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Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Clubber Lang, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Clubber Lang

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    know a few lads using this recently, one mate using due to trying to stay off steds cus theyre trying for a baby, and another mate about to try as hes had his prostate removed so cant really touch steds anymore.

    both either running or going to run 25/30mg ED for a month on month off cycle.

    what the hell are SARMS? Just a liquid you drop on your tongue? Can you use along side steds to increase gains?
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    I’ve used ostarine, which is a SARM. For the price of it you might as well just run Var or Tbol though. A natty would prob notice a good boost but a guy who used to test and tren or whatever isn’t gonna feel it’s worth a wank.

    Mk677 isn’t a SARM though, it’s a growth hormone secratogue. People report decent weight gain and appetite increases so it’s ideal to run on a bulk while you’re pushing food, other than that I prob wouldn’t bother. It’s a lot cheaper than growth though, bit like Oral GHRP. They all come in caps.

    It’s not been researched properly so nobody knows what dangers or risk are involved with it but “ According to some recent research and discussion, there is a concern that it's particularly longer half-life might over-stimulate the ghrelin receptors in the brain and lead to some harmful mental side effects “
  3. Clubber Lang

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    TBH with the amount of drugs ive had and will continue to have mental sides isnt a huge worry lol.

    SARMs legal to buy then? If so wheres best to get them?
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  4. Rentaghost

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    Yeah mate, are usually a fair bit cheaper than anywhere else and delivery is usually next day.

    Failing that Taylormade do their own mk677, they seem to get decent reviews. You can google Taylormade pharma for their website.
  5. Clubber Lang

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    any brand on Powermyself you recommend? DNA seem to pop up a lot.
  6. Rentaghost

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    I’ve only ever used the Olympus labs cardarine and ostarine mate. Rated both but I defo notice a reduced effect the longer you run it. If you dive over to TM they’ve had a load of threads on there in the past recommending a few different MK677’s.

    Chances are it’s all coming from the same source in China anyway, just got different labels on, like our UGL’s no doubt.
  7. Clubber Lang

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    think i might try some December till NY, see what happens. Tempted to run some slin along side, just get some extra lbs on for all the Xmas Party nob heads.
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  8. mick_the_brick

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    I find improved sleep and sides similar to if I ran low dose GH

    I get results from 10mg ED
  9. Clubber Lang

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    got some SARMS called Quad by Muscle Rage brand, they contain MK677. Will be using 2x caps per day soon, with some test n dec. Heard good feedback so be trying them very soon.

    see what happens!
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  10. Big ian

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    How’d u get on with the quad mate? Looked at it before but never pulled the trigger. Used dna (good), another brand which I can’t remember which wasn’t great, and dr x biotech which I’ve stuck with now as it’s cheaper and at least as good as the dna stuff.
  11. Clubber Lang

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    havent used them yet. Took advice and will use during a cruise cycle rather than on top of a normal cycle. Im on test, dec and insulin so was told SARMs are pointless with those meds. So the Quads are still in my cupboard. I was thinking you can use like a ProHormone and include them, but everyone, well most, have said dont bother, save them to cruise on.
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  12. Big ian

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    Yeah I agree, I always use when on cruise.