The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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    After a thorough drenching in the 2mins it takes me to get to the gym I started with some shoulder mobility work to try and nip any issues in the bud, not entirely successful but was fine by the last set. Spent an age rolling at the end tho, so much so I actually had to stop at one point as I'd ground a hole out in the wall I was using. Feels interesting now tho. Will see my mate during next week's deload I think.

    Seated DB OH Press: 5x10s, 20s, 27.5, 35s x7, 7, 7, 7, 7
    DB Shrug: 60s x10, 10, 10, 10, 10
    Laying Cable SLR: #3+2kgx10, 10, 10, 10, 10
    Incline Upright Row: 40x10, 10, 10, 10, 10
    Standing EZ Curl: 35x15, 15, 15, 15, 15

    Slightly more reserved work today interestingly, but still progression (where needed). Most notable work increase was on the pressing, weight was up, sets were up and the reps were up (only by 1). Some funky stuff going on in my shoulder but the last set was actually decent. Shrugs I wasn't that up for and decided a drop in volume may be nice for my shoulder so weight was up but just 5x10. Cable SLR just saw an extra 1kg on top of last week per side which was just about enough by the end. Weight was up for incline uprights, by the end form was just starting to be questioned so about right. Finished with EZ curls, in theory an extra set as well as weight was on the menu but the last set was struggle so that was enough for today. Reckon I spent 20mins on my shoulder and areas I feel are effecting it so we'll see how that works.

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    My thigh, your shoulders. I think it's time we accept the game is up and take over the world of tiddlywinks lol

    Strong work so far this week matey and still on the progression train.
  3. dirtyvest

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    Hopefully so, mate, might slightly teak the next meso for simplicity's sake. I have good days and bad days with the shoulder (RC) but even the good days only sees 90deg rotation tops
  4. dirtyvest

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    While not perfect the extended work I did yesterday has eased some shoulder discomfort, but also giving it such a battering left it's own after soreness too LOL Today's session went pretty well tho... for a leg day

    Safety Bar Squats: 5x40, 60, 80, 110x10, 10, 10, 10
    GHR Improv: BW for 45 reps x9, 9, 9, 9, 9
    Calves Press: 180x15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15
    Reverse Grip PD: #8+2.5 x22, 20, 18, 16, 16, 16
    Close Grip OHP: 37.5x20, 14, 14, 13, 13, 14?

    Little knee aching initially but all came good when it needed to and SSB squats went well, still pondering about whether I should have done a 5th set but did what was asked and a 5kg increase too. GHRs were nice, felt them well. And calves were up a set and 10kg so no doubt will feel that later. Triceps superset was a surprise as both were up, reps weren't hugely compromised pushing closer to failure than last week and an extra set. Finished up spending another good while with the ball and roller.

  5. dirtyvest

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    Final day of this wave. Not too bad, altho shoulder mobility has felt good the last 2 day it seems to have resulted in some anterior tightness annoyingly. But anyway, job got done.

    Incline BB Bench: 5x20, 40, 60, 80, 97.5x8, 8, 8, 8, 8
    BB Rows: 5x60, 87.5x10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10
    Cable X-Over: #6x10, 10, 10, 10, 10
    Wide Pull Ups: BW+5 x8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
    Incline DB Curls: 20s x8, 8, 8, 8, 8

    Bit of a slog today. Left shoulder felt tight thru-out benching but didn't hinder too much. Started off well but struggled at the end, which was the plan. No 6th set, weight was up anyway and that was hard enough. Did an unsolicited extra set on rows tho, weight had moved well so went for it. Up a pin on cable work and interestingly this was OK on my shoulder (as were rows BTW). I knew extra weight on chins was an ask but I did it anyway and even forced myself to get all 6 sets, not pretty TBH but done. Shoulder less happy here in case you wondered. Biceps just saw the extra set no extra weight and just about got what I needed. Alas due to work no real time for rehab bits. Deload next week then get another wave under way with a little adjustment from these last 2.

  6. s man

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    Not the best end but by no means the worst. Nice deload next week old boy and a fair whack of work on the shoulder is called for before smashing the next phase!
  7. dirtyvest

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    Sessions have still felt good, been more emphasis on deeper ROM of late and the eccentric phases too which have been a positive. Next phase will see me simplify things a little but also make the beginning harder which I have misjudges so far.

