Starting from scratch - one last push to sanity

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  1. s man

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    Shorts and t shirt time at last. Shame it was leg day.

    Leg press
    150x14, 250x12, 300x8, 350x6, 400x14, 320x10, 240x10 tut set

    Front squat
    60x10, 80x8, 100x8, 120x5

    60x8, 100x8, 140x4, 160x7, 100x12

    Seated ham curl
    71x12, 97x15, 79x18

    Seated curl - all done slow with pause at contraction
    71x12, 84x12, 84x10, 71x10

    Good girl
    93x18, 18, 14

    Calf raise om leg press
    100x12, 150x12, 200x10, 230x12

    Seated calf raise
    45x16, 65x14, 85x12 + partials

    Fully mashed after that. Pretty much everything was up and kept all aches at bay by being very slow and precise.
  2. dirtyvest

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    Weather's getting to the point where leg days become a real chore, especially the tough session. Solid work tho, dude, earning the couple of days break
  3. s man

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    Awesome break away on the bank holiday weekend. Training went well last week but I didn't get a chance to log anything. Massive amounts going on with 2 kids doing GCSE's due to the fact that they've changed them slightly. So I have 1 in the final year who needs all the help possible due to her learning difficulties and 1 in the year below that now starts doing exam stuff a year earlier. Bit quieter this week so legs get some logging done before the chaos starts next week.

    Pull day. Tren is back in and I have been going like a rabbit since the first shot last Thursday lol. 375 Test e and 200 Tren E. Feels really good after a decent clear out and a long time away from the Tren. Long weekend with much driving and not too much extra food in as it's 13 weeks till the holiday so need to start bringing it all in slowly.

    Bench press
    20x20, 60x10, 80x8, 100x6, 110x2, 122.5x9, 100x10 tut drop 60x 5 partials and 1 full rep x10

    Seated iso press
    120x8, 100x10, 80x14

    Seated db press
    42x8, 38x8, 30x12

    Lat raise
    22x10, 28x11, 12x22 slow negative

    Pec dec
    102x10, 103x8+partials, 64x10 slow and paused at contraction

    Vbar pushdown
    101x10, 91x11 drop 68x10

    Db skulls
    16x10, 16x9, 12x10

    Seated calf raise
    40x18, 60x14, 60x13

    Long ass one. Didn't really stop or talk and was still in there for 90 minutes. Left side felt a little weak so I was happy to gain a rep on the Bench and iso but the seated db press felt really crap. Lat raises held steady for this routine. Pec dec was up but everything else was just steady enough. Still happy enough considering all the drops, slows and other extra bits
  4. dirtyvest

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    Keep on rolling, dude. My boy is in year 7 and now stuff they learn this year will still come up in their final exams in 5 years time... what's that about. No time to allow for adjustment to the new schooling life after primary, just bang in to it and everything from day will be needed for 5 years later
  5. s man

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    It's stupid. I've always said since I was at school that they should follow the model that I knew about from a lot of other countries where you go to certain schools that are aimed more at a vocation. Learning to pass an exam is just a massive tick exercise that isn't for everyone. The large majority of students are not necessarily cut out for this and don't do as well but give them a focus towards a passion and more would excel and have better futures. Ho hum todays rant is done lol.

    Pull day and it was another long one. Probably one of the longest I have ever done on my own. Luckily I had to go straight out of the gym to do some bits in town so I had packed a load of cereal and protein powder to munch straight after instead of walking home to eat. Glad I did as I ended up walking back afterwards to so I am about 4k steps up today. On to the session

    80x10, 120x8, 160x4, 200x2, 220x1, 240x4, 200x5, 160x8, 120x14

    Seated underhand cable row
    63x8, 86x14, 68x12

    95x8, 68x12 tut reps, 41x10 tut

    Reverse pec dec
    61x10, 77x10 pause x3 pause x2 pause x2, 54x16 holding contraction

