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    As the label on the can says!  I need somewhere to keep some kind track of my training.  I do a lot of different things with no real goals (other than not becoming fat), but I think it would probably be benficial comparing what I did yesterday compared to 10 months down the line.  Probably.


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    Today:   Deadlift, running circuit.

    Very crossfittee just less gay. 

    100kg on the bar.

    30 reps

    Run 500m on 13

    20 reps

    Run 1km on 13

    10 Reps

    Run 2km on 13

    Did it twice which equated to 120 reps and 7km.  I've managed to complete it 3 times previously but was fucked. 

    How quickly 100kg becomes heavy after running!

    Finished off with 30 mins on the Watt bike. 
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    Good luck with this mate.
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    Fok die kak.

    Hi Saffa.