    Week 1 will be 3 sets per exercise, 90secs rest tops and higher reps 3 from fail
    Week 2 will be 4 sets, ~3% increase in weight, ~90secs rest and ~2reps from fail
    Week 3 will be 5 sets, 3% increase, 90-120secs rest by the end, 1 rep from fail
    Week 4 will be 5 sets, 3% increase, 120secs rest, fail

    Need to make a slightly more conscious effort to employ other techniques too, especially if it's been easier than anticipated.

    Will book in with my mate next week, it seems as tho I ease 1 thing off and it just exposes another problem area
  8. dirtyvest

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    Relaxation week.

    Front Squats: 5x40, 60, 80, 102.5x4, 4, 4
    SSB Good Mornings: 5x60, 80x4, 4
    Hack Squats: 80x8, 8, 8
    Calves (gripped): 100x5, 5, 5
    EZ Curls: 6x27.5, 37.5x6, 6

    Nice little volume reduced session today, enough weight and work to feel it but far from exacting. FS moved nicely and no sciatica triggering issues. As a result SSB GMs went well too and no discomfort. Felt hacks a little more but far from challenging. Calves was fine and then a quick shimmy with the EZ bar for the biceps.

    Shoulder has been a bugger this weekend. Mainly uncomfortable but also if I raised my arm in a front raise fashion I couldn't get it much above eye level and nowhere near overhead, but not in a stopped by pain sense altho it wasn't comfy, it just wouldn't go there. So had a good roll etc PWO but I'd also arranged to see my mate. We took a slightly different take. Some trap and lat issues that required some good probing were ground out. Got some acupuncture pins in to my subscap and lat too and there seems to be some improvement. More interestingly, as we've exhausted much of the direct possibilities we've played around with possible transfer issues that may stem from my Beyonce style booty tilt scuppering up the way my body functions with the areas that should be bendy being fixers and the fixers trying to be benders. Now whether it's the manipulation or the exercises we did I'm not yet certain but definitely feeling better for it right now and as the 2 jobs were connected in terms of what we were working and releasing this could be a positive at last, we'll see.

    Anyway, today's exciting deload

  9. s man

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    Good news on the work done. Hopefully it bears fruit going forward. Love a bit of acupuncture work. Nothing like that fizz down the nerve to give a sick sense of pained perversion lol
  10. dirtyvest

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    Funnily enough there was no feeling at all, even tho my mate laughed at it twitching, I felt nothing, even going right thru to subscap thru the lat. But yeah, not felt this much benefit from a session before so hopefully on the right path now. Just have to keep up with my side of the bargain. He also worked on 1 or 2 bits I suspected were problems but wasn't entirely sure they weren't legit parts of my anatomy so didn't want to actually create a problem, now I know I can batter them.
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    Bathroom leak fixed. Seems as tho they just had to tighten the bolt on the pipe, but no doubt if I'd have tried it I'd have flooded the house. And they can early, all done by 9:30 so squeezed my deload in.

    Flat BB Bench: 5x20, 60, 80, 102.5x4, 4, 4
    Supported DB Rows: 35s x4, 4
    Pec Dec: #12x6, 6
    Underhand PD: #13x8, 8
    Cable Skulls: #forgot somehow
    Laying Rope Curl: #7x8, 8

    How did I miss doing cable skulls, that's the problem with deloads, just not fully engaged. I'll chuck them in tomorrow. Anyway, all easy enough with no problems. Ran thru my shoulder mobility drills before and after. All done nice and quickly as I kept rests down a bit too. Plenty of time to get home and watch last night Warriors - Cavs game.