    Upright cable row
    58x10, 73x10, 82x12, 58x18

    BB curl
    30x12, 40x6, 45x13, 35x16

    Rope hammer curl - all slow and squeezy making sure it was bicep and no momentum
    31x12, 45x14, 50x12 + partials till I couldn't move

    Cracker. Noticing the recovery is stronger now supps are up. Deads had be blowing out of my ass. Should rest a bit more as I am still breathing heavy between sets on the way down. Loving them now though. Form just seems to have clicked and back feels murdered after them. Row was up in reps. LPD was up in weight but reps took a hit. Not an issue as usually it's the second movement but was occupied so I shift it to 3rd. Rear pec dec was up in weight and reps. Upright rows were way up on last week. BB curl went up 2 reps. This is another one that I never got much from in the past but I've got my hands in a little more and make sure to contract the tricep at the bottom and lift from there with zero momentum and it is a keeper now. You're never to old to learn lol. Rope hammers were also up in weight for equal reps.

    Other than getting a bit too much sun on my face in town and resembling a beetroot it was a good day!
  6. dirtyvest

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    I always got reprimanded at school as my exam grades never reflected my in class ability. They always put it down to me not being bothered rather than looking at the possibility that I just wasn't wired to remember and regurgitate information under such stress inducing conditions (which I still largely blame on my private schooling at an early age where they actually punished me for doing poorly in an exam, great for an 8 year old child that). GCSE's helped but I was only the 2nd year of them so it still relied a lot on exam grades, A levels then fvcked me over as they were all exam based back then, unlike now. ot kicked out of further education thanks to that LOL

    Anyway, we digress ... I notice the extra arm work pumpathon just as you had to leave to go to town.... true bro
  7. s man

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    Little good it does. Tape measure wise they’re getting smaller. Strange thing is they look better than they ever have so I measured them today thinking the spaghetti arms are finally growing only to find they’re down half an inch. I’ve got to measure them one day with a pump as my whole body bar legs always looks flat without one no matter how much I eat.

    Day off today. All that deadlifting and back work takes a massive toll and with legs next it hasn’t been making sense to go in for a piss poor session or risk injury. I Can’t swap push and pull either as it hinders that to so as of late I’ve been running push, pull, off, legs and upper. Could do with adding a Saturday but every other week I go to see the kids down south and as of late there’s been family things to do Saturday. Sunday is always off as it’s the one day I devote to everyone else.

    To be honest I’ve never worked as hard or as long in the gym before so I’m pretty beat up and needing the days off or so my body is telling me. Plus I’m always active on days off these days hitting 10-20k steps which is also a massive change fitness and health wise.
  8. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    TBH mate, if you are after hypertrophy you could afford to cycle DLs in and out (maybe every 6-8 weeks) so you can shift your training emphasis to other areas more easily. But I hear you on the arms. I daren't measure them since the last time as I thought they were OK bu they were down from 19 to 18 (altho 19 wasn't my leanest weight but hardly that fat either). I think they're looking back close to that again (well, my good arm anyway LOL) but I dare say I'll get the tape and fine they are now closer to 17... FML
  9. s man

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    It's all ok. I was measuring the left one which is always 0.5 smaller than the right lol. Getting old. The minds going! To be honest I am bloody loving deads for the first time ever and getting loads from them for a change so for now I'm going to rinse this happy time for all it is worth.

