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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Arterial Dan, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Arterial Dan

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    I've started investing in Nokia recently.

    Share price is very low given their poor financials, but the company has huge potential with the 5g rollout.

    With Huawei being banned and the massive demand for 5G, Nokia seem well positioned to emerge from the doldrums.

    Nokia now has the lead in terms of 5G contracts

  2. Clubber Lang

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    yeah Nokia shares are pennys, worth a punt.
    i had a few thousands years ago when the market crashed. Bought loads of shares in big mining companies, when we the world economy started to pick up my shares tripled, the cashed in.

    i also made a few grand on gold too, RanGold or something on the UK FTSE. My shares doubled the day after the UK ref as everyone panic on the Leave result and dumped all theyre money in gold.

    I leave my investments to a private company now called Jupiter Investments. Have a European based Jupiter Fund with them. Stock markets go up and down, but over time theyre always up. Last time i checked i doubled my investment in 3 years. I treat this as a pension fund. DD money into it every month, but unlike some pensions funds i can have access to it all the time. Increase amounts and remove some. Sod getting a ISA with a local bank, they rip you off. Say you get 3-5% return. So far im making 25% return per 6 months.
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  3. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the tip mate, will take a look at Jupiter.
  4. RAD

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    I know of a growing business in Portugal that's worth investing in by all accounts, its a residential static home site that's becoming the next big thing.

    Its not on the stock market yet but I know the owner and can get you in the backdoor so to speak before he floats it.
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  5. Ronnie_Malenko

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    Dat ugm get rich quick scheme
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  6. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    mines a Jupiter European the name says its based on all the Euro stock markets and companies. Last breakdown i saw it shows you where most of your money is, big pharma companies mostly. A lot of German and France based businesses.
  7. RAD

    RAD Elite Member

    Haha honestly its the opportunity of a life time for me.....errrr I mean for you my brothers