Severe Flatulence / Erratic Bowel Movement

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    Always a nice topic to end the week. In short for those of you who don't know the story I went from not training nor eating well for best part of 2 years to getting my shit together (no pun intended) 5 weeks ago and been very good since then.

    Diet has been pretty much consistent throughout but something I have noticed in the last 2 weeks is that I am getting horrific wind which sometimes comes out and sometimes doesn't. Leaving it almost impossible to eat due to bloat. Carbs are certainly not high and nor is salt. I have noticed this over the past 2 weeks so before I started back on gear and before I swapped my whey protein supplier. so those can be ruled out. At first it was nothing worth mentioning but seems to be getting worse

    Its as if my stomach is having trouble breaking food down and I end up feeling like an air balloon. This can go on for hours and hour and be very uncomfortable. Seems to be starting earlier and then at bed time I get horrific flatulence that can go on for ages. Several unsuccessful trips to the toilet later and the flatulence and burping still continues. When I finally do manage a crap Its like an explosion going off and I usually have to sit there for 20 minutes, return to bed then go back for leg 2 in 30 mins time or after, sometimes a third! The amount of stuff (wind, urine, food, faeces) which comes out of me is not natural and very unpleasant. I have actually been eating a little less these past few days as a result. I could understand if I was getting this early on as there was a fairly sharp change to diet but it was over 3 weeks before the change.

    I'm not looking for a definitive answer or cure but are there any digestive enzyme outs there which have proven worth? Most be some kind of problem with breaking down and processing my food. All joking aside its really not pleasant at all, especially for the GF at night but I literally cannot stop farting for hours before I finally go and they are rancid, even by my own standards!

    Any suggestions? I'm going to a pals tonight I imagine and don't want to be bloated and end up blocking his shitter! Don't want something that's gonna give me that shits. something that restores normalises, for want of a better description. Dreading squats today for obvious reasons. Small breakfast. Give it time to digest then go in about an hour before training.

    Only thing I can think of is that maybe I am using too much whey powder. Sometimes I have 3 scoops a day but I wouldn't say that's massively excessive and again never caused problems before. This was actually one of the reasons I swapped suppliers as I wondered if my body was starting to reject the MP stuff in some way as strange as that seems. Different protein, same problem
  2. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Id say my meat breakdown is probably

    50% white (chicken and turkey()
    20% red (mince and steak) I know red meat can be harder to digest so trying not to eat too much
    30% fish (white, tuna and oiley)
  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Finally should add alcohol intake has been down. Partly cos I don't feel like it and sometimes I physically feel like I would burst If I had more than 1 beer!
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    All whey does it to me mate
    Dosent agree with me so i hardly have it anymore
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    I does sound like some sort of intollerance. I'd knock the usual susepcts out of my diet 1 by 1 and see what happens.
    Not sure if my own bro science or not or even relevant, but tren ruins me like this once ive been on it a while.
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  6. Ronnie_Malenko

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    Yer tren deffo does
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    Sounds like lactose intolerance, you can buy the digestive enzyme for the whey you have and get lactose free in future, but cut out the whey, milk, yoghurt, cheese for a couple of days first to confirm
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  9. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Strange as I have always drank a lot of milk with no problems.

    I am going to reduce the whey definitely and try to get more food down. i bought some protein cookies from Sci-mx which are nice and maybe having one of them instead of s shake might settle it as it was horrible earlier. Constantly on the can and was worried when squatting for obvious reasons. Thinking about it I have become a little whey dependant this past week or so (@Clubber Lang ) Obviously real food is ideal but maybe solid supplements like the cookies might be a bit better.

    Time will tell I guess. Cant be doing with feeling like an internal organ is going to blow out. I did consider Imodium but a lot of people recommend against that as you body is crapping it out for a reason. Maybe as a one of but not a long term solution. After a particular aggressive toilet trip I do try to use a dissolvable electrolyte tab. If I took one every time I would be getting through the tubes of 2 in a few days!!

    My diet has been a little veg light actually these past few weeks. I go through phases of having loads then cant stomach any for ages. Carb wise I aim for minimum 200g a day consisting mainly of oats, rice and potatoes.

    the excess whey does seem the likely culprit so at least I have something I can try for a few days and then reassess. Quite ironic than clean food send your insides mad! Not dissimilar to getting bad guts on a detox. Maybe its a delayed effect! Thats another option I guess. If I am still in this situation in a week I will not be happy!
  10. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    That would make a bit of sense regarding the timing but have used tren in much higher dosages without problems. I guess the thing with intolerance is that you can just develop one. You don't have to have it from birth. I'd cry if I had a dairy intolerance!
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  11. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    Had been looking at those. Lad who runs it is local.

    Using the vascumax by them at the moment and like it for a non stim session
  12. RAD

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    Try dropping the whey I can't use the stuff even iso it bloats the fcuk out me ,gives me a host of stomach problems and also for some reason makes me depressed.I am not lactose intolerant or anything just whey really fcuks me up no idea why.
  13. dirtyvest

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    I get really dodgy guts and acid whenever I run any gear. Orals or depots. Non idea why but it can get really bad from about wk3 onwards, earlier if using orals
  14. Clubber Lang

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    Strom? Yeah theyre a good brand. Currently using theyre Support Joint Max for my knees, works wonders. GylcoMax for carb disposal and theyre KarboMax for intra carbs with my EAAs.

    ive got a sample tub of the Stimumax Black pre-workout. Thats pretty potent.
  15. The Red Meat Kid

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    Limit water around meal times to avoid stomach acid dilution. Avoid anti-acids. Contrary to what people think most stomachs aren’t acidic enough

    fresh lemon juice in ice water first thing in AM. Comprehensive probiotic like jarrows and a fibre like psyllium husk.

    strip diet right down to basic easy digesting foods and slowly add foods in to see what causes issues.
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