Taurine Stop Muscle Cramp?

Discussion in 'Nutrition Advice' started by Clubber Lang, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Clubber Lang

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    as title, does it help with cramps?

    i get bad hamstring cramps on leg day. Just bought some eletros from Supplement Needs as suggested by my coach, just 1x serving pre-training. But i remember in the past taking Taurine as it can also help with cramps? Or is that bro-science?
  2. Irish Beast

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    This isn't very helpful but I have heard this also so its not just you!

    Something which scievtifically works is potassium as cramps I believe are cramps are caused in some cases by low potassium levels. Second time this week I have been pimping banana!

    Taken from

    "Within muscle cells, potassium helps relay signals from the brain that stimulate contractions. It also helps end these contractions by moving out of the muscle cells.
    When blood potassium levels are low, your brain cannot relay these signals as effectively. This results in more prolonged contractions, such as muscle cramps".
  3. Clubber Lang

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    i'll email my coach later and ask. Trying to not disturb him at the moment, hes got a comp in Hull this sunday, Worlds is it? Saw him yesterday and was like a zombie, bless him. Was really struggling with everything. He finished with is PT client then put his hoodie over his head and got rdy to train. Looking at him and you can see his cheek bones. Dont think i could do that to myself lol.
    Hes still weighing in at 290lb tho LOL. Was 340lb off season. Only took him 8 weeks to get to this stage! This his a warm up comp and his big one, Mr Uni, is Nov 2nd. He won it back in 2017 so hopefully he'll do it again this time. Be interesting to see how people look next time him, as hes 6ft 6 @ 290lb. Hes massive, and all spread out well. His calves are bigger than my arms, which is rare for tall people.
  4. dirtyvest

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    I'd always been under the belief that potassium was one of the key factors to cramping too
  5. Clubber Lang

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    coached told that hes uses Taurine post training but for stress relief. He said it can help with cramps and is going to look into it for me, as unsure what dose to run. Told me to stick with the electros for now as doesnt want me using 2x meds and not knowing which is helping with cramp. So use my electros on leg day and see what happens later down the line. Said i can still buy it, but not use it on leg day.
    TBH its cheap as feck, 60x 500mg servings only £10. Plus i have a 15% discount code.

    Also, anyone use HMB these days?
  6. dirtyvest

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    Wow, not used that for years
  7. Irish Beast

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    Funnily enough I got a text from a pal about today. Ive never seen it let alone run it. Know nothing about it. Is it like HCG or something totally different?
  8. Clubber Lang

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    HMB you mean?

    Its a anti-catabolic med, helps prevent muscle break down during stressful training.....apparently.

    I used it when i first started training 20 old years ago, but back then i was sucked into use every med lol.

    Thinking about using it/trying it, post workout as i have to wait 45-60mins before eating. Bodies under too much stress to digest foods straight after training, so have to wait 45-60mins.

    Its cheap as chips these days so tempted to try it. Unless its all BS lol
  9. RAD

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    How about magnesium I found it great for muscle cramps tbh Epsom salt soak does wonders.
  10. dirtyvest

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    If it's cheap then you haven't got much to lose but I wouldn't expect much.... most of the studies that yield quite positive outcomes are done on new lifters who experience far greater levels of muscle protein breakdown that seasoned veteran lifters so therefore the results are somewhat skewed in that favour. Studies on advanced trainers show far less convincing outcomes as the body has simply adapted far more to prevent muscle protein breakdown anyway so supplementing to reduce this has less impact. (this is why novice lifters often see little progress for a few weeks then suddenly get a flourish of gains)