Seem To Have Hit A Wall

Discussion in 'All About Training' started by Prince, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Prince

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    As of maybe 3 years ago, could be longer, but I just seem to have lost the ability to lift properly, consistently and regularly.

    I haven't completed a workout in years. About half to 3-quarters through I'm panting, dizzy and feeling absolutely sick to the stomach. I try to sit it out, but normally I just end up wrapping up and driving home. The drive home feels like I'm half-cut and then it takes me maybe 2 hours when I get home to start feeling normal again. I almost dread going to the gym and struggle to drag myself, never look forward to it like I used to.

    I've had a few extended periods out the gym in the hope the break would do me good (as long as six months out, more than once), but it hasn't worked. I tried signing up for comps to try and inspire me and I just never quite got where I wanted to be and pulled out before they took place.

    Some possible factors:
    -poor diet (I comfort eat a lot of junk)
    -poor sleeping habits/long-term sleep deprived
    -stress (from work mostly, though it's eased off the last few weeks)
    -poor lifestyle choices (all tie in with above really, but raving, meeting birds, late nights, all that goes with it)
    -mild depression maybe (not diagnosed (I won't go) but all the symptoms are there)
    ^ even so, these are thing I've done all my life and never posed an issue before.

    Any advice?

    I could just quit the gym, but it has been the only constant in my life for coming up to 20 years now, and I wan the health and aesthetic benefits of going to the gym.
  2. Rentaghost

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    Prob just lack of conditioning and too much volume initially mate.

    Start with just the basic compounds and work up... Try 5x5 and don't add fuck all to it for a couple of months then look at a PPL.

    Diet is obviously gonna need to change to fuel you're training.... You know whats required there though, it's just doing it.

    And get your blood sugar checked just to make sure there's no diabetes looming. Drive home sounds like hypoglycaemia. That's easily solved with timing your carbs a bit better with your diet though. Worth getting checked out.
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  3. Prince

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    Good call on lack of conditioning actually, I am proper unfit cardio-wise.

    Deffo not a hypo, I occasionally get those and know them very well!

    The rest of it you're right, stop eating like a child and sleep more.... been telling myself this for years.....
  4. Scrappy

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    What Are you taking
    including supplements especially stimms
  5. GymRatGresham

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    Have you checked to see if you're not ill mate?
    If your body is tellling you there's something wrong then it's wise to listen to it.
  6. New Hybrid

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    stop the raves and all nighters. that'll fuck you up good and proper as you get a little older.
    i've actually stopped drinking all together for this reason now. more than 4 pints and i'm buggered for the following 2 days.
  7. Arterial Dan

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    I've actually started drinking recently.
    Just a beer or two, when I'm feeling pretty battered and stressed out.
    Really helps unwind and it doesn't seem to affect me physique wise. Usually actually look better the following morning tbh.

    I used to never drink year-round before. I never got how people could sit and drink a single beer. I get it now.
    I do tend to get cravings for a beer now tho, which I never used to get before.
  8. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Good post

    Sleep is a big one for me. The current level of drugs I'm using is not unrelated of course. But stress can be awful. It's a vicious circle.