Simple Egg White Omelette

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    Ok so we all get bloody bored on a cut and I usually find that this is a meal I enjoy that also breaks the pain lol

    I pre cook and weigh out all my chicken ahead of time so

    Half of your usual cooked portion of chicken breast cubed up in to small squares
    Enough liquid egg whites to make up the difference from the other half of the chicken
    50g of spinach shredded
    Loads of coarse black pepper
    Sea salt

    Cube up the chicken in to small pieces and fry in a pan with a few sprays of oil till a little crispy.
    Measure out enough egg whites to make up the protein contents and shred the spinach and add to the mix. Put in a few good pinches of coarse pepper and sea salt and chuck in the pan once the chicken is done, dropping the heat a little lower so it can cook slower. Let it set a little then move the edges in to let some of the egg whites on to the pan so you don't end up with a mess when it comes to flip it. Sprinkle on a bit more pepper if you like then flip once the bottom is done and leave till cooked.

    I hate egg whites in general but the addition of the spinach, crispy chicken and pepper makes this something I enjoy and don't even add a sauce to as it tastes pretty dam good.
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    Where's the Sriracha??? :p
  3. s man

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    Just doesn't need it.

    Which for me and the amount of that and frankies I use is a strange thing!
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    Would add seasoning/10