The Dirty One - sept 2015 post blast poncing Pg 225

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  1. dirtyvest

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    Many will know the who, what's, why's and wherefore's of me. A brief bio tho: Male, 37, currently 15'8 but not in bad condition finally. Done a few courses but less so recently due to family constraints and injuries but am now good to go - should be bigger and stronger than I am but there you go, hopefully I will amend my failings.

    Split goes:

    Mon: Legs
    Tues: Chest and bis
    Thurs: Delts and tris
    Fri: back

    Try and do 20-30 mins cardio 4 times a week.

    Vids and maybe pics should come to the fore too now have sorted out my camera, just need to get back up to speed in the gym after an erratic few week (well, months actually)
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  2. dirtyvest

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    Todays session was, as above, legs. Only trained legs once in the last 6 weeks due to illness and injury but here you go:

    Fronties: 5x60, 5x80, 3x100, 2x120, 5x125 then 8x100 pumped out with no locking. 2mins between sets

    Leg extension: 95kg for 7 sets of 9 reps with 30 secs rest.

    Ham curls: 65kg for 12, 12, 11 with 90 secs rest

    RDL: 5x70, 110, 140, 160

    3 minute calves: yowzers!

    Finished nice and quick so after my foam rolling and stretching I still had time for 30mins of cardio (10 on X-trainer, 10 on treadclimber and 10 on bike)

    Decent enough session all things considered. Feared the worst after so long off FS but while it felt heavy it was a solid 5 and something to build up on.

    Forgot to say earlier, just started my course 6 months later than planned: 750mg test, 500mg Deca pw for 12 weeks is the plan.

    And I'm broke BTW. Mrs birthday outing cost me £250 and our washing machine packed in costing me another £350.... AND we've just decided on getting downstairs laminate flooring at a cost of around £800. ARSE! On the plus side, the cats now sh!t outside
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  3. RAD

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    Good to see your finally started a journo mate even if you have gone all posh and put it in here LOL

    Mate your life is a lot like mine... it is spooky... my tumble drier blew up a few weeks back,just put new laminate floor( the slate tile effect one )in the kitchen and like you I am also skint as fcuk!!

    Good luck with new cycle hopefully you'll put on 10st of pure muscle LMAO
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  4. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Dunno what diference it will make in here but this looked like where all the cool people kept journals so figured I better set up home in here.

    10st on pure lean mass at least. If I'm not competing (and winning) on the Olympia stage by this time next year I'll consider this course a failure!
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  5. dirtyvest

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    Nothing to shout about today. My benching has always been crap and today was no different, despite my illness excuse last week.

    Flat BB: 5x60, 5x80, 3x100, 2x120, 4x125 then 10x100 pumped out with no locking. 2mins between sets

    Inc DB: 45sx 9, 8, 8, with 90 secs rest between sets

    Xover: 55x12, 50x8, 45x7, 40x8 with 30 secs rest

    Oly curls: 45x 9, 9, 8 with 90 secs rest

    DB hammer: 15s for 7 sets of 8 reps with 30 secs rest

    Matched my pre-illness week which is something I guess but still crap pressing whatever way you look at it.

    Another 30mins cardio PWO and my usual foam rolling and stretching. Sweating like a fcuker tho, when will they put the air con on!

    Had to chuckle today as my 17 y/o step-son asked what he was getting for easter today.... for starters, you are 17! You don't ask what you are getting and secondly, you are 17!! so you get sweet FA for easter now
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  6. Ares

    Ares Elite Member


    youre bench isnt bad mate.
  7. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Cheers, mate, but my bench would only be OK if I was natural and only training for a few years, neither of which apply to me[​IMG] LOL
  8. Ares

    Ares Elite Member

    its better than mine and i'm as natural as a donkey with four penises :wah:
  9. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Are you actively trying to improve it mate?

    And if so, what techniques have you been using?

    As said, not shabby at all.
  10. Scrappy

    Scrappy Spit and Sawdust Quizmaster

    Hey Dirty

    just looking at your log mate - good luck btw


    every one wants to get better at there form, endurance and weight shifted thats why we go gym no? your benching is prob 75% better than any one in your gym im guessin unless you train in a full on muscle gym.
  11. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Cheers guys.

    Dan: I don't focus my routine around improving my bench. My ultimate goal is aesthetics but, as we all do, there is a bit of trying for increased strength and power. I have over the last 6 months or so structured the strength side of things a bit better so we'll see what happens. Long arms don't help, but AAS should do LOL. For now I employ a 5/3/2 rep rotation on my main compounds then usual BBing type of reps etc after that. I guess if I really wanted to I could focus more and guarantee better results.

    Tisc: cheers, it's a regular chain type (DW). TBF there are a few strong lads there but then AAS use is rife round here even tho the physiques themselves aren't always teeh best endorsement (says me LOL). There are a couple of pretty respectable physiques mind.
  12. tomlet1

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    damm youuu!!! :smilie_kick:
  13. dirtyvest

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    LOL, cheers mate. Stick with it tho and that sort of weight will seem like nothing I'm sure.

    As for today, despite my hour long effort running round the bball court last night I managed a half decent session.

    Push Press: 5x40, 50, 3x60, 2x70, 80, 5x87.5 with 2mins rest between sets.

    Strict Press: 70x 6, 5, 5 with 90 secs rest

    Side raises: 10kgs x 7 sets x 10 reps with 30 secs rest

    BB Shrugs: 120 for 2 sets of 10 with random but short rest

    Floor press: 80x3, 92.5x, 5, 4, 5 with 90 secs rest

    Dips: BW+45kgs for 11, 10, 8 with 90 secs rest

    Kneeling Rope pushdowns: 60 for 12, 12, 12 then drop setted to complete 7 sets with only 10 secs rest

    rolling and stretching to finish but only time for 10 mins cardio today due to Easter egg shopping before work.

    Pleased with todays session. Been stuck on 4x87.5 for 2 or 3 rotations of my 5/3/2 rep system now so to break it after a week off ill is very pleasing. I had hoped the rest would have also shown some progress but it didn't go backwards and there was a rep or 2 here and there so all good.

    Deads tomorrow!
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  14. Ares

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    hmmmmm easter eggs, little pieces of chocolatey goodliness :wub:

    Looks like a good session
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  15. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Tell me about it, cheap chocolate is soooo under-rated LOL Managed to get some Milky Way ones from Asda for a quid each - nice.