Starting from scratch - one last push to sanity

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  1. dirtyvest

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    May be not as heavy but volume was way up there
  2. s man

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    Yeah but I could walk without pain this morning so obviously not high enough lol

    Left Lat and right trap still a little achy and the joys of less bloat are letting them selfs be known in my elbows so didn't expect to much. But as often is the case it ended up being a good session.

    Seated smiths press
    20x20, 40x12, 60x10, 80x8, 92.5x10 drop 50x12 drop 40x12 - slow tempo on drops

    Lat raise
    16x8, 20x8, 24x8, 30x10, 20x10, 18x10

    Cable front raise
    30x10, 40x10, 50x12, 40x10, 30x8 - super slow negatives on last 2 sets

    Cable side raise
    12x10, 18x14, 18x10

    Reverse pec dec
    50x8, 70x10, 80x8, 104x10, 70x10, 45x12 - hold on contraction and slow negatives on last 2 sets

    Rope pushdown
    25x12, 35x10, 45x10, 59x12

    Tricep ext machine
    35x10, 40x10, 50x8, 56x11

    Single arm reverse grip pushdown
    20x12, 30x10, 36x10 drop 30x6, 20x16

    Job done. Smiths press was up in weight for the same amount of reps as well and felt really comfortable. Cable fronts were up in weight and for 2 more reps. Cable sides were up by 4 reps and felt bloody awesome on the side head. Reverse pec was up in weight for the same amount of reps but my god my elbows were screaming doing it. Rope pushdown up in weight for the same amount of reps as was the ext machine.

    Body is sore as hell now but I felt really strong today and in control of everything. Going to spend a bit of time doing some rehab work today and may go for a swim to relax the body a bit. Will also more than likely take tomorrow off and give the back a rest before hitting it Friday and also get another day of rehab work in to.
  3. dirtyvest

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    Settled in with the new equipment now then, bud?
  4. s man

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    Getting there but had more niggles in 2 weeks than I've had in the last year
  5. s man

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    Right trap still sore as hell and impeding head movement slightly. Got in an hours cardio yesterday then rolled and stretched it as much as possible. Put on some heat spray in the evening and managed to relax it a little but with Back today I was a tad nervous

    40x14, 60x14, 75x12, 85x10, 95x10

    Rack pulls
    60x10, 100x10, 140x8, 180x8, 220x10

    Straight arm pulldown
    40x10, 50x10, 64x10, 68x10

    Supported t bar row
    30x10, 60x10, 70x8, 85x8

    Wide grip seated low cable row
    60x10, 80x10, 100x10, 113x10

    Not actually a bad session there. Obviously left out any direct trap work but it held up on everything else ok. Everything held steady and even managed to add 2 reps on tbar and 1 rep on low row. Will get an hours cardio in at 0845 as usual and spend the day rehabbing and resting it up again.
  6. dirtyvest

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    I often find the trap problems I get stem from vertebrae in my neck being out of whack, or a not in my lat. Hope it's something simple anyway bud. Good graft all things considered
  7. s man

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    Good old Saturday morning. Nice quite gym so I got to play about a bit and try some new things as it was workout 2 on chest for the week.

    Incline db press
    18x16, 24x12, 30x10, 38x10, 44x6, 50x9

    Decline bp
    30x12, 60x12, 80x10, 100x10, 110x8

    Seated iso press
    40x6, 80x8, 90x6, 100x8

    Chest press machine - slow pause reps
    64x16, 82x14, 82x12

    Cable flyes
    24x12, 27x10, 32x10

    Single arm preacher machine
    17x12, 19x12, 23x12, 25x12

    Db hammer curl
    16x12, 22x12, 28x10

    E-z drag curls
    30x12, 50x10, 50x8

    30 minutes incline treadmill to finish

    So a bit of a mixed bag today. Could of got more on db press but my left wrist was folded over weird so had no stability and felt like it'd give way any moment. Should of stopped and reset but I kept trying to straighten it but obviously with 50kg and gravity on it I couldn't. First time I've ever done a decline press so took my time. Couldn't get the safety pins right though even with various plates under the bench and ended up hitting them and throwing me off on the last set so likely could have hit more weight and reps. ISO press was up 10kg for more weight.
    Chest press machine was done with higher slower reps and created a good burn.
    Cable flys I really like after trying them first time last week. These were up on this session by 5kg.
    Bicep work was all new movements at this gym. Didn't like the preacher machine with 2 hands but it definetly had a much better rom and feeling done with 1 hand. It's a keeper lol. Hammers felt crappy with these big rubber db's but I'm sure I'll get used to it as with everything else. Drag curls were also odd as I'm used to a 20 year old e-z bar as opposed to a newish bar with lots of grip still on it but as above I'll get used to it.

