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    hey guys, I'm not asking for sources, but a little info how to decide if a website is legit or not and where can I find a legit source
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    And don't pay anyone through anonymous means.
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    Don't assume because a website looks very professional that it makes them more credible

    Not used websites to source but the few that I have seen that are legit look pretty basic, similarly I have seen fake ones that look really slick and polished
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    maybe check them out on first. 

    theres no sure fire way to be sure with random sites but experience of others and reviews will help. 

    always google the website name + scam too. 
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    I have sourced from a few UK web sites did lots of research but you will always get some negative reviews the one I use is really good got my bloods done my test when up fromy 7 to 54 that's on the small scale saying that I did get scammed by another UK website who are still trading online be aware