Starting from scratch - one last push to sanity

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    Lol. Nah just flat out at the moment with helping with GCSE revision and a load of other things.
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    Get this bugger updated. Push day Thursday. Not feeling it and under ate a bit the day before. Things have felt a bit off this week. On a lot of exercises I haven't felt right on set up and got a bit of doubt or discomfort before starting them. Usually when you set up you feel ready for the movement but I've just felt off. This culminated in be kicking up the 50's for db press and just getting it wrong. Should of dropped them but managed to get them up in the right spot in the end and after a few attempts to start pressed them for a slow 7. But I twisted something in my neck and traps which meant I took it easier the rest of the session. Lots of massage on it Thursday night and felt less achy Friday but I took it easier just in case.

    Fridays session

    Seated uh cable row
    34x14, 45x12, 55x12, 63x10, 77x8, 59x16

    Paused rack pulls
    60x12, 100x10, 140x8, 180x8, 220x6, 260x6

    95x11, 63x12 paused at contraction, drop 45x8 super slow tut reps

    Standing rear delt cross on large crossover ss with reverse pec dec
    14x12/31x18, 18x9/41x18, 16x10/41x16

    BB curl
    30x12, 40x16, 40x10+ partials, 30x11

    Cable rope hammer curl
    32x10, 23x13 drop 14x16

    Seated calf raise
    60x12, 80x8, 90x12 drop 40x10 drop 20x18

    Neck loosened up as I went through the session and is all but better today. Glad I went in as after the massage the night before I think getting the blood around the body helped it a lot.
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    Another day off today. Neck was still a tiny bit niggly, back still had doms and most of all I had the runs lol. Could’ve been slightly awkward when forcing a rep out. So decided to just chill and all feels better now. Even got to sample my first bowl of grits just now so a very productive recovery day was had.
    Will give back a break and go in to push day tomorrow
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    Decent back session for a dodgy neck... and grits? you do know you live in the UK right?
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    I’m a man of the Ronnie Coleman era so trying grits is a must lol could imagine they’re pretty nice with egg whites and cheese mixed in as he did.

    Now the fruit loops with marshmallows and especially the cinnamon toasted squares we got brought back for us also truly were awesome. They’re also probably why I had the squits lol Always make the family fill a case full of treats for me when they’re in the states
  6. dirtyvest

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    Yeah, grits are something that need flavour adding from what I gather. Fruit loops rock.
  7. s man

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    Felt pretty tired today after eating barely anything yesterday to make sure the belly was sound. Was expecting much but ended up with a cracker

    Seated iso press
    40x12, 60x10, 80x8, 100x6, 120x4, 152.5x8, 122.5x10

    Flat db press
    50x11, 42x13

    +20kgx12, bwx12 pauses at bottom

    Lying x cable lat raise
    18x10, 25x14, 21x13

    Seated machine press
    103x7, 69x12

    Db skulls
    14x10, 22x10, 14x16

    Single pd
    27x9, 18x10, 9x16

    Few dc stretches to finish

    Pretty much everything was up in some way except machine press as I had a sickening pump after LR. It was bloody agony lol and the same happened on single pd but the back offs were both better
  8. dirtyvest

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    Better than a leg session on not much food that's for sure
  9. s man

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    So absent for a bit. Injured my leg and ribs on the leg press of all things last Wednesday. All was good and got a new pb but when I got off there was a shooting pain on the lower left side. Managed to get through the rest of the workout but took it easy. Got home and went to lie down and was in agony on my lower left ribs to for some reason. By the next day I couldn't tense my left quad. Got in Friday and got through a pretty good pull workout but leg was still bothering me. Rested it up now and it seems fine enough.

    Got in today for a push session and equaled pretty much all of lasts weeks work and ribs feel ok unless I lie on them which is a pain as it's the side I sleep on lol
  10. dirtyvest

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    What do you think you've done... muscular?
  11. s man

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    Not a clue mate. For a moment I thought I'd torn it to be honest. Was like a really bad shot for a few days and was just hanging there unable to be tensed. Feels 100% ok now but I'm not going to push it just in case.
  12. s man

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    Got in yesterday for an ok session considering recent events

    Rack pulls
    60x12, 100x8, 140x8, 180x6, 220x2, 240x1, 270x10, 220x5 paused and very slow reps

    Supported t bar
    60x10, 90x11, 60x18

    104x7 drop 64x8 TUT reps - drop 41x8 TUT reps and pause at contraction

    Rear delt standing cross
    14x20, 18x14, 14x18

    Db curl
    14x10, 20x15, 16x15

    Hammer cable curl
    27x12, 18x14, 14x18 super slow with pauses at top and bottom, 12x16 - as previous set

    Happy enough with that lot. Racks were up on all time pb. Tbar was only a rep off but back off was way up on the last time I did that weight 2nd. Lpd was a rep off of last week but the drops were trully brutal. Decided to stay on less weight on the crosses as the shoulder feels a bit cluncky. Aimed for high reps with a super slow and strict form and got them. Bi's next and changed the approach slightly to hit more reps and hit the planned target. Ended with hammers and as db wanted higher reps. The slower back off sets were a real slow squeezy affair that reallllllly hit the target to the point I had doms afterwards and still have them now 20 hours later lol.

    Day off today to rest the leg and enjoy the big 40. Apparently life begins today lol
  13. dirtyvest

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    You've finally hit that magic number have you buddy.... happy birthday dude.

    Legs on your 40th just wouldn't be fair LOL
  14. s man

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    Cheers mate.

    I was actually up for it but I was convinced I’d rip my leg properly if I tried just to ruin the day lol
  15. dirtyvest

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    don't think my workout belongs in here LOL
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