    So other than the trap issues another good week in the bag!
  8. s man

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    Scorchyo!!!! Luckily the gym was cool at 0430 and it also has a/c so all was good

    Barx20, 60x12, 100x10, 140x8, 180x6

    Leg press
    200x12, 300x10, 370x11, 300x8, 200x12

    Leg curl
    54x10, 70x10, 106x10 drop 70x8 drop 54x9

    Seated ham curl
    55x14, 65x12, 80x12, 93x12

    Good girls
    64x12, 73x12, 91x14

    Seated calf raise
    30x14, 40x14, 50x12, 60x10 drop 45x9 drop 30x9

    2x40 bw bent calf raises to end

    Soooooo leg press up in weight for more reps. Leg curl up, seated hams and good girls all up in weight for more or equal reps. Squats felt crushing but all else was strong. Traps and back was a lot better this morning especially considering I couldn't turn my head too far Saturday evening without pain
  9. dirtyvest

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    Your gym has A/C...? you bastard. Mine has two open warehouse shutters but it's still like a fvcking greenhouse. Good news that the trap seems to be sorting itself out
  10. s man

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    Christ I better not mention I've got fitted a/c in every room of the house to lol

    Beautiful drive in this morning. 20 degrees and windows wide open at 0400 is the way to roll

    Seated smiths press
    20x20, 40x12, 60x10, 80x8, 95x8, 55x10, 40x16

    Lat raises
    22x12, 30x10 drop 22x8 drop 14x10

    Cable front raise
    35x10, 45x10, 54x9 drop 45x8 drop 28x12 - slow negatives on drops + pause at contraction

    Cable side raise
    14x12, 23x10, 14x12 with super slow negative

    Reverse pec dec
    45x20, 75x20, 106x9, 75x9, 45x14 with pauses and tut reps

    Seated oh ez extension
    20x12, 40x12, 50x9, 30x16

    Rope pushdown
    38x12, 45x10, 59x10, 64x9 drop 38x12 tut reps

    Reverse grip single arm cable pd
    15x12, 21x12, 24x9 +5 assisted reps

    Seated calf raise
    20x20, 40x20, 40x18, 40x16 all reps paused at top and bottom and performed slowly.

    Good session. Felt energetic so added in a lot of extra work while I felt strong. Top set wise seated press was up as was front raises, side raises, reverse dec, side raises and rope pd. Elbow screamed a little on oh ez but it felt safeish so I kept going. Changed to uh grip on the single pd as it was hitting the tri differently to the first 2 movements. Added another bit of calf work in as I felt strong so took advantage of it. Now time to sort the family out and 'enjoy' or should that be endure cardio in the heat.
  11. dirtyvest

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    You have A/C at home too....!!?? You may only really need it a few times a year but yeah, that's sickening. Cracking session, probably wouldn't have been so enjoyable in the middle of the day
  12. s man

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    We use it in winter to. Always found it keeps the house at a nice temperature and doesn't feel as oppressive as radiators. Always found radiator heating uncomfortable and price wise it's not really that much more spread over a year
  13. s man

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    Wasn't in the mood this morning at all. Woke up with a sore shoulder and back and it was back day so was debating whether to just do an hours cardio and give the body a rest. managed to MTFU and went in and had a good one.

    40x20, 50x12, 60x12, 70x12, 80x8, 95x12 drop 60x9 drop 45x10

    Rack pulls
    60x8, 100x8, 140x8, 180x8, 220x12

    Straight arm pulldown
    45x12, 63x12, 68x10, 73x9, 45x20

    Seated low pulley wide grip row
    70x8, 93x10, 113x11, 113x9

    BB shrugs
    100x20, 140x12, 180x10, 220x12

    Cable upright row
    45x12, 83x12 drop 63x9 drop 45x12

    Back is smashed from bottom to top now. Lpd, Rack pulls, seated row and upright row were all up in reps. Straight arm pd was up in weight and shrugs are about on par with the old gym work now which is especially pleasing after recent trap issues.

    Just been out for a nice 45 minute walk that was especially draining in the heat but on the plus side I've got brown legs for once without the use of mt2 lol. Very much looking forward to the cool down tomorrow especially since I need to get the gardens done and pressure wash the front and back patio as well.
  14. dirtyvest

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    Is hot, my cycle ride to work nearly killed me. Great work there tho, mate, nice that the trap has cleared up pronto too
  15. s man

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    It's sore as hell this evening though but not locking as yet. Need to change my pillows and mattress as I'm sure that's playing a roll in shoulder/trap issues.