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  1. jack3d14

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    Looking for a new preworkout to try next. Anyone try stimul8 from finaflex?
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  2. New Hybrid

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    they are all pretty shit now the good ingredient has been banned.
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  4. jack3d14

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    Even better is APS Mesomorph. It's got DMAA and is like the old jack3d
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    @jack3d14 Can you please stop pimping every bloody product on the market. Its becoming ridiculous now. If you have an affailiation with these products and want to advertise them then pay like everybody else.

    Theres nothing wrong with promoting the odd supplement or asking for input but it seems to be every thread with you. Friendly warning first.
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  6. Scrappy

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    Disagree guys i don't want eca stack type effects all the time in fact ever

    I use no xplode now and again
    And pulse from BP
    And a few of bbw ones

    I train early very early and some times once a week generally Monday or hump of the week need a kick to leave my place to go gym