weeks to come. Hack lunges were up in weight and reps so still did just the 2 sets this week, hits quads nicely but we'll now start upping the game here set wise. Better work with hip thrusters this week, machine is still a PITA to set up and get out of but it's working, 5kg up and repped out just as well, if not better. Calf work felt good but not much extra to found here this week other than not tailing off so bad. Tricep work felt good, I like these reverse grip PD with a quarter turn, locks tris out hard, same weight but more reps this week (used handles not my fig8s). Kick backs rocking everyone's world too, noty much more than last week but felt decent enough.