    On to today and it was that joyless leg day. Not really. Had a cracker

    Leg press
    120x20, 200x10, 280x10, 380x6, 400x1, 420x13, 340x12, 260x20

    Front squats
    60x10, 100x6, 120x8, 100x12

    60x10, 100x4, 140x2, 160x7, 120x12

    Seated leg curl
    81x8, 111x13, 111x10 pause x5 pause x3 pause x2 + partials

    Seated ham curl
    81x8, 104x14, 104x10 pause x6 pause x3 pause x2

    Good girls
    93x20 tut and 6 faster to finish

    Leg press calf raise
    140x18, 180x16, 220x14

    Seated calf raise
    60x12, 90x14 drop 40x16 tut

    Looooooong ass session again. Leg press up in weight and reps, front squat up in reps even after the pressing. Sldl dropped off a couple of reps. Seated leg curl went up in reps and the pauses added a sickening amount of new stimulus. Seated hams went up in weight for equal reps and were even more sickening on the pause bits. Good girls were up and calf work was varied in reps to hit them slightly different. Happy and feeling the between set recovery is improving massively now the supps are back in
  10. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Never measure the smaller arm, proper rookie mistake that one
  11. s man

    s man Elite Member

    Free styling today. Fancied doing something different.

    Seated bb press
    20x20, 40x10, 60x10, 80x6, 100x8, 80x12 slow reps plus partial at the end

    Lying lat raise - all slow and concentrated
    14x16, 16x14, 18x13

    Incline db press
    42x13, 50x9, 40x14

    Db flyes
    18x12, 28x10 drop 16x16

    Db curl
    22x10, 16x18

    High cable curl to head ss with standing cable ext
    40x12/12, 45x12/12, 59x10/14

    Db skulls ss with lying db curls
    16x10/10, 16x8/10 drop 12x14/16

    Single arm preacher machine
    18x12, 20x14

    V bar pushdown
    91x12, 91x9

    The most enjoyable 90 minutes I’ve ever had with my clothes on lol. Was nice to just have a bit of fun while still working hard. Seated press was strong as hell. Ridiculous that I can seated press 100kg for the same sort of reps I’m doing 122.5 for on Bench. Probably shows why my chest is so poor and what’s doing the work. Lying raises were slow, paused and all concentration was in using the side delta and nothing else. Hurt so much I was actually swearing out loud at the top end and after the set from the pain haha. The rest of the work was on par with bests. The plan then was to do a bit more on arms as I’ve not done more than a few sets for years. Enjoyed it a lot as the pain is really unique on arms but it’s not something I’ll necessarily do often.

    Cracking week done. 24th anniversary tomorrow of when me and the Mrs got together on the last day of school so I’m taking here to Brighton for Breakfast, shopping, posh lunch, cinema, wander on the beach, messing about on the pier, a posh evening meal and a night of carnal indulgence. Should be fun!
  12. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Sounds like you walked out of that session on a high.

    24 years.... congrats buddy, that's some going. We're at 13 years in a couple of weeks alto with the Mrs having some nuclear scan thing and a few other tests looking I'm not anticipating the same level of celebrating
  13. s man

    s man Elite Member

    Cracking day. Felt like I had a target in me so grabbed a spotter and went for it out of the gate

    Bench press
    40x20, 60x10, 80x8, 100x3, 120x1, 140x2!, 100x14

    Seated inc iso
    80x8, 120x11, 80x11 all tut

    Seated db press
    42x9, 40x9, 32x9

    Lat raise
    16x14, 22x14, 26x12

    Pec dec
    100x12, 109x9

    Db skulls
    20x10, 16x12

    Single arm cable pushdown - all done side to side with no break

    Seated calf raise
    60x12, 90x12, 60x12

    So then. Bench felt good so I thought let’s see what this 3 plates feels like. Wasn’t expecting 2 reps lol both super slow on the negative to so all under control apart from screaming at the spot to not touch it haha. Even the back off was up to but there was a longer break. Iso next and surprisingly this went up a few reps to. Seated db was up a few reps also. Concentrated on slow form on lat raises this week but still ended up going quite heavy. Pec dec was up 7 kg for the loss of a rep only so happy enough to build from there as there’s only 2kg left to add to it after this. Tricep work to finish. No targets here really but only a bit off of best which after the previous work I’ll take.

    Good start to the week. God bless you Tren x
  14. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Funny how tren can turn things around. How was the anniversary
  15. s man

    s man Elite Member

    Bloody awesome. We both love Brighton and always have a cracking time when down that way.