  12. dirtyvest

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    OK say had a day off


    Seated DB OH Press: 5x10s, 15s, 20s, 27.5s x4, 4
    DB Shrug: 50s x8, 8
    Laying Cable SLR: #2x8, 8
    Incline Upright Row: 30x8, 8
    Cable Skulls: #9x8, 8
    Standing EZ Curl: 27.5x10, 10

    Did my mobilising, did my training, did some more mobilising. Bloody rehab exercise is a bugger but getting there. No worries on OHP, some tightness but not enough weight to worry anything. Shrugs were smooth and easy. Laying cables were nice with the rope apart from the large knobbly ends kept locking up. Inc Uprights were almost discomfort free on the shoulder which was interesting. Then stuck in yesterday's missed skulls and then some easy EZ curls. All done nice and quick

  13. dirtyvest

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    Nice little deload today followed up with some good rehab and self inflicted physio on my shoulder that I have also included for your viewing pleasure

    Safety Bar Squats: 5x40, 60, 80, 100x6, 6
    GHR Improv: BW x7, 7
    Calves Press: 160x8, 8, 8
    Reverse Grip PD: #7x18, 18
    Close Grip OHP: 30x12, 13

    Didn't have my knee sleeves today, just laziness, and TBH I felt it at first but was OK once warm. 100s moved fine. Quickly rattled a couple of 7s on GHRs, which is a slightly different ball game when not as thoroughly warm but all OK. Calves were easy. Just did tricep work as straight sets rather than superset and that was it. Lots of time left so did plenty of rolling, stretching and rehabbing, filmed a couple of bits for you. Getting the hockey ball in on my subscap and lat makes an instant difference to mobility, doesn't stay for ever but can go from maybe just over horizontal to straight overhead after 2 mins work.

    Then I treated myself to a bargain watch bid on ebay, 2 watches for £27.... now I need a charger for our cordless Vax.

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    Bit of early morning cardio as I had popped downstairs in my pants after my son had left for his bus to his bus pass on the table, if on time his bus left in 1 minute and the stop was a good 5 mins walk away. Shot upstairs, threw on some tracky bottoms and a coat and started running. Icy as fvck, thought I was going to kill myself within my 1st 2 strides so adopted a 'ministry of silly walks' running style to reduce floor strike emphasis. Turned the corner and there it was, just shutting the doors and pulling away. But the traffic lights were red, caught up with it, yelled at my son who was on the top deck but on the curb side. Thankfully the driver opened the doors and I got him his pass to which his grateful response was "I've got money Dad!". Walked home.

    Incline BB Bench: 5x20, 40, 60, 80, 90x6, 6
    BB Rows: 5x60, 80x8, 8
    Cable X-Over: #4x8, 8
    Wide Pull Ups: BWx 6, 6
    Incline DB Curls: 15s x6, 6

    That was all very easy and nothing to write home about. Bit of mobilising Pre-WO and a good time spent PWO on the shoulder and upper back. Incline was fine and no struggles, everything else was positively easy and too no time at all. If it was for all my Pre and Post stuff I'd have been done in less than half an hour.

  15. dirtyvest

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    All ready and raring for the next block in my plan, altho I hadn't made forward plans for my sessions yet so was thinking on my feet a bit. Turned out about right, hard work sneaking in a few extra reps so the following weeks should be great fun LOL

    SB Squats: 8x40, 7x60, 5x80, 4x100, 105x12, 12, 12
    SLDL: 8x120, 140x12, 12, 12
    Leg Press: 6x280, 300x12, 12, 9
    Calves (Smith Squat): 100x10, 10, 10, 10
    DB Curls: 6x12.5, 15x12, 12, 12

    That was all quite interesting. Making sure all sets required work and nothing was easy, reps will likely come down a bit as weight and sets go up so still have a net gain in volume. Kept rests a bit tighter today for just the 3 sets but will stretch out to 2-2.5 mins as loading increases I reckon. All good tho. SB Squats moved with no worries this week, nice and deep and got all 12s. Hummed and ahh'ed over what to do next and finally opted for SLDL seeing as I chose the easier squatting option. After a quick warm up I jumped in close to where I left off last time round hitting 12s with no big issue, altho was feeling that last set. Leg Press was a curious one, this triggered some mild sciatic twinging, good and deep tho, last set it was clear the prior work wasn't going to see 12 reps with some digging deep and this session didn't require hitting max effort so I didn't LOL. Calf work went fine, few sets of 10 which I'll build on over the weeks. Final finisher today was a bit of quick biceps, I'll have a proper arm day on Wednesday so just tickled things along with 3 sets of DB curls. Shoulder rehab stuff to finish and that was that.